Combat Receding Hairline with Volumizing Haircut and Double Scalp Treatment at Picasso Hair Studio

Published on Oct 06, 2016

Do you find your hair falling more than usual 1-2 years after starting work? 

Stress and lack of a proper scalp care routine can lead to serious hair loss if not well taken care of. To help customers cope with these issues, Picasso Hair Studio has introduced a new Volumizing Haircut + Double Scalp Treatment package to help customers deal with their scalp problems and still look good.

Read below to find out more about Agent E's experience at Picasso Hair Studio


I'm Agent E, a marketing manager working at a fast-growing MNC in Singapore. I joined this company 3 months ago after coming back from my overseas posting. Maybe because I was in a Middle East country previously, I did not bother about my hair - there are no ladies in office so no one really cared! 

There was therefore, a little bit of culture shock when I joined this company. The ladies in office and even my boss's boss started commenting about how I looked tired and old. 

(Maybe because I have a high forehead?)

before haircut and scalp treatment at Picasso

My boss' comment served as a wake up call for me, so I deliberately made time after work to go for a haircut. Question - Where to go? While I really enjoy my haircuts at Kenaris, it is rather pricey so I asked Agent G for some recommendations. 

Coincidentally, Picasso Hair Studio was looking for a hair model to try their new Volumizing Cut and Scalp Treatment. As I am facing problems of receding hairline, Agent G arranged for me to give this new cut and scalp treatment a go!

September 2016

I left work on time and drove towards Bugis. As usual, it isn't easy finding parking around the area. I finally found a space some distance away and walked towards the salon. 

The salon itself had two levels.

The first looked like this.

picasso hair studio

And the second like this. 

I was first escorted to the scalp room on the second level.

scalp room treatment at Picasso

Fernnel, Picasso's dedicated scalp therapist, greeted me and began the session by guiding me through their consultation form. 

consultation form

Nope, I'm not pregnant. :D

I do not have hypertension or heart disease (not that I know of).

My scalp is very oily at times and as you can see, I have a receding hairline. My primary school friend and groomsmen love to tease me about my lack of hair so much so that I've gotten used to it!

scalp inspection at picasso hair studio

After reading through my responses, Fernnel proceeded to do some visual inspection of my scalp.

scalp scan

Fernnel then proceeded to scan my scalp to confirm her diagnoses. 

My scalp is a little oily but the situation is actually not as serious as I thought it was. There are some dead skin buildup around the follicle which needs some cleansing but this is not the main issue. 

The main issue appears to be generally thinning hair. I'm not actually having serious hair loss issues (thank God!) but many of my hair follicles have only 1 or 2 strands of hair compared to 3 to 4 strands for normal people. My follicles are also more sparse as compared to others. This is why my hair appears thinner!

Fernnel asked me various questions about my lifestyle and the shampoo I used, and gave me some tips on how to deal with the hair loss.

Based on the above diagnosis, she recommended Picasso's Double Scalp Treatment. Basically, it is a two-step treatment customized to the needs and requirements of the individual customer. For me, she recommended firstly a Purifying Treatment to clear the gunk from my hair follicles and then the Kerastase Acti-Base Treatment to stimulate hair growth.

She then whisked me off to the hair salon area for my haircut before the scalp treatment!

Korean-type hanbok

Interestingly, they provided me with a Korean-type hanbok before we began.

consultation form

The stylist who attended to me was Jesly. She also began the consultation with a consultation form before proceeding to check my hair texture. 


In order to make my hair look more voluminous and less bare, Jesly recommended a short haircut that gives my hair more volume. The sides will be relatively shorter to give the impression of a longer face as well. 

hair wash

Once we were done with the consultation, Jesly washed my hair for me. She was conscientious and made sure that the water temperature and the head massage was just right.

haircut at picasso hair studio

After an enjoyable hair wash, Jesly then proceeded to cut my hair.

Soon I had a new haircut and a new look:

after haircut
after haircut

She even taught me how to style it well to achieve more volume. Well, with this cut, my receding hairline also appeared less obvious! Think my colleagues will be satisfied with my new makeover?

Now that the haircut was over, I returned to the treatment room to continue with the scalp treatment. 

scalp treatment for hair loss at picasso hair studio

First things first, Fernnel gave me a thorough comb massage to get the blood circulation going.

comb massage

Fernnel then invited me to choose the type of essential oil I would like to have during the scalp treatment. 

choosing essential oil

As I'm looking to relax, I chose the soothing lavender. 

lavender essential oil

She then began the treatment by encouraging me to close my eyes, lie back and relax. While applying treatment products, Fernnel mentioned that the products are more easily absorbed when I'm relaxed. I'm not sure if it really helps but I guess there's no harm trying it out.

head massage

To encourage me to relax, she gave an awesome head massage that lulled me to sleep. 

Kerastase Bain Exfoliant

Next she applied the Kerastase Bain Exfoliant, which is used to exfoliate my scalp and cleanse it thoroughly. 


After application, she followed up with a massage to ensure that the peeling exfoliant is more thoroughly penetrated into the scalp. The Kerastase Exfoliant had a fresh and minty feeling to it and I was soon very relaxed in the chair.

hair rinse

After first treatment, wee went over to the wash basin to give my hair a good rinse.

Kerastase Acti-Base

For the second treatment, Fernnel chose the Kerastase Acti-Base for me. It contains active ingredients to increase metabolism of the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

Kerastase Acti-Base

After application, Fernnel once again massaged it into the scalp in a circular motion.

neck massage

While waiting for the acti-base to work its magic, Fernnel then gave me a neck massage.

hair wash

Soon, it was time for a wash.

Kerastase Stimuliste Leave-in Spray

Fernnel applied the Kerastase Stimuliste Leave-in Spray and gave me a light massage while my hair was still wet.

light massage

A blowdry later...


And we are done!

after scalp treatment for thinning hair at Picasso Hair Studio
after scalp treatment

Overall Thoughts

I haven't taken the time to go for a haircut and scalp treatment since I came back to Singapore and I'm glad I got to do so at Picasso Hair Studio. I heard from my wife that Picasso is more known for hair colours and rebonding but I'm pretty satisfied with the haircut and scalp treatment that I got here. 

The entire experience was a relaxing one, very possibly because all the staff here are very professional and knowledgeable. As such, I felt it was safe leaving my hair and my scalp to their care. There was no hardselling here. Instead, the scalp therapist took the time to explain to me about my scalp condition and suggest changes to my lifestyle without asking me to buy additional products.

It is difficult for me to evaluate if the treatment was effective in reducing hair loss as I tried only one treatment. I do however, feel that my scalp was not as oily and itchy over the next couple of days. 

The price was also reasonable for a Men's Haircut at $35 for Senior Designer, $45 for creative director and $60 for Master Trainer. The double scalp treatment is priced at $199 which is a little high. However, it does treat two scalp conditions at one go so it can really save my time. While I may not be able to afford coming here every month, I can imagine myself coming here every alternate month to make sure that my scalp doesn't get any worse. 

Overall, would readily recommend friends to give this a go!

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