6 Reasons Why Copper is the Lit Hair Colour All Asians Should Rock At Least Once In Their Lifetime

Published on Nov 29, 2019

Is it us or is Pastel, Rainbow and Galaxy feeling so... yesterday? 

The colours may look aesthetically pleasing but something in us is just kind of sick of the bleaching, the maintenance and just the cost of it all.

Yet... brown or black seems a little too boring. 

What colour to go for this festive season then? If you need some inspiration, one of our favourite stylists for hair colour, Zen from Mane Made, suggests you to consider Copper. Here are 5 reasons why he thinks why you should rock Copper in 2020!

1. Sported by celebrities

Korean celebs love changing their hair colour to match the season and trend, and we're seeing it all over Instagram now.

Actress Lee Sung Kyung had a light and bright copper

as well as a dark, more natural copper.

Before dying her hair dark for her recent roles in K-dramas "Her Private Life" and "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim", the gorgeous Park Min Young also had copper hair!

2. The Variety of Tones Are Flattering for Asian Skin

As you have seen from the examples above, there are various types of copper tones. There's rose gold copper, gold copper, and reddish copper - just to name a few.

These shades tend to be warmer without going TOO warm. 

Warm Copper by Mane Made

Sunrise Copper by Mane Made

With the many options, you're sure to find a shade that complements your skin colour and personality!

3. It's Fresh

Some of you might be sick of cool colours because they've been trending for ages now. Well, this is a perfect way to bring warmth into 2020. Since platinum blondes, greys and light ash tones have had their fun, it's time for warmer shades to shine. 

Plus, the warm tone brightens up your skin tone and makes you glow.

Copper Hair Colour by Mane Made

Mane Made

4. Makes you feel alive

They say blondes have more fun and red heads are the most unique.

You can feel sassy and lively with rich copper hair. It's definitely one of the trendier and younger shades of red.

Rich Copper Hair by Mane Made

Mane Made

5. More natural and wearable than other bright colours

If you're looking for a colour that is work-appropriate but still lets you embrace your wild side, single-tone colours in dark shades are the way to go. They look natural so they can be worn in professional settings, yet they're fun enough to allow you to express yourself.

Copper Highlights

Copper Highlights by Mane Made

Keen to try Copper hair colours? We follow Agent R on her visit to Mane Made for the much touted Copper Hair Colour.

Agent R's Copper Makeover

Hi, I'm Agent R. Not sure if you can guess, but I'm actually working as a Finance Exec at a nonprofit organization. I am however a fresh grad and before I graduated, I actually loved to experiment with hair colours. I used to colour my hair quite a bit in the past with off-the-shelf products. Before I started work however, I wanted to go for a bright hair colour I can remember. However, I did not do much research and went to a random hair salon. 

Oh boy, did I regret that experience!

Despite spending a huge sum of money, the stylist wasn't able to achieve the hair colour I was looking for and in the end, the hair just turn out looking... yellow. :(

Yellow Hair

This is how my hair looked like IMMEDIATELY after the hair colour. UGLY right?

After hearing me complain nonstop about the colour, a good friend of mine recommended me to check out Mane Made. She found Mane Made on Beauty Undercover and had a good experience there with Zen. Could he save my hair?

There is only one way to find out.

I made an appointment with Zen on a weekday. The salon is located in Midtown Hougang, walkable via MRT though not the most convenient place. Even though the salon was a tad bit small, I felt that it was very cozy. 

Zen took the time to check my hair texture and hear me out. My hair was already pretty damaged from the last bleaching, which was done quite unevenly. Instead of damaging my hair further with another bleach, Zen promised to use hair colouring techniques to make the eventual colour look even and less yellow. So that's what he did! He suggested a lavender colour to kill the yellow and mixed several different tones so that the eventual hair colour will look even.. and here's the result!

Ash Lavender Hair Colour by Mane Made

SO MUCH prettier right? 

I love the dusty lavender shade he chose for me coz its kinda metallic and you know what, i didn't even have to bleach again to get that, so I saved quite a bit there.  

I'm happy that it lasted for quite some time but like all good things (especially hair colour), it has to fade.

Before Copper Hair Colour at Mane Made
Before Copper Hair Colour at Mane Made

Don't blame Zen for this though - my hair is overly damaged by the previous salon so it can't retain hair colours very long.

The silver lining however is that I can go for yet another hair colour! 

With the colour almost gone, I texted Zen to see what colour I should try next. Coincidentally, he was looking for an actual customer to try a trending colour for 2020 and so he asked if I would be interested to be his model. 

Hair Model to get my hair coloured Copper some more?

Sign me up! 

If you're keen to read about my second experience colouring hair with Zen, read on below.

Step 1: Consultation

I'm back here again!

As usual, Zen was very welcoming and got me seated when I arrived. 

Before Copper Hair Colour at Mane Made

Don't mind my face ah, I just naturally look serious most of the time. 

He checked my hair condition and texture and declared it suitable for the colour he is thinking about: copper! 

I was already very excited when he shared with me about copper hair colour. This is the colour ALOT of my favourite Korean singers are having right now... so I'm ecstatic to be able to try the very same colour!

But this is the first time I've tried the colour and so am honestly still a bit nervous. But I also know that there is no stylist better than Zen to make my copper hair dreams come true

So here we go!

Step 2: Application of Colour

The first thing Zen did was to mix the colour, a pretty technical process as he had to weigh just the right amount to achiee the customized colour.  

Hair Colour Mixing by Zen at Mane Made

He mixed a few shades so that there will be slight differences in colour at different sections.

Hair Colour Mixing by Zen at Mane Made

Once the colour was ready, he applied the colour from roots to ends to ensure my hair was evenly coated.

Copper Hair Colouring at Mane Made

Throughout the entire process, Zen was very gentle with my hair and thorough - something I really appreciate!

Copper Hair Colouring at Mane Made
Copper Hair Colouring at Mane Made

Extra dye was then applied to my roots to make sure the colour looked even. 

Copper Hair Colouring at Mane Made

Once all my hair was coated, I waited for about 25 minutes.

Copper Hair Colouring at Mane Made

Step 3: Wash

Then, it was time for a wash! My hair was shampooed well to remove all the dye,

Copper Hair Colouring at Mane Made

then rinsed and towel dried before I went back to my seat.

Copper Hair Colouring at Mane Made

Step 4: Blow and style 

Back at the seat, Vila (also happens to be Zen's beautiful wife) helped to blow my hair dry. 

Blow Dry and Styling at Mane Made

To bring out the best of the hairstyle, she then curled my hair to create loose curls. 

Blow Dry and Styling at Mane Made

She also suggested to me about using hair treatment back at home to protect my hair and reduce any entanglements! 

Light Refreshments Provided by Mane Made

Keen to see my transformation?

Here we go:

Before and After Copper Hair Colour at Mane Made
Before Hair Colouring
Gorgeous Work Friendly Copper Hair Colour by Mane Made
Gorgeous Work Friendly Copper Hair Colour by Mane Made
Gorgeous Work Friendly Copper Hair Colour by Mane Made
Gorgeous Work Friendly Copper Hair Colour by Mane Made

Not that I want to say... but the colour is SUPER CHIO right?

Gorgeous Work Friendly Copper Hair Colour by Mane Made
Gorgeous Work Friendly Copper Hair Colour by Mane Made

Even though the colour is brighter than the usual colour, it is cool and fun yet NOT TOO loud and can pass off as quite work-friendly!

Gorgeous Work Friendly Copper Hair Colour by Mane Made

Don't know how you manage to make this colour EVEN nicer than the previous one.

Thank you ZEN! 

Keen to get the insta-worthy copper hair colour like Agent R? 

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