10 Creative Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day During Circuit Breaker

Published on May 04, 2020

Mother's Day is just round the corner.

Just because we're stuck at home during the circuit breaker doesn't mean we can't make our mums feel special - in fact it's all the more reason to give her some stay-home sayang. So here's a list of 10 things you can manja mummy with, whether you are together or not.

1. Bake a cake

Cake shops may not be open yet, but if Mum could spend nine months with you as a bun in the oven, you can spend an hour baking her a cake. Since it's the thought that counts, you don't have to make anything fancy: just take note of what she likes, and simple sponge cakes or even no-bake cakes could bring on big beams.

Baking Cakes for Mother's Day During Lockdown

Here's Agent SK's homemade chocolate mayonnaise cake. It may not win any beauty contests, but it's made with LOVE!

And yes, mayonnaise. This recipe is surprisingly delicious and super easy, where you throw a few ingredients together and then leave the mixture in the oven. Google 'chocolate mayonnaise cake' to find a host of recipes with rave reviews.

You can leave the final product at your mom's door as a sweet surprise. Or, if she really is big on presentation, you can order a ready-made confection to be sent to her address, the way Agent G's sisters surprised her with a fudgy delight.

Mother's Day Celebration at Home During Lockdown

For those of you intending to put in a last minute order, you can still get cakes from:

The above list accommodates various budgets, arranged from lowest to highest.

2. Order a nice meal

Since Mum probably spent many years prepping meals for the family, it's always nice to return the favour. Whether she loves hawker food or a fancy feast, you can whip something up to fit her needs. Or, choose from the myriad of restaurants that now offer home-delivery.

Home Delivery Takeaway for Mother's Day Celebration

Yes, you can even have lobsters to celebrate since Burgers & Lobsters are now in Singapore.

And if you live together, amp up the pampering by making sure you set the table and do the post-meal clean-up too. We're sure she'll appreciate not cooking or cleaning for a night!

3. Get her a pretty gift

Flowers are always nice, but especially so when we're cooped up at home and could desperately use a taste of the outdoors in our living rooms.

Flower Bouquet For Mother's Day Celebration

Source: Mirage Flowers

While many florists seem to be closed, these online outlets are still operational as of 4 May 2020:

Or to give her some activity to while away the hours, you can even order a floral jamming pack on Mirage Flowers so she can create her own floral arrangements, whether together with you, or on her own.

Flowers for Mother's Day

Agent G did just that with her son and had lots of fun.

Flowers for Mother's Day

Watch to see how the process was like.

With the price lower than most bouquets + shears + flower food and a vase all in, the flower jamming pack is definitely much more value-for-money than a regular bouquet!

For mummy friends who are strictly practical and think flowers are a waste of money, consider getting something to take the load off their maternal duties.

3M Post It Dry Erase Surface

We saw this fun 3M Post-it Dry Erase Surface on Amazon Singapore... it's a erasable flexible surface that can be cut to fit any walls or tables.

Kids can write on it and it won't take ages to remove those stains after.

Perfect for Moms with young kids!

4. Write her a letter

Letter for Mother's Day

Mockup psd created by freepik - www.freepik.com

When was the last time you wrote your mother a letter? For most of us Beauty Undercover agents, it was in primary school when our teachers made us. Take the time to express your gratitude and love with a heartfelt handwritten note - in a time where we're feeling how cluttered are homes are, a letter is compact but jam-packed with meaning, and can be kept and treasured forever.

You can make your message much more of a keepsake by writing it on a self-desiged a beautiful handmade Mother's Day card.

Source: HappyBunch.com.sg

We stumbled upon local florist Happy Bunch who created three floral designs (of our favourite flowers) that you can print out, colour in, and give to your mum!

We think it's as pretty as any store-bought card, and much more meaningful and personal.

5. Get video messages from all her favourite friends and relatives

Video Call

Have a conference call with your extended family and family friends  - the more the merrier! With the virtual company of everyone, your mum will feel so much love and companionship even though we're all separated for the time being. And she gets to see all of them close up too, probably more than she would in real life!

Say Thank You Mother GIF

If your family members or friends live abroad and are in different time zones, you can also get everyone to send you a video message, then compile them all into a video.

Warning: Tears might be shed!

6. Do a Mini Photoshoot

Whether you live with your mum, or you don't, but have a grandchild she adores, get dressed up and immortalise this rare (enforced) family time with a self arranged photoshoot. Adobe is offering free trials of their products, so this is a great time to try out photoshop to try to approximate a pro-looking family portrait. 

Mini Photoshoot During Mother's Day

The more family members you stay with, the more you can involve! It creates a much-needed opportunity to doll up and create a sense of occasion during this stay-home season.

Family Photoshoot During Mother's Day

7. Look through Past Photos together

Past Photos to Celebrate Mother's Day

Agent G's Mom and Agent G as an infant

If your mom is like Agent G's, she'll probably appreciate you taking some time to look through past photos and reminiscing about childhood with her. You can do this whether you're physically together, or by scanning those pictures and then using the Zoom screen-sharing function. Flipping through those yellowed pictures, we can't help but wonder... Where has the time gone? How was Agent G's hair ever so unstyled?

8. Pamper your mom with an at-home mani-pedi

Home Manicure Pedicure for Mother's Day

Background photo created by freepik - www.freepik.com

No nail salons open right now? No problem. If you live together with your mum and are skilled at nail art, buy tools and colours from the pharmacies and give her a mani-pedi at home so she'll have a lovely, fresh coat of polish. She can still look and feel fabulous even if she's just staying home.

If you don't live with your mother but think she would appreciate a bit of a makeover, you can send her nail sets or fool-proof nail stickers that she can just stick on and file off. Super easy!

9. Book a Haircut for her

With the circuit-breaker relaxed on 12 May, why not book a haircut for her?

Your mom was probably too busy making sure that you and your siblings have the supplies you need before the Circuit Breaker and that means no trip to the hairdresser. This may just be a good time for her to get out of the house and feel pretty for an hour.

Gino massaging serum into my mom's scalp

Here's a list of top hair salons that are open in Singapore during the Circuit Breaker. Oh, and if your mum is worried an hour is too short to communicate exactly what she wants? Try Picasso Hair Studio's video hair consultations before heading down.

Tokio Inkarami Treatment Set

For Moms who're fretting over your dry frizzy hair, you can always purchase a Tokio Inkarami Treatment set at home on Tokio.sg. We hear they are offering free delivery to your doorstep. Remember to contact your salon for a discount code... or you can always PM us :)

10. Treat your mother to an at-home facial

DIY Organic Facial by Organics Beauty
DIY Organic Facial by Organics Beauty

Agent G's son helping her with the at-home facial

Organics Beauty created an at-home facial kit Thera, so now you can get salon-grade facials in  the comfort of your own home!

Show your mother you think she's gorgeous by preparing an at-home mini spa day for her. (Try to be better at applying masks than Agent G's son was, or if you can't, then at least be as cute as him.)

There are some of us here whose Moms are no longer with us. Our hearts ache every Mother's Day, and whenever their photos unexpectedly appear on our social media feeds. 

If you feel you can, don't shut those images down this Mother's Day. Honour her memory. 

Remember something positive about her: the funny moments shared, the times your mother was there just when you really needed, and the many ways that you are a better person today because of the life lessons she taught you.

Talk to your family and people who knew her and share those memories, or write them down to continue to immortalise her in your heart.

Happy Mothers Day to one and all.

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