High Flying Executive Agent KM Chooses Shun Sakurai For Her Cut and Colour. Here's Why!

Published on Aug 17, 2018

Hi. I'm Agent KM. I am currently working as a Diversity Specialist in a Global Social Media Firm. You may be wondering what a Diversity Specialist do ; this is an area highly related to HR. I specifically look at HR processes and see how I can improve the diversity of our workforce (e.g. getting more highly qualified ladies or people from diverse backgrounds and cultures) to join our firm.

Before that though, I used to work in a Japanese bank and was actually seconded to Japan from 2016 to 2018. This sparked my interest in Japanese culture and got me exploring Japanese salons from as early as 2011. Cuts, colours, perms and treatments - I've done it all.

That was also where I met Shun for the first time. He was working at an established Japanese salon in Singapore then and was very fortunately assigned to me. His haircut was especially outstanding as he gave a really good shape and made my hair very easy to manage. Shun also gave a very relaxing head spa and offered fun lighthearted conversations that made each hair experience really special. After trying him out, I've only been to him in Singapore, stopping only between 2016 to 2018 as I was working in Tokyo. 

When I came back to Singapore however, I was very happy to hear that Shun has opened his new salon Shun Sakurai. He had left the previous salon and founded a new Japanese salon to call his own. I was about to make an appointment with him when Shun asked if I would like to be the hair model for Fumie, a new hairstylist for his salon Shun Sakurai. Fumie had just arrived in Singapore after working as a hairstylist in Tokyo and in Hong Kong and is very good at designing hairstyles that is easy to manage as well. 

Since Shun spoke so highly of her, I was more than happy to give her a try!

July 2018

I made the appointment on a weekday afternoon.

This is how my hair looked like before the hair service:

Looking at how brassy my hair is, I know I am in dire need of a colour. If you look closely as well, my hair is dry, flat and has lots of split ends; I was busy moving back to Singapore and don't yet have the chance to do something about my hair. 

First Impression

Shun Sakurai is located within Chijmes. Although the space is pretty big, it is segregated into many different cubicles that gave each customer more privacy than usual. 

Fumie was all ready when I arrived. She escorted me to one of the cubicles and began her consultation. As my split ends was pretty bad, she suggested to cut off this much to cut off the split ends.

She was also meticulous, checking how my parting usually is and whether I tuck my hair behind my ear to see what type of hairstyle best suits me. 

Eager to start after such a detailed consultation from her!

Hair Wash

We started with a wash to prep my hair for the process.

As you can see, the head massage was heavenly! Almost fell asleep then.


Back at the seat, Fumie began trimming off the hair ends.

She made sure that she sectioned the hair properly before embarking on the cut. 

Cutting the hair wet allows for a more precise cut. 

However, she also makes sure that she checks the outcome when the hair is dry

and cut the areas which needed some touching up. 


For colour, I went with babylights because it is professional yet fun, and it adds colour and texture without requiring too much bleach. It is also not as obvious when my hair grows out. 

Fumie carefully applied bleach onto small sections of my hair and parted it with aluminum foil to prevent the bleach from getting to places it shouldn't be. It also helps to speed up the bleaching process. 

As the sections taken are very small, it took a lot of foils to achieve the babylights!

In this process though, I get to chat with Fumie a lot more. 

It was fun talking to her about my experiences in Tokyo while at the same time, hearing her perspective as a Japanese working in Hong Kong and now in Singapore. 

As much as we were enjoying the convo, Fumie never fails to do her work well, checking on my hair every once in a while to make sure that it is not over-processed. 

After about 30 minutes, it was finally done, and I'm due for yet another wash. 

Tokio Inkarami Treatment

Knowing that my hair is dry and damaged, the very thorough Fumie suggested for me to get the Tokio Inkarami treatment. This treatment is among the best in strengthening hair and make it less dry. 

She opted to perform the treatment at this point, interweaved between the bleach and colour for optimal effects on hair repair. 

I say interweaved because there are many steps in the process. She first used Number 0 right after bleaching as it is known for its effects on hair repair. 

She then massaged it into the hair to make sure that it is properly absorbed. 


Then, she added colour into my hair. 

As the hair was previously bleached in tiny sections, application of the colour like this will allow for subtle differences in tone for the final result, which is exactly what I was looking for.

This is how it looks like with the colour all applied. At this point, she also applied Number 2 and 3 of the Tokio Inkarami Treatment I believe. 

We waited for about 20 minutes for the colour to be processed before we go for our final wash. 

As usual, I really enjoy the head massage. 

Final Touches

Back at the seat, Fumie blew my hair dry. 

Look at how smooth it looked just after the treatment.

To make sure that my hair looks just perfect, Fumie gave it a final trim. 

Point Makeup

Something I find really unique about Shun Sakurai is that they actually offer point makeup to all their customers are who keen. 

This stems from their philosophy that beauty is holistic, not just your hair but your makeup and dressing as well. 

While they can't change your dressing, they try to make sure you look perfect when you get out the day by giving customers a light point makeup to keep you looking refreshed after the 2-3 hours here. 

She touched up my makeup with some foundation powder and my lipstick... 

and we're almost ready! 

Just a quick reminder of how my hair looked before this:

And now After

With my hair shorter now, I could feel the weight being taken off my head and my hair feeling somewhat more voluminous. 

Think it also helps to frame my face better as well.

My hair also looked and felt super smooth afterwards - many thanks to the Tokio Inkarami Treatment! 

Just a random hair flip and it looks good enough to be in a hair commercial :D

Just take a look at how shiny and smooth it looks now! 

I also like how the bleach previously gave the hair subtle differences in dimensions. Look at it from a different angle and it looks different again.

Overall Thoughts

As usual, I had a Super time at Shun Sakurai. Like the entire Chijmes area outside, Shun Sakurai as a salon is chill and private with individual cubicles for customers. My stylist was also fun and attentive; it was easy to converse with her due to her fluency in English and her interesting life experiences as we spoke about experiences in the different countries. 

Most importantly though, the cut and colour was good. The haircut gave my hair the beautiful U-shape that I like so much... for more than a month afterwards. The shorter cut also gave my hair more volume, so it doesn't feel as draggy. 

Photo with my hair a Week Later

While the babylights wasn't as obvious at the beginning, it lightened really quickly after a few washes and I've received so many positive comments on it afterwards. 

Thank you Fumie and Shun Sakurai for the great experience! This is a salon I personally go to and one that I've already recommended my friends to - a place with high quality service, good quality products, and awesome hair services that last a long time!

I've already had my next appointment booked - so if you see me there, don't forget to say hi!

Keen to give Shun Sakurai a try? 

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