This NEW Cytokines Radiofrequency Scalp Treatment Can Turn Grey Hair Black

Published on Apr 20, 2018

Hello, I'm Agent M, a Mom of two young ladies. When my kids were still small, I quit my job to take better care of them. Now that both of them are living their own lives, I have a lot more time on my hands.

This got me reapplying for jobs and fixing what I didn't have time to fix before: my hair. 

Nope, I don't mean hair colour or haircut; I'm too old to be concerned about things like that. 

Ever since I entered menopause, I've been experiencing hair loss problems ie. hair started falling in clumps, resulting in obvious "lobangs" in my hair!

Very scary right?

This made me go online and read about what I can do... I eventually came across Follicle Salon on Beauty Undercover. It looked very professional, so I went for my first appointment.

There was no hardselling and results appear pretty good. Hence, I decided to sign on a package. 

This is the result after a few months.

Mesotherapy for Thinning Hair at Folicle Salon

On a microscopic level, this was how it looks like. 

Mesotherapy for Thinning Hair at Folicle Salon

As you can see, Mesotherapy was REALLY effective. Within 3-4 months, the lobangs were mostly eliminated as hair began regrowing again. 

It was really amazing to me! 

Even though prices are on the high side, I'm happy to know that it actually works so whatever money I spent was well worth it. 

Not sure if its the greed in me, I started thinking about other treatments after my hair loss problem was mostly solved. 

Grey Hair After 2 Weeks of Hair Dye

As you can see on the photo on the right, I have LOTS of white hair. I have SO MANY white hair that I literally have to colour my hair once every 1.5-2 weeks to make sure that I don't look too old. 

Hair Consultation and Scalp Analysis at Follicle Salon

This is how fast my white hair grows; i coloured my hair 2 weeks ago and a lot of the white hair is already growing out now!

When my hair loss problem was mostly solved in Feb 2018, I started asking my therapist Amelia what I can do about my white hair to slow down its growth. I only expected her to tell me perhaps some dietary tips that could possibly help. Instead, Amelia shared with me about the newest treatment that Follicle has brought in: Grey Hair Defy. This scalp treatment uses a combination of Cytokines treatment and radiofrequency to signal scalp cells to turn greying hair black. This works only on grey hair which still has residual melanin production components; it is too late for white hair as it no longer contains such melanin production components. I was intrigued. Could this new treatment turn some of my greying hair black again... or at least slow down the greying process?

Seeing how interested I was, Amelia asked if I would like to give Grey Hair Defy a try. Follicle Salon was looking for models to test out this highly raved treatment from Korea and I definitely fit the bill. Excited about this opportunity, I agreed to go try out Grey Hair Defy, the new hair darkening scalp program from Follicle!

As I had to work on weekdays, I arranged my appointment on weekend mornings. 

As usual, I'll sit by the reception area and fill in the necessary details before getting scanned and diagnosed by Amelia, by scalp therapist. 

Hair Consultation and Scalp Analysis at Follicle Salon

This pretty lady here is Amelia. She always patiently listens to my concerns and explains in detail what I can expect from each treatment. 

Hair Consultation and Scalp Analysis at Follicle Salon

After going through the checklist, she did a scan with the scalp scanner. 

Hair Consultation and Scalp Analysis at Follicle Salon

As I just came back from a holiday, my scalp was a little reddish and sensitive from the lack of care in the few weeks prior. 

A deeper look into the scalp and you'll see quite a number of white hairs. Most of them are already transparent, completely white, devoid of any colour although there are still a number that was greying. 

Hair Consultation and Scalp Analysis at Follicle Salon

Amelia explained that the treatment can help slow down the greying process for grey hairs although it would not be able to turn completely transparent hair black. 

Treatment begins

Once consultation is over, it is time to start the treatment. 

Unlike mesotherapy, Grey Hair Defy is done not in a room but in the main salon area (because that's where the machines are located). To give some measure of privacy, Amelia pulled the curtains to create a partition.

Application of Scalp Lotion at Follicle Salon

She began by spraying a special scalp lotion to clarify and disinfect the scalp. 

Application of Scalp Lotion at Follicle Salon

My hair was carefully sectioned so that the scalp lotion was applied thoroughly around the scalp. 

I DIY colour my hair very frequently so you don't see that my greying hair is not too obvious. But take a look at the section of hair Amelia just lifted up here... can you see the number of white / grey hair I have?

Application of Scalp Lotion at Follicle Salon

After application, Amelia began to massage the scaling lotion into the scalp.

She doesn't just massage the top of the hair; Amelia ensures that every inch of the scalp absorbed the scalp lotion well. 

Application of Scalp Lotion at Follicle Salon

I enjoy this part of the treatment very much as the massage felt very relaxing.

Application of Scalp Lotion at Follicle Salon

Next, she applied yet another clarifying scalp lotion to open the scalp pores and clear my scalp from its gunk.

Amelia applied this thicker lotion and massaged it directly onto the scalp. 

Ozone gas nanomist at Follicle Salon

Once she was done, ozone gas is miniaturized into nanomist and applied to the scalp via the machine shown. This nanomist improves absorption of the clarifying lotion while ensuring that the scalp is moisturized at the same time. 

Hair Wash at Follicle Salon

After about 15 minutes, it was time to go for a hair wash.

Grey Hair Defy shampoo at Follicle Salon

Amelia used their inhouse Grey Hair Defy shampoo for the hair wash. Apparently the shampoo not only cleans the hair and scalp well, it contains various ingredients and amino acids that reduce sebum production and rebalances the scalp.

Blow Dry at Follicle Salon

Amelia mentions that it is crucial for hair to be completely dry at this point to avoid any complications from water dissociation during the radiofrequency treatment. Hence, she took the time to blow my hair dry.

All the above steps were simply preparing the scalp for the highlight of the treatment: application of the cytokines Grey Hair Defy solution and radiofrequency; the scalp has to be properly and thoroughly cleansed before the precious cytokines and protein treatment can penetrate deep into the scalp. 

Radiofrequency Treatment

Now comes the exciting stuff. Amelia mentions that Follicle is the first to bring in this Radiofrequency machine in Asia.

Apparently, it uses medical-grade RF hair technology to pass a small amount of electrical current to the scalp. As our body can conduct current, any resistance encountered by the energy will cause heat to be produced at the site of maximum resistance, creating tiny wounds in the deeper layers of the scalp. The outer layer of the scalp may turn slightly reddish but is largely unaffected. 

The tiny wounds are important because they allow for increased blood circulation as well as accelerated absorption of the cytokines Grey Hair Defy solution. 

Getting Radiofrequency Treatment For Grey Hair

Some of you may ask, is this painful?

Maybe I'm not the best person to ask because my pain tolerance is very high. When I'm go for mesotherapy, I ask for the deepest needle possible. (If I'm paying so much for it, I might as well tolerate the pain and make sure it works, right?)

Getting Radiofrequency Treatment For Grey Hair

So just to give you an indication of how painful it can be, mesotherapy is about 6-8 out of 10 for me. For radiofrequency (this treatment), the pain level is just 2-4 out of 10 when Amelia uses the highest level of RF possible at the sensitive areas. I could barely feel anything for most of my head... it was only at the sensitive areas where I could feel the "ant bite" sensation. 

Definitely much more comfortable compared to mesotherapy!

Getting Radiofrequency Treatment For Grey Hair

Amelia then followed up with a magnetic pulse machine. This treatment uses magnetic pulses to target areas which have experienced hair loss. What it does is that it activates dormant hair follicles to encourage growth of new hair via these magnetic pulses. These pulses are emitted at a low frequency so that they reach the follicles without damaging the tissues surrounding them.

Amelia very carefully apply the pulses on areas which I previously had bald spots for a longer period of time. 

Application of Grey Hair Defy solution

Now that the wounds are created, its time to apply the Grey Hair Defy. 

Application of Grey Hair Defy Solution at Follicle Salon

The Grey Hair Defy is a concentrated hair serum made up of cytokines and other proteins.  It is the result of 20 years of research by Korean scientists who came up with this patented formulation that has been scientifically proven to increase hair growth and turn grey hair black. 

It's fascinating to me how this small bottle of solution could be so powerful.

Application of Grey Hair Defy Solution at Follicle Salon

Amelia used a needle to remove the solution from the bottle and insert it into a vaporiser.

Application of Grey Hair Defy Solution at Follicle Salon

Amelia then carefully sprays the ultra expensive Grey Hair Defy onto the scalp, with special attention to areas with greying hair and previous "lobangs"

Application of Grey Hair Defy Solution at Follicle Salon

The solution is then massaged into the scalp once again. 

Cold Laser Treatment

Cold Laser Treatment During Grey Hair Treatment at Follicle Salon

The final step involves Cold Laser. Amelia provided me with glasses to protect my eyes. She then moved the Red cold laser over my head.

There is no sensation from this treatment but it is meant to enhance the penetration of the grey hair defy solution as well. 

Final Diagnosis

Final Scalp Diagnosis at Follicle Salon

At the end of the session, Amelia brought me over to the diagnosis area to relook at my scalp.

Scalp Scan of Before and After Cytokines Radiofrequency for Grey Hair at Follicle Salon

WIthin one session, my scalp became a lot clearer and less red.

However, I would probably have to go for a few more sessions before I can see any impact on hair darkening.

Update 3 Sessions Later

3 sessions later, here's how my scalp scans look.

Scalp Scan of Before and After Cytokines Radiofrequency for Grey Hair at Follicle Salon

As you can see, I still had white hairs but 

  1. there are now more hair on the areas which had small bald patches
  2. The roots of some white hairs are turning black (see right photo) 
Scalp Scan of Before and After Cytokines Radiofrequency for Grey Hair at Follicle Salon

Even comparing with the 3rd and 4th session, I feel very encouraged to know that the hair growing out is getting stronger as well. 

Overall Thoughts

I had an incredible journey with Follicle Salon over the past 6 months. Although painful and expensive, Mesotherapy did its job and helped me achieve significant hair growth on my bald spots after 4 months or so. 

I was therefore very excited to try the new treatment that Follicle Salon has brought in. Grey Hair Defy didn't disappoint. Within 3 sessions in less than a month, I could see a visible increase in hair growth in the bald spots. Although it is tough to see if my hair turned dark, I however felt that the "whitening" of my hair seems to be slowing down. I usually colour my hair every 2 weeks but now it takes about 3-4 weeks before it became obvious. 

I'm keen to go for more sessions before I can give a definite conclusion. However, I'm very happy with the results thus far!

Amelia From Follicle Salon

Thanks once again Amelia for your constant care! I enjoyed every treatment with you!

Curious about Follicle's new Grey Hair Defy after Agent M's sharing?

Read more about Grey Hair Defy here!

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