This Sparkling Head Spa is possibly one of the most value-for-money scalp treatments we've seen!

Published on Sep 26, 2016

Shedding of dead skin cells on the scalp and even your silicone shampoos and hair products will sometimes cause your scalp pores to be blocked! 

It is therefore advisable to get your scalp cleansed and detoxed once in a while even if your scalp is OK!

With a scalp scan, a hair massage, carbonated water and inhouse hair tonic and scrub included, the Sparkling Scalp Spa by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon gives really great value for its low price tag

(if you are intending to come to Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon anyway!)

Read below to find out more about the Sparkling Head Spa!

Hi I'm Agent W! 

Although I'm currently a civil servant in Singapore, I've worked in Japan for some time and became an avid lover of the Japanese language and culture ever since! 

On the days when I need a dose of Japan hair fix, I'll make an appointment at Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon. Yes, I'm a regular customer at Art Noise since my friend introduced it to me a year ago. I fell in love the first time I tried Art Noise because it reminded me so much of the time in Japan! The impeccable service and the relaxed atmosphere there just isn't like anywhere else in Singapore. 

I come here about once a month. One day, I was randomly sharing about my scalp issues with Toshie. As I have occasional bouts of eczema, my scalp turns itchy and flaky easily! My hair is also thinning over the years. 

consultation at Art Noise

Seeing my scalp issues, Toshie asked if I would like to give their new Sparkling Scalp Spa a go. They are keen to sponsor a model to see if it works well for Singaporeans scalp. Grateful for this opportunity, I said yes immediately!


Toshie began by sectioning my hair to get my scalp scanned.

1. Scalp Scans

Scalp Scan at Art Noise

Scalp Scan on top of my head

Scalp Scan at Art Noise

Scalp Scan at back of my head

As you can see from the two scalp scans, my hair is noticeably thinning at the top as the hair follicles are significantly more apart than the back of my head.  My scalp was also covered with a thick layer of dead skin, which is making it tougher for my new hair to grow out! 

Scalp Scan at Art Noise

At certain areas where my eczema flares up, the scalp was also reddish. Although the problems are not major, Toshie advises a regular sparkling scalp spa to get rid of the gunk and promote new hair growth. 

After seeing the scalp scans, I couldn't wait to get started!

2. Hair Wash

hair wash

The hair wash is possibly one of my favourite parts of the experience when Toshie gives an oh-so-comfortable massage during the hair wash! 

Apparently, she was double cleansing my scalp with their in-house SHA shampoo as well as carbonated water to make sure that my scalp is squeaky clean!  The carbonated water is said to come with several benefits:

1) It purifies the scalp more cleanly, removing dirt and grime.

2) Delivers more oxygen to the scalp. 

3) Lowers the pH of the hair, making it less frizzy.

Definitely glad to know that my scalp is benefiting from the wash, all while I was lying there and relaxing!

3. Application of Scalp Mixture

scalp mixture

Selected essential oils are mixed with a special in-house scalp mixture from Art Noise Japan in a bowl and then battered.

scalp mixture

Interestingly, the mixture puffs up and Toshie san then applies it to my hair.

applying the mixture

The mixture felt cool to the touch ... very refreshing! The smell was also very inviting!


After applying the mixture throughout my head, Toshie begins her second whole head massage. I couldn't help but fall asleep at this step!

Sparkling Scalp Spa by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

She even adds on a shoulder massage, which is something I really appreciate!

shoulder massage

4. Application of Hair Tonic

Now, it's time to remove all the mixture from my head and scalp!

blow dry

Toshie carefully blowdrys my hair before applying yet another in-house hair tonic from Japan (this is not for sale).

hair tonic

This purpose of the hair tonic is to restore your scalp health, prevent hair loss and promote hair growth! 

head massage at art noise

One final massage...

styling at art noise

And we are done!

Let's take a look at the scalp scan to see if anything has changed!

Cleaner Scalp After Scalp Treatment at Art Noise

Scalp Scan at the Top of the Head

Cleaner Scalp After Scalp Treatment at Art Noise

Scalp Scan at the back of the head

Toshie zoomed in deeper and found that my folicles is now super clean! No sign of the flakes that existed previously!

Cleaner Scalp After Scalp Treatment at Art Noise

The reddish areas also had the scalp fully cleansed! 

Well, I'm glad to know that the "clean feeling" is substantiated by actual evidence that my scalp is now clean!

Overall Thoughts

I'm very happy with the results of the sparkling scalp treatment! On top of feeling really clean that night, it felt clean for the whole of next day and was tangibly less oily over the next few days! 

Given that this Scalp Spa is really effective in cleansing my scalp and cost only $50 if you go for any other hair service in Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon (at least 30 minutes procedure), I think it's pretty value for money! (Otherwise, it will cost $50+$40 for wash and blow before GST)

The only thing I think can be improved on is an english menu that better explains each step so I know what each step is for.

Toshie shares that this scalp treatment is actually suitable for everyone, and not just people with scalp issues. This is because it's difficult to keep the scalp clean with just the normal shampoo and conditioner.  If you find your scalp slightly sensitive or itchy, going regularly to cleanse your scalp is the first step to prevent any long term hair loss issue and to treat any existing scalp problem.

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