7 Ways to Look and Feel like a Disney Princess in Singapore

Published on Mar 17, 2017

With Beauty and the Beast opening in the cinemas this week, we're reminded of our childhood dream to be a disney princess... donning ball gowns, being treated like royalty and always looking pretty.

Although most of us are all grown up now, it doesn't mean that we can't live out our childhood dream!

Here are some things you can do to be a real life Disney Princess in Singapore!

1. Go for etiquette classes

The first step to being a princess is to behave like one. Apparently, even Kate Middleton had to take classes to make her look more like a princess!

That includes learning how to curtsy, maintaining the right posture, making sure you know your table manners, dressing appropriately and more! Of course, these are important regardless of whether you want to be a princess or not. 

Etiquette courses are definitely worth a check out especially if your work involves frequent meetings with certain groups of people e.g. foreign politicians, high net worth individuals who may be particular about this!

While you're at it, don't forget to adorn your nails with Beauty and The Beast characters!

Beauty and The Beast Nails

Beauty and the Beast Nail Art by Project Nails @ Katong

2. Give your hair gorgeous curls with a perm

If you want to at least look the part, styling is essential.

Digital Princess Perm by Focus Hairdressing

Digital Perm by Focus Hairdressing @ Chinatown Point

Most princess looks have long hair with flowy curls but if you don't have the time, get a perm.

3. Learn how to be a Mermaid

Jun Ji Hyun in Legend of the Blue Sea

If the recently concluded Korean drama Legend of the Blue Sea has revived your childhood desire to be Ariel, you're in for a treat

If you don't already know, Singapore has its very own mermaid school which offers classes on how you can be a mermaid!


Even if you are not keen to be a mermaid, this is a pretty fun idea for bachelorette parties! Alternatively, you can always pay a visit to the SEA Aquarium to give yourself the illusion that you're underwater :D

You may even find Sebastia

4. Put on Your Sunscreen

... especially if you aspire to be Snow White

Truth is, sunscreen is crucial in protecting your skin from harmful UV rays and delaying aging skin. If there is ONE thing you must apply every morning before you leave the house, this is it!

Otherwise, you can supercharge your whitening regime with a herbal facial from Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon.

Painful herbal facial at Allumer Japanese

Herbal Facial from Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon

5. Create your own adventure

Is the typical girly princess not the type of Disney princess you're looking to become? For those of you who finds Pocahontas closer to your heart, why not create an adventure of your own? 


You may not be able to save someone but you may just find your prince charming while trekking along the MacRitchie Treetop Walk

Or when reading a book while enjoying the view at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve!

Reading Books at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

6. Give your love to the animals who need it

Who can forget the start of Cinderella movie where she prepares breakfast for her animal friends and family before beginning her regular chores?


Well, you can be a real-life Cinderella by giving your love and time to the animals who need your help at SPCA!

If time and space allow, you can even participate in their fostering programs!

7. Get that beauty sleep

Many of us don't get enough sleep a day due to the daily demands of work and school. Yet sleep is one of the most important habits to repair and refresh our bodies and keep us looking young and pretty!


Before spending lots of $$$ on products, treatments and even plastic surgery to make you look better, why not let your body do its healing by sleeping early?

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