Donald Trump's Hair: How NOT to get the Trump Look

Published on Nov 24, 2016

No matter what your feelings are about President-elect Donald Trump, one thing we can all collectively agree on is the mystery of Trump’s hair.

Is it a toupee? Is it a hair transplant or is it simply an unflattering combover?

Donald Trump Hair

In fact, for quite sometime now, Trump’s hair has been the butt of jokes, so much so, inspiring countless of memes.

Donald Trump Messy Hair

It would be easier to blame Trump’s bad hairstyle on a horrible toupee but According to Daily Mail Online, former hairdresser to Trump, Amy Lasch has revealed that Trump’s mane is 100 % real but horribly dyed and cut. And that gents goes to show how a bad haircut and dye job alone can affect your image!

So if you are wondering how to prevent your real hair from turning into a Trump-like hair disaster, we've got you covered with 4 easy tips ...

1. Trim your hair regularly 

His relatively long hair, complete with cowlicks and a one-of-a-kind hairline, makes it possible to achieve the swept-back technique. 

Thus, cut it before it degrades to looking like Donald and you'll probably be safe. 

One of the factors attributing to Trump’s hair disaster is, as Lasch had also revealed that Trump had his family members regularly cut his hair, which is a big NO unless your family members are professional hairstylists. No amount of hair styling products or combover is going to save you from an awful haircut with uneven length that does nothing to enhance your best features.

Hence, the first step to avoid ending up with hair like Trump’s is, besides seeking out a professional to cut your hair, schedule regular trims. How regular your trims should depend on the haircut you are going for and make sure you leave your hair in the best hands possible, like one of these Best Hair Salons for Men’s Haircut.

Regardless of the style you choose, avoid keeping your hair long at the front. This comb-back style, achievable only with long hair, creates the unique wind-blown effect you often see on elevated above Donald. 

2. Get coloured by a professional

Many of us are guilty of dyeing our own mane in an effort to cut cost. While it’s honestly not a bad idea, there are chances of it going wrong. Case in point: Donald Trump.

Many of us are guilty of dyeing our own mane in an effort to cut cost. While it’s honestly not a bad idea, there are chances of it going wrong. Case in point: Donald Trump.

Blonde by Style NA Korean Salon @ Compass One

Besides getting family members to cut his hair, Trump also had them dyeing his hair! The result? A less than subpar dye job and the obvious inconsistent transition from one shade of blonde to another. The choice of colour isn’t a wise one either. The dirty blonde that had a stylist describing it as "the nascent yellow of a baby chick" makes his hair seem thinner that it actually is, giving the illusion that he is balding. Especially if you want to go blonde, leave the colouring to the professionals.

3. Blow dry your hair before applying wax

For those with thinning hair, besides going for a perm, blow drying your hair can give it the much needed volume you desire. Simply lift your hair from the roots with a round brush or your fingers as you blow dry to give it an extra lift.

However, be sure to apply styling products like wax after you are done blow drying your hair to hold the look in place. Applying wax to your hair before blow drying is only going to result in stiff hair that is hard to mould into your preferred style.

4. Don't apply too much wax

Men's haircut and styling

Haircut at Avant Garde Plan B

Another reason why Trump's hair looks like a toupee is that according to his former hairdresser, Trump puts on too much gel, which also makes it hard to comb through his hair. This is why when the wind blows, the movement of his hair is almost unnatural-like and comical.

Even though products like wax or hairspray is used to hold the hairstyle in place, there's never a need to put too much on as this will result in stiff, non-movable hair. Your hair should still allow for some movement after applying such products. Keep in mind to also not just apply wax to only one area of the hair. You wouldn't want just one section of your hairstyle to be wind-proof, it doesn't make for a good look!

Follow our tips above and you'll be able to avoid Trump's hair-raising helmet head look!

Let us know if we missed any tips below!

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