5 Unique Drinks Salons in Singapore are Serving During Phase 2 Of Re-Opening

Published on Aug 14, 2020

While the Covid-19 Pandemic is far from over, many of us are slowly trying to return to our pre-DORSCON lives as safely as possible. Salons - shuttered for months - finally reopened some time ago, but had to refrain from serving their usual complimentary food and drinks, meaning that unsuspecting customers who were getting rescue-rebonding or dyeing their crops-turned-mops because Circuit Breaker found themselves completely parched after hair services lasting hours. 

But as regulations continue to be relaxed, salons have turned to a solution where thirsty clients won't have to put their lips and hands on surfaces where multiple others might already have: Swapping out their usual menu for packet/canned drinks or those storable in disposable cups. While the most environmental solution is just to carry your own water bottle, the single-use nature of the abovementioned containers minimises your contact with high-touch surfaces if you have forgotten to bring your own supplies. And there's a surprisingly good variety out there too:

Here are just some of the complimentary drinks that are still served by salons if you're in a pinch.

Good Old H2O - In Various Forms

Because many of us salon-goers are at least slightly beauty-conscious, many establishments make sure they supply the lowest-calorie, most toxin-free drink of all: good old water.

Be U Hair Design  and Zinc Korean Hair Salon serve handy bottles of mineral water, as does The Space Korean Hair Salon, which also offers quintessential Korean snack Choco-Pie for peckish customers seeking to make up the caloric deficit - individually packed for safety of course.

Chilled Classy Packet Drinks

For those of us who need perk-me-ups to keep our heads from falling onto our laps mid-perm, don't worry...you still get your caffeine or theine fix in safe single-servings.

In fact, standard cafe selections are provided at several salons, such as The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics.

Packet Drinks and Snacks During COVID-19 at The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics

Other than providing single-serving kitkats (which are small enough for hungry customers to stuff under their masks to munch on), The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics' menu includes low fat milk coffee, as well as milk tea, green tea, and even Milo, all in packets with skinny straws to fit under your mask.

The salon also provides roasted tea or Houjicha (again in packets), which is also served at Picasso Hair Studio .

Packet Tea Served During COVID-19 at Picasso Hair Studio

Image courtesy of Picasso Hair Studio

Picasso Hair Studio also serves up Southeast Asian sweetness with a longan and red dates fruit drink. Altogether, cafe-culture-worthy flavours...only served in super-sanitary packets.

Canned Classics

Want to treat yourself to some sweetness in an icy-cold, recyclable can? Why not - salon time is self-pampering time.

Also, establishments like Koinonia Salon keep their fridges well stocked with the classics:

Act Point Salon also serves an extensive collection of cold canned beverages. 

Hot Cuppas

With boiling water having a sterilising effect, some salons are still serving the hot beverages from their pre-pandemic menu, like Chez Vous Hair Salon and the above Koinonia Salon, which serves hot teas as well as steaming Milo, and a range of coffees ranging from your standard kopi to espressos or lattes.

Flamingo Hair Studio also has an impressive selection of hot drinks to keep you toasty under the air-conditioning:

The selection there even includes Japanese Plum Kelp tea, which you'd be hard pressed to find in most other parts of the island:

The complex-flavoured tea with hints of salt and citrus is supposed to have numerous health benefits, including preventing arteriosclerosis and hypertension, lowering cholesterol, constipation relief and weight-loss promotion. Who says salon beverages have to be boring? We also like that Flamingo rounds of the Japanese tea-time experience with single-serving packet Onirigi if you feel like you're starving.

Hot Japanese Drinks and Snacks During COVID-19 at Flamingo Hair Studio

Image courtesy of Flamingo Hair Studio

And then there is the sweet probiotic Calpis that not only tastes yummy; it is highly beneficial in helping your body recover from fatigue and relieve stress, resulting in giving you a good sleep.

For those who want to be even more careful about health and safety, Act Point Salon now serves its hot beverages in single-use cups instead of their usual glass or porcelain drinkware.

Bottled Collagen Drinks

Bottled Collaged Drinks at Face Plus by Yamano Served During COVID-19

At Face Plus by Yamano, you may be treated to a sample of their bestselling Kohaku and Placenta drink. Beyond being bottled, this drink has been highly popular not only in Singapore but also in Japan and Thailand. A tasty and refreshing drink that contains Bird Nest extract, Rhiodiola Rosea Root Extract, Black Pepper Extract, Pineapple Extract, Sake and Animal Placenta extract, this drink has been touted by customers to help firm your face, minimize pores and even improve pimples due to hormonal reasons. 

Of course, one sip at the salon is not enough. 

You'll probably have to consume the drinks for at least 2 weeks for visible improvement.

All in all, salons have gone out of their way to make sure that your pampering time there does not have to be any less enjoyable, even while they're keeping you safe in phase 2 wtih safe-distancing, caps on client numbers and adjusted menus. Know that many of them have got you covered, even if you forget to bring your own favourite hydration selection.

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