Kamiwaza and How This Dry Head Spa Alleviates Insomnia and Brain Fatigue

Published on Nov 08, 2019

People love head spas because they're a relaxing service that improves your health mentally and physically. It's a great hair service to go for if you want a quick pick-me-up. With hair wash and head massage, the entire service can last for an hour and a half.

What is Dry Head Spa?

Seeing how there is a rise in demand for head massages by time-starved office professionals, salons in Japan have begun introducing a new treatment: Dry Head Spa. Unlike the usual head spa, Dry Head Spa doesn't require hair wash and instead focuses the entire service on head and shoulder massage. This way, customers can have a full hour of massage and relaxation without wasting a minute on hair wash.

What are the Benefits of Dry Head Spa?

1. Relieves brain fatigue, tension and stress

Do you find yourself facing high levels of stress and tension at work? Extensive periods of stress can actually slow down brain activity and make you make suboptimal decisions as the constant high levels of adrenaline wreaks havoc in the cerebrum, possibly affecting your brain and body functions.

Understanding that stress is very much unavoidable, top Japanese healthcare professionals from the fields of neuroscience, acupuncture, psychology, and massage therapy have come up with a new massage technique called Kamiwaza. Without using water or oil, Kamiwaza aims to relieve brain fatigue and put you in a more meditative state and help you regain the balance between the logical and instinctive parts of the brain. 

It may just be an hour's of rest, but its so much more effective than an hour's nap. Somehow, the things that I thought were hard to solve before the dry head spa seems possible now.Hence, I'm very happy I chose to come here.~ Testimonial by a customer who did dry head spa

2. Promotes blood circulation

A major reason why the massage is able to relieve tension is because of its focus on releasing tension in muscles around the head and eye areas. As most of us use the computer quite often, you may not realize how much stress we are putting on our eye muscles and brain stems when processing information.

The dry head spa targets those specific muscles and provide just the right amount of pressure to release the tension embedded beneath.

3. Helps you sleep better

The massaging and peaceful ambience helps your mind to become totally relaxed, leading to improved health, focus, and lower stress levels. When it is over, you will emerge feeling euphoric and less stressed. It isn't just during the session that you sleep though; customers normally experiencing insomnia find that they can fall asleep faster and deeper even back at home. 

I find Dry Head Spa pretty miraculous as I've always had trouble falling sleep.After trying it, my insomnia seems to fade away. Hence, I like to book an appointment on a Friday night to make sure I get a good rest during the weekend.~ Testimonial by a customer who did dry head spa 

Given the many benefits of dry head spa, it is understandable why the service is SO POPULAR that Goku, the most popular dry head spa salon in Tokyo, is FULLY booked for 3 months, with half a million customers on the waitlist. Getting a slot is a little like winning the lottery as all slots will be sold out in ONE MINUTE the moment they are released. 

Fortunately for us, we don't have to travel all the way to Japan and wait at the computer to get a slot. Branche Hair Salon recently collaborated with Goku and sent their stylists over to Japan to learn their proprietary Kamiwaza stimulation technique. After months of intensive training, Branche has now recently launched Dry Head Spa in Singapore. 

What can you expect from this Dry Head Spa? Is it as good as it sounds? 

We decided to try it for ourselves to see how it went.

Branche Eye and Face Interior

Dry Head Spa at Branche Eye and Face Salon

Just in case you may not have noticed, Branche recently opened another outlet within Capitol Piazza called Branche Eye and Face; there are only private rooms here, making it perfect for lash extension and other such services.

Branche Eye and Face Interior

With the privacy offered, it is no wonder why the dry head spa is offered within Branche Eye and Face.

Step 1: Consultation

As I have been working quite a bit at my "other day job", I wasn't able to sleep well the past few nights. Hence I'm pretty excited to go for this.

The therapist who attended to me is Maiko. She asked if I have heard of the immensely popular dry head spa in Japan and shared with me several benefits of the head spa before we began.

Consultation at Branche Eye and Face

Deeper sleep, better focus and concentration and relief from headaches - I'm all ready for you!

Branche Eye and Face Interior

After checking if I need to go to the washroom, she escorted me into the room to begin the anticipated service. 

Step 2: Getting me comfortable

Unlike a normal head spa that takes place in a salon chair, this dry head spa lets you lie down on a reclining chair. 

Comfortable Sofa at Branche Eye and Face

This instantly made it more relaxing because it is easier to doze off.

Once I was lying down comfortably, she made sure I was fully comfortable (yes even my legs!)

Comfortable Sofa at Branche Eye and Face

and covered my eyes with a towel.

Step 3: Massage

Relaxing Massage During Kamiwaza Treatment at Branche Salon

She then embarked on the shoulder massage. This helps to release tension from hunching over the computer all day.

Relaxing Massage During Kamiwaza Treatment at Branche Salon

She also massaged my eyes and neck, all the key areas that feel tired when you're sitting at your desk all day.

Relaxing Massage During Kamiwaza Treatment at Branche Salon
Relaxing Massage During Kamiwaza Treatment at Branche Salon

This isn't the most glamorous angle but with the towel over my eyes, I don't see anything and can only surrender to Maiko's expert hands as she kneaded my neck tension away. 

Kamiwaza Dry Head Spa at Branche Salon

When the neck massage was done, she started on the head massage. Her pressure was not too strong, nor too light, just right as she pressed on the specific pressure points to release the tension.

Kamiwaza Dry Head Spa at Branche Salon

It wasn't so much that the massage strokes targeted sore areas but more that it made my mind quieten down from its usually busy state. Thoughts drifted away one at a time until I let go of even my most pressing thoughts and my body and mind became somehow.. lighter. 

Kamiwaza Dry Head Spa at Branche Salon

I wish I could be more descriptive about the massage except that I'm already lulled into a dream-like state. 

Kamiwaza Dry Head Spa at Branche Salon

Soon enough, 60 minutes has passed. To wake me up a little and also rejuvenate the scalp, she applied a scalp essence directly onto my hair. This scalp essence doesn't require the hair to be wet but its kind of cooling, so it has a more refreshing feel. 

Kamiwaza Dry Head Spa at Branche Salon

When everything was done, she adjusted the chair reclined and checked if everything was alright.

Relaxing Kamiwaza Dry Head Spa Treatment at Branche Hair Salon

As I said, I really fell asleep so you can imagine how relaxing it was!

Apparently, so many customers fall asleep during the dry head spa that Branche Salon is organizing a fun competition for its customers.

The Balloon Challenge

Balloon Challenge During Head Spa at Branche Salon

Before the dry head spa, they will give you a balloon.

If the balloon is still in your hands at the end of the head spa, you get up to 30% off the price of head spa. 

Are you game to take up the challenge?

Final Thoughts

Most of us associate head spa with alleviation of scalp issues but that's not the aim of this Dry Head Spa. Although increased blood circulation due to the massage will definitely yield benefits for the scalp, the main focus of the Dry Head Spa is the reduction of brain fatigue through massage.

I'm not the usual type of person who go for meditation as my mind is always full of thoughts about what to do next. Here at Branche, however, I actually managed to quieten my mind and achieve some sort of dream-like state that I don't usually get to attain. It didn't just give me a deep sleep afterwards but also made my mind clearer to do what I set out to do for the next day. 

If your mind ever feel clouded due to fatigue or any other issues, we'll therefore highly recommend you to try the Dry Head Spa here at Branche. The clarity of mind and rest that you achieve here will likely bring you further in other areas of your life.


Keen to give Branche's Dry Head Spa a try?

The Dry Head Spa is priced at $95 for 45 minutes and $120 for 60 minutes. 

Enjoy a 30% off if you are a first time customer to Branche and if you quote Beauty Undercover.

If not, take on their Balloon Challenge and hold on to the balloon throughout the entire Dry Head Spa for 30% off the entire service!

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