13 Easy Back Poses to Show off Your New Hairdo

Published on Mar 11, 2020

Want to take some nice pictures to show off your hair on the 'gram but am feeling camera shy (or simply don't want to bother with makeup)? 

Here are 13 poses that can fully showcase your hairstyle without showing your face - perfect if you're camera shy or if you simply don't want to bother with makeup.

Ready to take some shots? Keep reading to find your favourite pose!

1. The Hair Show-Off

Don't be shy, model your hair!

One of the MOST common pose used by salons today is this: the hair show-off.

Bronze Balayage by 99 Percent

99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok, Orchard & Katong

This is achieved by placing your hands under your hair and lifting some of your hair up. 

Red Hair Colour by Risel Japanese

Risel Japanese Hair Salon @ Tanjong Pagar

This allows the light to highlight the colour and style so that the camera can better showcase your hair.

2. Holding Top of Hair

Don't want to look too showy?

Natural Brown Hair Colour by Rubik

Rubik Japanese Hair Salon

This simple pose shows off the back view adequately while adding a bit of volume at the top. It also shows the different parts of your hair so it isn't one length all over.

Best for curled hair!

3. One Hand 

If you feel awkward standing facing a wall, place your hand on your neck. Not only does it make you look natural, it also fans out your hair to show off the colour or style better.

Straight Sleek Haircut by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Outram Park

As you can see, this pose works well even for straight hair!

4. Side Back View

A back pose doesn't mean that you showcase only the full back view of your hair.

Mocha Brown Hair Colour by Full House

Full House Salon @ Tampines

You can consider going for a side view and turning your face to the side. This pose hides your face while showing off the sides of your hair. 

You can even put one hand in your hair to prop it up, adding some volume to the delicate pose. 

Galaxy Highlights by Bump Hair Design

Bump Hair Design @ Rochester

This pose is particularly good for curled hair

Purple Hair Colour by Bump Hair Design

Bump Hair Design @ Rochester

But you can also braid it up if you want to give it a different look. 

5. Holding Your Ponytail

Another side view to consider is this one where you hold your hair in a ponytail.

Brown Highlights by Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Threes Japanese Hair Salon @ Clarke Quay

It is a relatively natural pose and draws people's focus to the colour instead of the style. 

Red Hair Colour by Bump Hair Design

Bump Hair Design @ Rochester

We think it works best if you're going for a vibrant hair colour!

6. Holding Half Your Hair Up

If you're going for a peek-a-boo hair colour, this pose is a must try!

Rainbow Hair Colour by Picasso Hair Studio

Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis & Tanjong Pagar

Lightly hold the top section of your hair so that you can reveal what's hidden beneath!

7. The Intertwining 

Otherwise, you can consider do a variation of a braid (braid it but don't tie it up).

Two-Toned Lavender Hair Colour

Guy Tang

The intertwining will be able to showcase the different shades of your hair 

8. Stylist Combing Through Your Hair

If you're close to your stylist, get him / her to assist you with this pose!

Purple Lavender Hair Colour (Eddy) by Chez Vous Hideaway

Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City

Having them run their fingers through your hair gives the photo movement while candidly showing off all the different colours and textures!

Peekaboo Red Hair Colour by Mane Made

Mane Made @ Hougang

9. Elegant Hair Flip

If the inner hair colour doesn't have too much of a variation, get your stylist to flip the hair for you to show what the inner layer looks like. 

Peekaboo Silver Hair Colour by Bump Hair Design

Bump Hair Design @ Rochester

All you have to do is stand still and let your hair do the talking.

10. Static Hair Flip

Want a shot that is edgy and unique? Do the hair flip while you take continuous photos so you can scroll through them to find the best mid-air shot. This allows you to show the layers beneath.

Hair Flip Back Pose

This is perfect for undercuts, hair tattoos and peekaboo hair colours.

11. Slow Motion

Show off your bouncy curls by giving them a fluff.

Hair Flip Back Pose Showing Brown Hair Colour by Picasso Hair Studio

Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis & Tanjong Pagar

All you need is to use the slow-mo effect on your iPhones and give just lightly push the hair for the wavy effect!

12. 180-degree Boomerang

Sometimes, you're just so happy with the hairstyle 'cause it looks so good from all angles.

Copper Hair Colour by Mane Made

Mane Made @ Hougang

So what do you do? 

Consider swivelling yourself on a stool and go for a 180 degree boomerang to to show off your hair from all sides!

13. The Twist 

Throwing up dueces is a classic for a reason. There's something fun and playful about peace signs!

Back Pose Tips

The braids work well with deuces as it doesn't distract too much from your hand sign.

Back Pose with Nature Background

But it does mean that your hairdo may not be as easily highlighted.

That's all for our list of back poses.

Have you tried some of them?

Share your experiences with us below!

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