10 Easy Ways to Conceal Thinning Hair in Singapore

Published on Jul 03, 2019

Is it just me, or is my hair not as full and voluminous as it was 5-10 years ago?

If you have the same thought as us, well, you're not alone.

Thinning hair is one of the first few signs of aging that affects *almost* everyone, male or female. (Lucky for you if you don't have that problem!)

As we enter our 30s and 40s, the rate of our hair growth slows and the hair strands become smaller and have less pigments. Some hair follicles even stop producing new hair, causing the gaps between our hair to increase - all contributing to an appearance of thinning hair.

It is unfortunately a difficult issue that requires a change in habit and lifestyle ie. better diet, better sleep, consistent scalp treatments and use of scalp products daily. In short, a problem that will take time to see results.

What CAN you do in the meantime to conceal thinning hair?

Here are some tricks we learn from our favourite stylists to conceal thinning hair.

1. Get a Shorter Haircut

An easy way to quickly create the illusion of thick, full hair is to snip a few inches off.

Shorter hair tends to naturally create more volume as it is not weighed down.

Short Haircut To Conceal Thinning Hair at Be U Hair Design

Haircut at Be U Hair Studio

2. Add layers into your hair

Don't just get a haircut. A good stylist will know how to add volume to your thinning hair without perming... with layers!

A lot of us have a negative impression of layers as we associate it with hard-to-manage hair that flip here and there. However, layers are invaluable when done well as they give the illusion of length (with the long hair) and volume (with the short hair).

Layered Cut by Zinc Korean Salon to Conceal Thinning Hair

Layered Cut by Zinc Korean Hair Salon

The different lengths also stack over each other and can help to conceal bald areas as well. Hair tends to be arranged with the top layers (those nearer the crown) shorter than the layers beneath so that it can blend seamlessly. 

Strategic layers can also add volume to thinning hair - request your hair stylist to add layers around your face and to leave the back fuller, to create body and volume.

Layered Cut to Conceal Thinning Hair at Pro Trim

Layered Cut by Pro Trim @ Ngee Ann City

3. Change up your parting or hairstyle

Sometimes, a simple adjustment in your hairstyle can give a large change.

If you have just one spot that is thinner than the rest, change your parting to cover it. In fact, having a tight parting all your life can cause thinning in that area.

Haircut at Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela

4. Learn to Blowdry your hair for volume

Adding big volume can be achieved with a good blowout after washing your hair.

Blowdry for Voluminous Hair

Blowdrying at Koinonia Salon

You don't have to use the most expensive hairdryer out there but a VERY important tip when blowdrying your hair is... START with the root and blow the air directly towards the scalp! Blow dry the hair in the opposite direction it will lay as it will cause the root to stand up straight rather than fall directly against the scalp, giving the appearance of more volume. To get even more volume, consider bending over and blowdrying your hair upside down until all the scalp is dry.

Blowdry and Styling to Make Hair Look More Voluminous

Blowdrying at Picasso Hair Studio

You can also flip your hair up to give it that much more volume.

For more help, consider also using a volumizing shampoo that helps to combat limpness and puffs up the hair to hide thinning. You can also add additional volume by working a volumizing mouse through the hair before blow drying. 

5. Curl Your Hair

Have a few more minutes after blowdrying? Why not curl your hair?

Blowdry and Styling to Make Hair Look More Voluminous

Styling at Risel Japanese Hair Salon

Curling your hair helps to add more shape and gives you fuller hair within minutes. 

Rose Pink Hair Colour at Risel
Rose Pink Hair Colour at Risel

Rose Pink Hair Colour at Risel Japanese Hair Salon

If you curl your hair in a structured manner, people will also be more drawn to the curls and style rather than how thin your hair is!

Of course, the curls will also bring out your hair colour more as well.

6. Opt for a perm

Don't have time to curl your hair every day? Perm your hair!

Perm for Thinning Hair by Be U Hair Design

Perm by Be U Hair Design

Perm adds volume without requiring you to fuss about your hair every single morning. 

Layered Cut and Perm by Branche Hair Salon

Layered cut + curl by Eri @ BRANCHE Hair Salon

Of course, a perm also adds that much more of a feminine touch, beyond just volume!

Aside from the typical perm though, you can also consider going for root perms. 

Root Perm to Add More Volume by Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Root Perm by Zinc Korean Hair Salon

The stylist will focus on giving your root that bit of a lift to make it look voluminous. Zinc Korean Hair Salon is particularly good at making the root perm look natural!

Root Perm and Digital Perm for Thinning Hair by Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Root Perm and Digital Perm by Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Do however note that a root perm is not for everyone as it may change the shape of the overall perm. Also, it may leave a small kink in the hair when it grows out, particularly if the stylist did not conceal it well. 

Men's Perm to Conceal Thinning Hair at Pro Trim

Men's Volume Perm at Pro Trim @ Ngee Ann City

Perm isn't just for the ladies! Men too can perm your hair to give it that much more volume without the curls. Do however note that the perm may cause the gaps in the hair to look more obvious so you may have to pair it with hair fibers below for the ideal look. 

7. Apply Hair Fibers onto your hair

Haircut at Walking on Sunshine

Haircut by Walking on Sunshine

Volumized hair is all well and good, however, if your scalp is still peeking through, there are products to help further disguise this issue.

One such product is hair fibers! Hair fibers are created with keratin and have a natural static charge, which tightly cling to the hair to better conceal scalp lines, bald spots, and thinning hair.

8. Try Scalp Micropigmentation

Find it a hassle to apply hair fibers to your hair every day? Consider trying scalp micropigmentation. 

Scalp Micropigmentation for Thinning Hair by Walking on Sunshine

Scalp Micropigmentation by Walking on Sunshine

Known as a hair tattoo, scalp micropigmentation is a process where tiny dots are added to your scalp. Though it sounds like nothing extravagant, the darkness on your scalp makes a huge change in the appearance of your hair. It will look darker, fuller and thicker! 

Before and After Scalp Micropigmentation for Balding Spot by Walking on Sunshine

Left: Before, Right: After 1 session of SMP

Do note that like any tattoo, you have to go to a specialised place that hires trained technicians. The pigmented dots are carefully placed to create the illusion of a full head of hair. SMP does not hurt as much as a regular tattoo as you only make tiny punctures with micro needles. However, it can be uncomfortable but some salons do offer numbing cream.

It's suitable for men and women, but men should cut their hair short to see the full effect. Women don't have to shave their hair for this process, but it is usually only used for the thinning hairline. 

For more details on the process, read about Agent Chan's first Scalp Micropigmentation experience at Walking on Sunshine.

9. Wear Hair Extensions, Toppers or Wiglets

Find the above too much hassle? You can always turn to hair extensions, toppers and wiglets.

For hair that is thinning at the top of the scalp, a hair topper can be a lifesaver as they are designed to target as conceal partial hair loss. These are especially helpful for those experiencing bald spots due to alopecia. You can also combine a hair topper with hair extensions to get the full Victoria Secrets luscious hair type of look.

You do however need to be conscious about maintaining the wig or go to redo your hair extensions quite often as your hair grows.

10. Receive a hair transplant

If your thinning hair is giving you a lot of grief, you can consider a more permanent option: hair transplant.

Before and After Hair Transplant

It entails implanting hair follicles from the back of your hair (where hair is more dense) to the front of your hair to rebuild your receding hairline. If done well, your new hair follicles will actually grow out like normal hair in the new area it is transplanted to!

Before and After Hair Transplant

It is however a costly option that will require a 5 digit investment. 

We've discussed 10 methods on how you can conceal thinning hair above. However, we would also like to remind you that concealing the thinning hair issue doesn't mean that it has gone away. It is recommended that you take steps to keep your scalp healthy to slow down the hair loss and maintain your hair volume. 

If you need recommendation, we're still very much in love with the clinical grade Mesotherapy scalp treatments at Follicle SalonWe have seen many men and ladies who saw results with consistent treatments, and so this is a salon we're more confident than most!

Mesotherapy For Thinning Hair at Follicle Salon
Mesotherapy For Thinning Hair at Follicle Salon

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