This Easy-to-Manage Mermaid Perm Makeover Brought Out Architect ML's Inner Beauty and Femininity

Published on Jul 05, 2018

Hello, I'm Agent ML. I'm an architect who has been lucky enough to work on various hotel and resort projects built around the world. I'm not exactly front-facing but I do have to work with clients once in a while so I prefer to look professional as much as possible. This means no crazy colour! 

However, I can't deny that I enjoy looking at photos of other ladies sporting vibrant colours once in a while, because they just look so awesome you know! That's how I got to know about 99 Percent Hair Studio. I came across 99 Percent Hair Studio while browsing Beauty Undercover one day and saw all these beautiful photos. 

Although I'm not keen to do a crazy colour, in my mind, I thought that this hair salon must be pretty good to be able to design hair like that. The reviews confirm what I believe and so I made an appointment to go down. I was not disappointed.

The stylist who attended to me is Cheyra, a skillful and bubbly stylist who is always smiling and happy. Prior to her starting the service, I was very nervous because I didn't know exactly what I wanted but didn't want anything to go wrong with my hair. Cheyra was very reassuring as she truly listened to what I want and gave me very logical recommendations for my hair. The end result was a beautiful hairstyle that got me lots of compliments from my boyfriend and colleagues! Needless to say, I keep coming back to Cheyra afterwards. 

During my last visit, I casually asked Cheyra if a perm would suit me. 

You see, I have naturally straight hair. It is slightly wavy, yes, but mostly straight.

So I'm kind of bored with my own hairstyle. I am not keen to cut my hair as short as Cheyra because I'm intending to get married in the next year so I thought that the next best thing I can do is to perm it. 

It must be my lucky day because Cheyra mentioned that she is looking for a hair model for perm and asked if I would be keen to be her hair model. She said that I am very suitable for perm because my hair is relatively healthy and that a perm would better frame my face. 

I don't often get many such opportunities and so am very excited to try being a hair model for the first time; my answer is yes yes yes! 

We scheduled the appointment on a Sunday.

I was late for the appointment (oops so sorry!) but Cheyra still greeted with a big smile and embarked on consultation. 

Once again, she examined my hair texture at that point in time (which is a little frizzy and dry) and asked me about my preferred hair length and style. 

As long as it is something easily manageable and still look professional at work, I'm good! 

I trust Cheyra's recommendation to trim my hair a little and so we proceeded with the perm. 

The first step was a gentle hair wash by Cheyra. She mentioned that she can't wash the scalp too much as she didn't want to agitate the scalp before application of perm lotion. 

As my hair was pretty dry, Cheyra made sure to apply pre-treatment to my hair before proceeding. 

On top of that, she even added Olaplex to the perm lotion. Cheyra mentioned that Olaplex is usually added to bleach to reduce damage. However, 99 Percent has come up with a way to use to reduce damage during perms. Reducing damage is absolutely essential as it helps to make sure that the curls are bouncy afterwards. 

That's why I am here as a hair model actually; to help show off their new Mermaid Perm which they think suits me well. 

I'm pretty excited just hearing all that!

Anyhow, she applied the perm lotion at this step. 

The perm lotion helps to break the bonds within the hair so that it can be resculpted later.

Once application was done, heat was applied to speed up the processing time.

After about 15 minutes, it is time for a wash.

Back at the seat, Cheyra prepared her tools for the next step.

She applied a treatment before curling the hair to once again reduce damage to the minimum.

Next, she blew my hair straight. This helps to reduce some of the natural waviness at the top half of my hair. 

The act of blowdrying straight also meant that she didn't need to iron my hair really straight and could take a larger section in order to keep more of my natural volume within. 

Once done, Cheyra started curling the second half of my hair.

Thick layer of cloths help to insulate the hair from heat so that damage to the hair is reduced.

Once done, she connected all the rods to the digital perm machine.

The machine heated my hair for about 20 minutes.

Right after removing each curler, Cheyra used the straightener to straighten the connecting section to make the curls appear  more natural and smooth.

Neutralizer is then applied when the cloths are removed.

Once again, my hair is left there for about 15 minutes before going for a hair wash.

I'm not yet done though.

I love how the curls are looking really good by now. 

I also notice that my hair colour has actually lightened quite a bit.

To make my hair all perfect, Cheyra also decided to retouched and colour my roots. 

Once the processing was time, I went for another hair wash. 

That was not the last because Cheyra applied the final treatment of the day to keep the hair looking bouncy.

That wasn't all.

She mixed an ampoule together with another cream treatment.

And combed it throughout my hair.

It was only after 15 minutes did I go for my last hair wash of the day:

Are you as excited as I am to see my hair after the blowdry?

Just a quick reminder of how I looked like before:

And now after:

I think I look and feel a lot like another person after the perm! 

I love love love the perm!

I don't think I'm gorgeous in any way but I think curls definitely suited me way more than the dull and boring straight hair. 

My hair also felt super duper soft afterwards. Love touching it!

I'm not a selfie kind of person but after this, I couldn't help but keep snapping photos to capture this moment. 

Would the curls still last months later? 

Update: Two Months Later

It's been two months since the perm. Instead of describing to you what my hair looks like, I would like to show you with this selfie I just took.

This is how my hair looks like right after a blowdry, without even applying curling lotion.

Pretty right? 

I didn't know why I didn't try perms early. I'm falling in love with this perm more than ever because it is just SO EASY to manage. 

I don't have to blow it straight just twirl a little and blow dry and I'm good to go. It isn't even frizzy possibly because of the MANY treatments Cheyra did for me. 

Thank you so much Cheyra and 99 Percent Hair Studio team for giving me the hair I've always wanted but somehow didn't manage to get. 

Now I know who to go to next time I'm perming my hair! 

For all of you thinking of a perm, I would 100% recommend you to try 99 Percent Hair Studio with no qualms because the perms are just so pretty! 

What do you think about Agent ML's perm? Share your thoughts with us below!

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