This Entrepreneur Smooths Frizzy Hair with Kerabond, a NEW Organic Keratin Treatment

Published on Jan 19, 2018

Hi, I'm Agent JL. I founded Chapters, a gift business more than 10 years ago and am also involved in a few other new ventures at the moment. 

Time is really short in supply as I have to balance my time between my businesses and my children. Hence, there is just not much personal time for myself, if at all. Fancy hairstyles or long hair services at the salon is therefore a no-no for me.

No matter how busy I am, however, there is one hairstylist I'll set aside time for and his name is Winson from Follicle Salon. I've tried a number of hairstylists when I was younger but none impressed me more than Winson. Not someone who will sell you unnecessary products and services, Winson has proven time and time again in my last 18 years of patronizing him that he has a true heart for customers. More than once, he discouraged me from going for more expensive services because he felt that it wouldn't suit me or that it is not worth it. He suggests only hairstyles he knows I can handle. His ability to grasp exactly what I want is a reason why I have stuck with Winson for the past 18 years. 

Naturally, Winson is also the first person I talk to about my hair concerns. Maybe because of age and constant DIY hair colour retouch, my hair has become a lot drier and frizzier over time. In fact, this is how my hair looks like now:

Dry and Frizzy Hair Before Organic Keratin Treatment
Dry and Frizzy Hair Before Organic Keratin Treatment

When I shared my concerns with him, Winson recommended me to try the new Organic Keratin Treatment brought in by Follicle Salon. According to Winson, Keratin Treatment is a true anti-frizz treatment because it wraps our hair with Keratin so that the hair does not frizz up and can be combed easily. This Organic Keratin Treatment Kerabond is especially unique because it is one of the first in Singapore to be organic-certified and doesn't produce as much fumes as typical keratin treatments. In fact it uses plant-based ingredients, which made it sulfate free, parabens free and colorants free. The idea that it is organic piqued my interest because of my recent interest in using organic products; switching to organic really changed my overall health!

As the treatment is still relatively new, Winson asked if I would be keen to be the hair model to give the Kerabond Treatment a go; a complimentary keratin treatment by my trusted stylist? Why not? With that thought, I made an appointment to come down late December 2017

December 2017

Follicle Hair Salon

Of all the salons I've been to with Winson, Follicle is among the most premium and exclusive.

It is really far for me since my workplace is in Jurong and Follicle is located at Ngee Ann City. 

Still, the good service and Winson's skill make it all worth it. 

Hair Consultation

After our usual greetings, Winson double-checked to see if my hair is really suitable for keratin treatment. 

Dry and Frizzy Hair Before Organic Keratin Treatment

It may look okay from far but is pretty horrendous close up. 

Dry and Frizzy Hair Before Organic Keratin Treatment

Simply touching it a little can make it look very messy. 

Winson shared that Kerabond can definitely eliminate those frizz immedately without making my hair look overly flat. 

If he says so, it must be the case!

So I'm very excited to see the effect for myself.

Hair Wash

The first thing I got to go for, however, is the hair wash.  Although it was done by his assistant, her hair wash skills is very very good, which made the experience seem all the more premium and pampering. 

Getting Rid of Tangles

Back at the seat, Winson had to first get rid of the tangles in my hair by slowly combing through them. 

Getting Rid of Tangles

Yep, that's what I have to struggle with every morning when I don't put enough conditioner. 

Getting Rid of Tangles

Next, Winson blew dry my hair to prepare for the next step: application of keratin treatment. 

Look at how dry my hair is before application!

Getting Rid of Tangles

Look at how focused Winson is while applying the keratin treatment solution. 

Application of Organic Keratin Treatment Kerabond

He applied the keratin a few inches away from the roots.

This is because keratin treatment has to be activated by heat and the roots area cannot be accessed by straightener anyway.

Application of Organic Keratin Treatment Kerabond

He then meticulously combed through the keratin treatment to make sure it reaches every inch of my hair. 

Application of Organic Keratin Treatment Kerabond

While the keratin treatment is still on, he used the straightener to heat up my hair. 

Application of Organic Keratin Treatment Kerabond

The process itself took quite some time.

After about 30 minutes, I was brought to the basin for yet another wash.

Blow Dry After Treatment

Although the treatment is not yet complete, I can see that my hair is already looking thicker and healthier.

Blow Dry After Treatment

Its looking straighter too!

Blow Dry After Treatment

Once my hair was dry, Winson straightened my hair a second time.

Blow Dry After Treatment

It looks a little flat now but Winson assured me that it will look a lot more natural once I wash the keratin off the next day.

Are you keen to see my hair transformation for today though?

Here are some of the photos before the treatment:

Dry and Frizzy Hair Before Treatment
Dry and Frizzy Hair Before Organic Keratin Treatment

And these are the after:

Dry and Frizzy Hair Before Organic Keratin Treatment
Smooth and Straight Hair After Kerabond Organic Keratin Treatment
Smooth and Straight Hair After Kerabond Organic Keratin Treatment
Smooth and Straight Hair After Kerabond Organic Keratin Treatment

I love how smooth and shiny my hair looks after the Kerabond Treatment!

Bye Frizz!

Smooth and Straight Hair After Kerabond Organic Keratin Treatment
Smooth and Straight Hair After Kerabond Organic Keratin Treatment

Don't you find it interesting that my hair also lightened up one shade?

... I didn't even have to bleach my hair, haha!

Overall Thoughts

I've always rebonded my hair in the past; it helps to keep the frizz at bay and gives me the straight hair that makes it easier to manage.

Frequent rebonding and hair colour retouch have however damaged my hair irreparably, leaving me with drier and drier hair, accentuating my ever fine hair.

I'm therefore thrilled to be able to try the new anti-frizz treatment: Kerabond. It straightens the hair and removes the frizz without making it too flat. It also thickens my hair and so makes my hair THAT much easier to deal with. In fact, its been weeks since the treatment but my hair still remains as soft and shiny as the day after! <3

I don't even have to maintain my new hairstyle much; just apply leave on conditioner after washing + blowdry and my hair just looks super sleek.

My friends are so amazed at my transformation that they are asking where I did my hair; Thank you once again, Winson, for recommending me such a great hair service! I'll definitely be back for more. 

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