Essential Beauty Checklist For Your Graduation Photoshoot

Published on Jul 10, 2017

Thinking going for the traditional family / couple / individual photoshoot after graduation?

The photoshoots don't come cheap so make sure you look all pretty and presentable for the family photo that will hang in the living room for the next decade! 

Check out these essential beauty tips to help you look stunning the day of your photoshoot

1. Manage Your Frizz

Yes, we know they can edit but even photoshop has its limits! You wouldn’t want to end up looking like a ball of frizz in all your pictures. 

Bring a hair serum to tame frizz and flyaways that you might encounter on the way to the photo studio. 

For a quicker and easier way to eliminate frizz on the go, instead of lugging around a bottle of hair serum, we highly recommend Redken Frizz Dismiss Finishing Sheets.

(No we didn't receive any sponsorship from Redken... we just think that the product is really good at controlling frizz!)

2. Go For a Hair Treatment

Schedule a hair treatment appointment a few days before the photoshoot. Even if you intend to style your hair by yourself or not at all for the shoot, a quality hair treatment can go a long way; especially for those with curly, frizzy or bleached hair. Check out our favourite hair treatments for the different types of hair here.

BH4 Hair Treatment at Rubik Japanese Hair Salon

3. Style Your Hair

Half Up Braid by CLEO Japanese Hair & Make

Go for low ponytails or side braids instead of updos if you wish to wear your hair up. Updos may not look as good once you take off the graduation cap and since the mortarboard also tends to flatten your hair, your updo will turn out messy and ruined.

4. Go For Your LAST STUDENT Hair Promotion

Before your surrender your student card, grab your last student promotion at these hair salons to save some moolah!

The hairstyle you get will probably last you through to your first day of work so make it count!

Hair Botox at Chez Vous Hair Salon

5. Go For a Water-Retention Reducing Facial

Gua Sha Facial at Geranium Skin Boutique

Gua Sha Facial at Geranium Skin Boutique

The one thing we are most afraid of during photoshoots is BLOAT. Minimize the water retention on your face with a highly raved Gua Sha Facial at Geranium Skin Boutique a day before the photoshoot!

6. Blend Your Makeup Well

makeup brushes

Make sure you blend your makeup well to ensure it doesn’t look patchy and ghostly under flash photography. It’s best to do a trial run of your makeup in advance and take selfies under different lightings and with the camera flash on to make sure your makeup looks fine in pictures on the actual day.

Are there any other beauty tips you can think of?

Share with us below!

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