10 Essential Beauty Prep Brides Should Consider to Look Their Best at the Wedding

Published on Oct 30, 2018

After months of planning, it's almost time for you to walk down the aisle with "Perfect" playing in the background.

Your dress is ready and all the important people have RSVPed. 

All you gotta do is be there, right? 

Not quite. In these last few months to the run-up of your wedding, here are 10 essential beauty prep we think you should consider to look your best!

1. Treat Your Acne or Facial-Related Problems

You can use makeup to conceal those eyebags and uneven skin tone but it's really difficult to cover up pimples and acne. That was one of Agent G's biggest pain points when she got married and so is her number 1 concern before the wedding.

Even if you only have 6 weeks to go, there is one facial therapist who has miraculously eliminated pimples for many men and ladies and her name is Apple from Apple Queen Beauty. There are numerous testimonials from Bride K whose face healed from this

Acne Before Wedding
Acne Before Wedding

to this

Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty Before Wedding

Anti Acne Facial by Apple Queen Beauty

in just 4 sessions. There are also  "miracles"  such as Agent S

Severe Pimples Before Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty
Healing Skin From Pimples with Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

and Student ZP who recovered from her acne 

Severe Acne Before Treatment
Cleared Pimples After Acne Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

Even if you don't have serious acne issues, maintenance facials can help you remove those blackheads and keep your face clean. 

30-Minute Express Facial at Ikeda Group

Agent G recently discovered a new express facial place near Citylink by Ikeda Group called Face Shower Bar! Their basic facial requires you to only spend 30 minutes and your face will look a lot brighter after. 

2. Tone Your Body with a Herbal Wrap

Other than facials, Agent C discovered something really interesting to do before her wedding... and that is herbal wrap. 

This herbal wrap basically requires you to strip down and wrap your body with herbs that are known to help with detoxification and water retention, allowing for a more lifted and toned body. 

Interesting isn't it? 

3. Waxing

Waxing Before Wedding at SONA Japanese Skin Studio

Waxing at SONA Japanese Skin Studio

There is nothing wrong with body hair but due to our culture and climate, many of us prefer the smooth hairless look that just seems to make us appear smoother and neater, perhaps? Especially for those of us who waited to experience our "first time" after marriage, hair removal becomes all the more important. Common hair removal methods include IPL, waxing and hair removal gel; the one used at SONA Japanese Skin Studio is Depilar Hair Removal gel which slows down hair growth and makes new hair growth finer. 

A tip for wax novices, try to get waxed no later than 72 hours before the wedding day to ensure your skin is smooth but not irritated!

3. Go for an exfoliating body scrub

Now that the hair is removed, it is time to go for a full body scrub to get rid of all the dead skin cells.

Pre-Wedding Body Scrub at Ikeda Spa

You can go to a salon like Ikeda Spa  for professionals to do it for you or you can purchase those OTC scrubs to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin cells and dullness. Don't do it too hard because it can cause abrasions and over-exfoliating.

And always remember to moisturise after to lock in the goodness and prevent dry or flaky skin.

4. Apply Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extension to Prepare For Wedding at Allongee Japanese Beauty Salon

Eyelash Extensions by Allongee Japanese Beauty Salon

Want ethereal looking lashes without piling on makeup? Try extensions. You'll be looking dolled up right after rolling out of bed.

But a note of caution: be sure to choose the right salon and length because there have been many horror stories!

5. Cut Your Calories 

For the big day, it is understandable that every bride-to-be wants to lose some weight via crash dieting or diet pills. While that might get you down a dress size, it is not the best for your body and you might not be able to maintain it. Because health is also important post-wedding, lose weight healthily by increasing your exercise and decreasing your calorie intake sustainably. 

If you need any tips, head over to our 10 tips to lose your belly flab. Agent G wrote this article in February 2018 and has since lost 10 kg after following her own carefully researched advice... without exercising much. 

Yes, you don't have to subscribe to those expensive diets just to make a change!

Before Diet

Dec 2017 vs October 2018

Slimmer Body After Diet

6. Get sufficient sleep

Sleep Before Wedding Day

Sleep affects the body in more ways than one can imagine. It affects your brain, your mood, your skin, etc. Get the bext complexion and feel refreshed by having enough rest, especially the night before the wedding. Don't stress!

It also doesn't hurt to add a cold compress for those of you with dark eye rings.

7. Finetune your hair colour

Bleaching your hair typically isn't recommended for most brides as it can make your hair drier, more damaged and harder to style on your wedding day. Instead, we would recommend you to go for natural shades of brown to soften your overall look without damaging it too much. 

Get Hair Colour Before Wedding Day

Risel Japanese Hair Salon

For this, we highly recommend Japanese hair salons because they charge below $100 for all hair length. Find out which are the cheap and good hair salons that offer great service and hair colour at rock-bottom prices!

8. Go for a Perm or Hair Treatment

Honestly, a great makeup artist should be able to make your styling last the whole night... unless your hair is naturally fine and thin. Ladies with such hair texture may find that the hair starts loosening and the curls don't look so good a couple of hours later. 

In this situation, we would like to recommend you to go for a low-damage perm like the highly raved Paimore GRATS perm. It gives your hair some natural curls before the styling and would go a long way to making the curls created later last longer.

Before Low Damage Paimore Grats Perm at The Urban Aesthetics

Before and after Paimore GRATS Perm at Hair Illustrated

After Low Damage Paimore Grats Perm at The Urban Aesthetics

You may also want to go for strengthening hair treatments like Tokio Inkarami as they can make your hair thicker and help the hair sustain the newly created style longer as well.

9. Brighten your smile

You're sure to be laughing and smiling throughout your wedding (and honeymoon) in front of everyone and their cameras. Look your best by ensuring you have a bright smile. There are many natural remedies e.g. brushing your teeth with baking soda but if you want instant results, we've heard great reviews from friends who have done veneers. 

After seeing how beautifully white their teeth are, we're really tempted to go for it... even though we don't have a wedding to prep for :P

Teeth Whitening

10. Go for a manicure and pedicure 2 days prior

Between statement sandals and close-up shots of the wedding band exchange, feet and hands need to look picture perfect. 

Paragel Nails by Branche Nail Salon

Paragel Nails by Branche Nail Salon

An appointment 2 days before your wedding day might cause panic for those over-doers and over-planners, but nevertheless, wait it out and make an appointment just two days before your big day. Getting a manicure and pedicure a couple days earlier helps to ensure chip-free lacquer, though of course, gel offers much more protection in this area.

Our favourite is Branche Nail Salonthanks to its amazing service and quality of nail colour that is frankly unrivalled in Singapore!

Ready for your wedding or just planing ahead for the future? Share your experience on BU.sg!

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