Face-Framing Highlights is the NEWEST Hair Colour Trend BlackPink and other Kpop Idols are Crazy About and Where You Can Get It in Singapore

Published on Jul 24, 2020

We've heard it since time immemorial: A good hairdo is one that frames the face. But no style has taken this motto quite as seriously as this new trend.

Gracing the heads of stars from Hallyu to Hollywood are Face-Framing Highlights, which truly live up to their title:

Jimin Blonde Fringe Highlights

Source: instagram.com/jiminxjamie/

See how sassy Korean songstress Jamie (formerly known as Jimin Park) has her fine features perfectly set off by the blonde highlights only at her fringe area. While the rest of us might not have her gorgeousness (or famous plastic surgeon), there's no reason why we can't get some aesthetic assistance with the same flattering colour-style. After all, there are lots of reasons to ask for them:

1. You don't have to bleach your whole head

Blonde Fringe Highlights

Source: instagram.com/bellathorne

While you can dye your head two different colours, the face-framing highlight only strictly requires the locks furthest forward to receive a pop of colour - that's all it takes for a seriously stunning look.

So instead of managing an entire head of bleached hair, all you need is to give those chunks of fringes that extra TLC. 

Pink Fringe Highlights

Source: instagram.com/cartiamallan

Get not one, but two hues on your hair for a fraction of the time and trouble?

Why the heck not?

2. Twin with your favourite celebrities 

Jennie from Blackpink is more Blackblonde here, but we love her anyway, as well as how achievable her look is.

Jennie Blackpink Blonde Fringe Highlights

Source: instagram.com/jennierubyjane

Of course, fashionista Jiwoo from KARD was one of the first K-pop idols to debut these super chunky highlights. While her fringe boasts most of the blonde shade, Jiwoo also mixes things up little, with pops of platinum distributed among the rest of her locks.

Blonde Highlights

Source: instagram.com/_zziwooo0

Of course, it's not just Eastern superstars flaunting this trend, but Western wonderwomen too.

3. It's automatic contouring

Even super svelte celebrities use these highlights to look extra slender.

Ladies Code's Ashley uses locks of dark blue just behind her fringe to break up the solidity of the hair colour near her face, which has the same slimming effect as wearing stripes.

Green Fringe Highlights

Source: instagram.com/ashleybchoi/

To get full-on stripe-slimming, go back to Ji-Woo for inspiration. The brazen blocks of highlighting through her tresses are properly badass, and create the effect of a smaller-looking face, even from this usually less-than-flattering angle.

Blonde Highlights

Source: instagram.com/_zziwooo0

4. The possibilities are endless

There are already so many choices when you're dyeing your hair one single shade. But when you are combining two in various possible permutations, math means that options increase exponentially. Also, for those who are worried about going too gaudy with dye colours, or picking shades with require extensive bleaching and thus more hair damage, your cause for worry is substantially reduced now that you only have to bleach a small section of your crown.

So feel free to take inspiration from Blackpink's Jennie who has dyed her fringe candy-pink...

Jennie Pink Fringe Highlights

Source: instagram.com/jennierubyjane

...But has also gone for super-subtle, with understated silver accents on her short bob.

Jennie Short Bob with Silver Fringe Highlights

Source: instagram.com/jennierubyjane

Of course, if your hair is already bleached, take a leaf from Jamie's page and try a reverse fringe highlight - colour the rest of your hair and leaving the frontal section lighter to draw attention to your lovely face.

Two Coloured Pink Blonde Hair Colour

Source: instagram.com/jiminxjamie/

5. They create brand new looks with minimal styling

Face-framing highlights are a look all on their own, but they can also transform into brand new ones with even the stingiest styling. Get this cute, retro do by simply braiding the dyed portions.

Braided Pink Fringe

Source: instagram.com/cartiamallan

Or add a quick curl to just that section for massively magnified glamour. If you tie the rest of your hair up and just leave the dyed portion down, it can also look like you dyed your whole head - talk about a quick transformation!

Jennie Blonde Fringe Curl

Source: instagram.com/jennierubyjane

Places in Singapore to get Face Framing Highlights

First up, there are a number of names that this look goes by, so don't be disappointed if your salon doesn't immediately say yes when you ask for Face-Framing Highlights. A good number of establishments here may call them by other names, but are still adept enough at them to make this style eminently customisable.

Be U Hair Studio terms this look Fringe Highlights.

Yellow Fringe Highlights by Be U Hair Design

Fringe Highlights at Be U Hair Design

Of course, despite this name, local salons offer the option of not actually highlighting your bangs but the hair below it, making for more peekaboo colour in case you need to tuck your locks behind your ears and hide the extent of the shade from your uptight boss.

Earloop Pink Purple Highlights by Picasso Hair Studio

Which is why Picasso Hair Studio calls the trend Ear Loop Highlights.

Earloop Silver Highlights by Picasso Hair Studio

Picasso Hair Studio 

Ann's Studio also has ample experience creating the Ear-loop look.

Two-Toned Pink Blonde Highlights by Ann's Studio

Highlights by Ann's Studio

As do Threes Japanese Hair Salon, one of the few Japanese salons that manages to deploy vivid colours on these ear loop highlights for more peekaboo prettiness.

Vivid Purple Blue Highlights by Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Threes Japanese Hair Salon

If you want the highlight to extend all the way to the crown of your head, that's not an issue at all.

We see Zenn from Do My Hair @ Orchard Central doing just that with chunky pink highlights graduated into pale lavender. 

Red Pink Highlights (Zenn) by Do My Hair

Sam too from MODE Studio @ Wheelock Place has a great track record providing just that, in office-friendly shades:

Work Friendly Brown Fringe Highlights by MODE Studio
Work Friendly Brown Fringe Highlights by MODE Studio

Sam from MODE Studio @ Wheelock Place

Wondering how it looks on longer hair? Look no further than this face-framing foilyage by Andrew (also from MODE Studiothat looks simply gorgeous. Clearly, this is the place for understated face-framing highlights that still looks ah-mazing for work.

Foilyage Fringe Highlight by MODE Studio
Foilyage Fringe Highlight by MODE Studio

Foilyage Fringe Highlight by Andrew from MODE Studio

But what if WFH means that your choice of hair colour can be more flexible now?

China Doll Style Bangs Ash Highlights by 99 Percent Hair Studio

This China-doll style bangs from 99 Percent Hair Studio is sure to turn a few heads, even with your mask on.

China Doll Style Bangs Ash Highlights by 99 Percent Hair Studio

Fringe Highlight by 99 Percent Hair Studio

Looking for a more harmonious blend of colours across your bangs and the rest of the hair? 

Ash Blue Colour by Be Salon

Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

We just can't take our eyes off this surreal gradation of greys and blues that actually manages to look... natural?

Short Hair with Pink Fringe Highlight by Be Salon

Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

While most of the colours we've seen thus far are on longer, it doesn't mean that the face-framing highlights is restricted to bobs. 

Face Framing Highlights on Short Bob by The Beauty Emporium

The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics

As you'll see from these works by The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics, the face-framing highlights works also on pixie and even men's haircuts!

Fringe Highlights on Pixie Cut by The Beauty Emporium

The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics

Now that we're out from our homes after weeks of Circuit-Breaker hiding, we think it's a great time to direct more limelight to our attention-starved faces, and this is a great style for that which numerous salons in Singapore can provide with expertise.

Let us know in the comments if you try it!

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