This Thalasso Facial uses Active Stem Cells and Facial Massages to Slow Aging

Published on Aug 24, 2017

Have you ever heard of Thalassotherapy Treatment? 

In Greek, Thalasso refers to the sea and therapia refers to treatment. The basic principles of Thalassotherapy is therefore to use the healing properties of seawater together with advanced massage techniques to treat ailments. 

Although this technique originates from Brittany, France, Japanese beauty technology company Bonheur Et Beaute has adapted Thalassotherapy principles with latest beauty technology by blending various minerals, clay and plant stem cells with mineral ingredients in the seawater to promote blood circulation, detoxification and skin repair. Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon is the only beauty salon using the premium Bonheur Et Beaute range of products in its facial in Singapore and combines it with advanced massage techniques to help desensitive the skin, reduce acne scars and slow down aging. This treatment has been very popular in Japan and is a signature treatment in the prestigious Allumer hotel spas due to its visible results. 

We sent Agent PT to give the Thalassotherapy treatment a go to see if its as good as it sounds!

July 2017

Hello, I am Agent PT. I'm a Certified Professional Dog Fur Stylist at Trim My Fur by day and by night, I write about beauty and lifestyle products and services at my blog at Pearlywerkz. Before you decide to deviate further and check out my doggy salon (not dodgy), this post has nothing to do with that.

Knowing how honest and unbiased my reviews tend to be, Agent G invited me to try a new facial treatment at Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon. I've never tried any Japanese Beauty Salon before and was quite keen to try them out after checking out their website.

How different would it be, I wonder?

I made the appointment on a weekday morning. They close a tad bit early on weekdays so it is probably easier for working OLs to come on weekends. The place was a little hard to find, although easily accessible from Outram Park MRT once you know how to walk here.

Allumer Japanese Beauty

The salon is located on the second floor of a shophouse.

The moment I walked in, it felt as if I stepped into Japan. The woody textures and the zen feel... I love it! 

The place is also very airy and bright, something that stood out for me unlike other local salons which tend to be dark and cold. 

Allumer Japanese Beauty

Tomomi greeted me and introduced herself when I first arrived. She's a very pretty Japanese facial therapist who is surprisingly fluent in English. 

She provided me with a Japanese Yukata to change into before beginning the consultation. 

Skin Consultation at Allumer Japanese Beauty

Do I look somewhat like a Japanese?

I filled out the form and Tomomi went on to ask me a few questions about my skin concerns. 

Skin Consultation at Allumer Japanese Beauty

Being a dog fur stylist may have exacerbated some facial and skin concerns but to be honest, I already had sensitive skin and eczema years before. In fact, the eczema appeared out of nowhere after returning from a trip to Taiwan. I went to numerous doctors who believed that the change in weather conditions triggered the eczema. It is truly annoying for me as it is sometimes on my cheek and recently, shifted to my forehead. Other than the eczema, I also faced some genetic freckles cum pigmentation issues, occasional blackheads, pimple breakouts, dehydration issues etc, whenever I am stressed out.

As a result, I have been very stringent in selecting only reputable beauty salons for my facial needs. I was also restricted to very few facials that I could try. Namely, sensitive skin facial, calming and soothing facial or hydrating boost facial. I also gave instructions to beauticians that they should not use any harsh chemical peeling products on my face, and to avoid aggravation on the eczema areas.

I don't have to worry at Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon though. From what I read online and what Tomomi shared with me, the facial products here are all certified for use on sensitive skin and are all-natural. 

The facial she recommended for me is the Thalasso CellActive Treatment, a signature Thalasso treatment at Allumer. The highlight of this facial is a lymphatic massage and the mask, which is made from active plant stem cells that encourage self-repair and slow down aging. It is best suited for ladies with aging skin but is very good for ladies with sensitive skin; it helps to rebuild the skin barrier so it is not so easily irritated by external agents. The massages can also possibly aid in lymphatic drainage that may reduce the incidence of eczema over time. 

There is also no chemical peeling, no machines and no extractions used unlike a typical facial treatment done elsewhere.

I was surprised that there is no extractions involved because I'm so used to getting extractions at salons. However, the Japanese believe that cleansing and healing should take place with quality cleansing products and that extractions actually damage the skin more than it helps the skin. This is especially so for sensitive and eczema skin. Given my years of getting extractions, I'm not sure how I feel about that but I can see where they are coming from. 

Once the consultation was complete, the facial began.

Step 1: Double Cleansing 

Facial Cleansing at Allumer Japanese

Before anything began, a simple shoulder massage to get my body into a more relaxed mood.

Facial Cleansing at Allumer Japanese

She then proceeded with the cleansing process with the ACCLAIM makeup remover, apparently a very expensive brand of makeup remover from Japan. The makeup remover itself contains Argan Stem Cells, Amino Acids, Apple Stem Cells, Lavender, Tannin extract, Kudamono Tokusei Fruit Exract and Astaxanthin. All these ingredients are all-natural and are gentle with no stinging sensation. 

Facial Cleansing at Allumer Japanese

The makeup remover is really very good. Within just a few swipes, my concealer is removed and you can see my eczema spot.

Facial Cleansing at Allumer Japanese

She followed up with a Second Cleansing process to make sure that the skin is squeaky clean so that it can absorb the ingredients later on. 

Step 2: Facial Massage

Facial Massage with Herba Bijoux During Thalaso Facial at Allumer Japanese

The next step is a highlight of the facial: massage.

Tomomi squeezed a generous portion of the Herba Bijoux to her hands before applying it onto my face. 

Facial Massage with Herba Bijoux During Thalasso Facial at Allumer Japanese

A quick introduction to the Herba Bijoux, it is a key ingredient used for Thalassotherapy. It is basically a serum that contains seaweed-derived astaxanthin liposomes which removes dead skin cells gently and helps to firm up loose skin. It also acts on fat cells to make it smaller!

It is activated with heat. Hence, a warm towel is put onto my face while Tomomi exerts a little bit of pressure to improve absorption. 

Application of Herba Benediction During Thalasso Facial at Allumer Japanese

Without wiping off the oil, the Herba Benediction is applied onto the face. This contains eleven different types of herbal essences that help to kill bacteria on the skin and tone the skin without using alcohol or preservatives.

Application of Herba Benediction During Thalasso Facial at Allumer Japanese

She then applied the oil with practiced and light pressure to help with absorption.

Application of Herba Benediction During Thalaso Facial at Allumer Japanese
Application of Herba Benediction During Thalaso Facial at Allumer Japanese

Tomomi then mentioned that she is going to exert more pressure on my face and asked if I was okay with it. 

She then proceeded to massage along the bone structure of my face, stimulating every part with pressure. This is supposed to boost the lymphatic system, suppress fat cell regeneration, and balance normal bacteria flora.

Application of Herba Benediction During Thalaso Facial at Allumer Japanese
Application of Herba Benediction During Thalaso Facial at Allumer Japanese
Application of Herba Benediction During Thalaso Facial at Allumer Japanese
Application of Herba Benediction During Thalaso Facial at Allumer Japanese

It turned out more ache-ish than painful, a possible sign that I have some blockage somewhere. 

It was however totally worth it due to the visible lifting effects.

I have tried similar facials at other salons which use machines. I find that facial massage is actually superior because the pressure is more comfortable coming from a human hand than from machines which can be quite painful. 

As this treatment is very massage intensive, I enjoyed the process very much compared to the conventional facials which are machine intensive. The beautician is very experienced and skillful during the massage so you can be rest assured that it will cause minimal pain.

Application of Herba Benediction During Thalaso Facial at Allumer Japanese

After the facial massage was the decollete massage, which just felt heavenly.

Application of Herba Benediction During Thalaso Facial at Allumer Japanese

Step 3: Application of Active Mask

The next step is the application of the active mask. Tomomi mixed the Herba Concentration into the Herba Beaute Mask. 

Application of Herba Beaute Mask at Allumer Japanese

The Herba Beaute Mask contains freeze-dried seaweed together with stem cells from the Eryngium flowers, 3 kinds of natural mineral ie. Kaolin, Bentonite and Marine Silt, Sea Salt and Natural Calcium whereas he Herba Concentration contains 6 active plant stem cell extracts and human stem cell extracts.

Eryngium, indigenous to the coastal areas of Brittany in France, is believed to protect and boost synthesis of the extracellular matrix and to protect and strengthen the epidermis and dermis basal membrane. 

Hence you can imagine how much goodness is applied to the skin at that moment!

Application of Herba Beaute Mask at Allumer Japanese

The minerals helps to clarify the skin and remove any dead skin cells and dirt from deep beneath the skin while the plant stem cells activate the inner repair function of the skin.

Application of Herba Beaute Mask at Allumer Japanese
Application of Herba Beaute Mask at Allumer Japanese

Even while waiting for the mask to dry, Tomomi doesn't leave the room. She takes the time to massage my scalp, allowing me to fully relax, possibly helping in the absorption of the mask. 

Application of Herba Beaute Mask at Allumer Japanese

Next, she proceeded with another lymphatic massage at the decollete area. 

Very relaxing!

If you enjoy massages, this is surely one pampering facial that you should try.

Step 4: FInishing Touches

Application of Herba Beaute Mask at Allumer Japanese
Application of Herba Beaute Mask at Allumer Japanese

After leaving the mask on my face for about 15 minutes, the mask is removed and cleansed off with smooth facial cushions that are specially designed for sensitive skin. My face definitely felt cleansed, fresh and radiant immediately after!

It's difficult to see on camera but my face also felt lifted after all the facial massage.

Right afterwards, Tomomi applied the Herba Blanc, which contains a licorice derived Glabidin that helps to improve penetration of the active ingredients applied earlier. It also contains Vitamin C derivatives for whitening purposes.

Application of Herba Blanc During Thalasso Facial at Allumer Japanese

A CC cream with light sunblock is then applied on my face at the end of the facial. This is a very nice finishing touch as she applied it without needing me to remind her. 

Application of Herba Blanc During Thalasso Facial at Allumer Japanese

Here are some before and after photos. 

Application of Herba Blanc During Thalasso Facial at Allumer Japanese

How my face looked like after removing the concealer and before the facial 

Application of Herba Blanc During Thalasso Facial at Allumer Japanese

How my face looked like after the facial and before the CC cream

As mentioned, my face was visibly clearer and more radiant after the facial. My eczema spot and even some other pigmentation spots on my face were actually less obvious. 

However, don't expect those spots to be removed in just one session. As with all facials, I'll probably need to use the right aftercare and follow their advice in the long term to see a big difference. Other than the Thalasso CellActive Treatment, Tomomi also mentioned that the Herbal Beaute Treatment would also help improve my skin a lot and even potentially treat the eczema.  

This is the treatment she underwent here continuously last year, one that successfully controlled her cystic acne problems when she first moved from Japan to Singapore

The combination of both Thalasso and Herbal Beaute treatment can help improve my skin's natural defences to fight against Eczema and other skin problems. Will definitely consider coming back again next time.

Overall Thoughts

This is the first time I went for a facial without extractions. Prior to the facial, I wasn't sure if it will be effective enough to clean my face thoroughly.

I'm positively surprised to find that it actually cleansed my skin very well and despite days after the facial, I am still reaping the benefits of the facial. My eczema is less flared, skin is more radiant and looks brighter now.

The Thalasso CellActive treatment also had a lot of massages which I enjoyed... Interestingly, my cheek areas still ached days after the facial as well. 

Hence I can say I really enjoyed the facial and would definitely look forward to coming back again next time. 

Thank you for this treatment and providing me with the yummy Arigato cracker afterwards, Tomomi!

Check out my ratings for Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon in Singapore

Ambience Rating: ★★★★★

Bright, Airy, cozy, zen, clean and very Japanese feel

Service: ★★★★☆

Professional Japanese beautician who can converse in English, explains to you the steps that you will be experiencing on your face

Facial Effectiveness: ★★★★☆

No Pimple Extraction, no touch up on brows, facial eczema seems to tone down days after facial, face felt lifted and brighter

Tomomi is confident that a combination of both Thalasso and Herbal Beaute facial would help my skin significantly. Since I haven't tried a more long term program that she suggested, I'm leaving one star for improvement in the future.

Price: ★★★☆☆

On the high side, but you can consider signing their packages if you are genuinely interested.

Location: ★★★★☆

5 minute, walking distance from the MRT Station, took awhile to figure out exact location.

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