Did You Know That Facial Massages Clear Sinuses And Eliminate Headaches? Here Are 10 Other Facial Massages Benefits You Might Not Know Of

Published on Jun 19, 2019

Love going for facials because of the awesome facial massages that your therapist does for you?

Well, you'd be glad to know that facial massages do have actual benefits beyond how pampering it feels.

Yes, we know you don't need any extra reason to go for a facial massage but here are 10 reasons why you should make time for it each month!

1. Encourages blood circulation to improve skin's appearance

If you find yourself breaking out quite often, blood circulation is one area that you may want to look at. Poor blood circulation around the face causes toxins and bacteria to be trapped on our skin for longer periods of time, causing the skin to be easily inflamed especially when you don't get enough sleep or expose your skin to a lot of environmental stresses via frequent travel. 

While you may not be able to cut down on business trips or sleep early, you can reduce inflammation by giving your blood circulation that extra push... via facials! Many facials incorporate a massage component; the massages don't just make you feel good, the mechanical movements help the blood flow better and hence, get rid of toxins through the lymphatic system faster. By getting rid of toxins and helping more oxygenated blood flow to your face, you'll find your skin's immunity improving over time.

Guasha Facial at Geranium Skin

Guasha at Geranium Skin Boutique

One facial we love to go to is the Guasha Facial at Geranium Skin Boutique. One of the first to use Guasha in facials, Geranium customized the Guasha technique to promote blood circulation around the face without the traditional bruising or pain. Instead, they make sure that they use high-quality jade that is disinfected before and after each use to ensure the highest level efficacy and hygiene during the facial. Guasha has been so effective for their customers that they've incorporated Guasha in almost every one of their facials and is hence a signature component not to be missed!

2. Facial Massages accelerates the drainage of toxins and reduce water retention

Most facial massages work on the skin and muscles on your face, but some facials go a little deeper to focus on the lymph nodes. 

A lymphatic massage focuses on draining toxins from the face and neck into the lymphatic system. This helps to clarify the skin while at the same time reduce bloating on the face. A facial that specifically helps to reduce facial bloating via lymphatic massage is the Indiba Facial at Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon.

Indiba Facial at Allumer

Indiba Facial @ Allumer Japanese Facial Salon

On top of using lymphatic massage techniques, Allumer uses radiofrequency from the patented Indiba machine to heat up deeper layers of the skin without burning the skin surface. This heating brings about ionic exchanges beneath the skin that accelerates structured production of collagen to improve skin rejuvenation.

3. Detoxification promotes a clearer complexion

Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

Extraction Facial at Apple Queen Beauty

As the massages carry away those toxins, you'll find your complexion improving as the gunk gets flushed out and the increased oxygen from the blood heals the skin. 

Before and After Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty
Before and After Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

At least, that's what happened for Bride-to-Be K. After going for facials at Apple Queen Beauty, which include thorough extractions as well as generous amounts of facial and neck massages, Bride to Be K found her face showing huge improvements in just a few facials... right before her wedding!

However, do note that people with acne or sensitive skin should not have too many massages as it can actually overstimulate our skin so do go to an acne specialist who understands how to toe the balance.

4. Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles and Facial Lines 

Did you know that people start to lose muscle mass from age 40 and this applies to facial muscles as well? Decreased muscle stem cells, mitochondrial dysfunction, decline in protein quality and turnover, as well as hormonal deregulation are major reasons why our skin feels drier and have more facial lines starting from our late twenties!~ Anna, Indulgence Beauty

Facial massages work in two ways:

1) It relaxes the muscles to reduce any wrinkles and lines formed. If you do this regularly, you can also lessen the look of already formed wrinkles.

2) Facial massages promote movement of nutrients and oxygen to the face. This helps to improve the synthesis of collagen and elastin which are usually neglected in our muscles and overall skin rejuvenation.

5. Sharper Facial Features by Reactivating Dormant Facial Muscles

Our expressions become less animated as we grow older and this actually causes stagnation of blood circulation over time as the facial muscles lay dormant. So in a way, going for facial massages is like going to a gym.. for your face! The therapist will stimulate your facial muscles in ways that you haven't been able to do so, giving it renewed vigour and tightening the skin muscles to prevent sagging. 

Tighter Skin After Small Face Correction

Small face correction

For some, this actually sharpens their facial features with facial bloating reduced as well. A particularly effective facial for this purpose is the Small Face Correction facial. The facial focuses on stimulating facial muscles to make the face look smaller. 

Small Face Correction Facial

6. Provides a Natural Facelift

As botox becomes more common, more people are getting cosmetic injections or procedures to keep their face looking youthful. If you want to maintain your youtful look without invasive procedures, the best way you can do so is a facial massage.

Herbal Brightening Facial at Organics Beauty

Herbal Facial by Organics Beauty

Facial massages stimulate collagen production that maintains skin elasticity and retain moisture. Some salons like Japanese salon Organics Beauty even add herbs to use as a gommage during the facial massage to give customers a brighter complexion and a natural facelift without surgery!

7. Eliminates Puffy Eyes / Eyebags

At some point in your life, you're very likely to experience puffy eyes or dark eye circles. Regular facial massages help to release excess fluid buildup in the area and get rid of dark circles.

Reduced Puffy Face After Facial at The Bund Beauty

Agent G's favourite facial at The Bund Beauty

Other than clearer skin, Agent G found her puffy eyes improving a lot more after going for facials at The Bund Beauty. There, the facial beauticians use a special massage to specifically drain the fluid from the eyebags, a technique they are very happy to teach customers. In fact, Agent G does that special undereye massage each time she applies facial products on the skin and her puffy eye situation has since improved a lot!

8. Boosts mood and Reduce Anxiety

There are various pressure points on your face that not only reduce stress but boost your mood too. According to a study conducted by the User Science Institute, facial massages reduce stress and anxiety levels after just 45 minutes. 

Not only is the process incredibly calming, but it also boosts your mood as the reduced facial tension reduces anxiety. In fact, massaging specific areas like your temples can also make you think clearer.

Shiro Revival Facial at Face Plus by Yamano

Shiro Revival Facial at Face Plus by Yamano

One of our favourite pampering facials is the one by Face Plus by Yamano. It doesn't matter which facial beautician you go for because all the steps in the facial are the same, regardless of facial therapists. The founder created a patented facial massage technique back in Japan to maximize the benefits of the massage and relieve customers' tension. All therapists have to master the facial technique and apply it with the same pressure before they are allowed to serve customers. Hence, you'll find that their facial is particularly relaxing, no matter who you go for.

9. Reduce sinus congestion by improving mucus drainage

Small Face Correction Reduces Sinus Congestion

Certain facial massages such as the Small Face Correction incorporate massages on these 4 sets of sinuses that help to break up the muscus on sinus cavities and improve drainage, allowing for easier breathing and better sleep!

10. Alleviate migraines and headaches with better facial symmetry

Small Face Correction Alleviates Migraines

Small face correction

There are many possible causes for headaches but several studies have found that asymmetric blood flow to different parts of the face is associated with migraines and headaches. Facial massages, therefore, have the benefit of relieving tension and reducing headaches.

While no formal scientific studies have been done, several customers share that their migraines were actually alleviated and for some eliminated after going regularly for Small Face Correction facials, which gives us hope that this could be an alternative therapy for migraines.

Have you had an awesome facial massage lately?

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