What is Facial Reflexology and Why It is the Perfect Facial for Busy Women in Singapore

Published on Sep 15, 2019

You may have heard of Foot Reflexology but did you know that there is such a thing as Facial Reflexology? 

Facial Reflexology Mapping

What Is Facial Reflexology?

Just like your foot, the nerves in your face are connected to various parts of the body. The knowledge of how this connection can boost overall health and wellness is embedded in a field of study called Facial Reflexology. This field draws from knowledge long held by the indigenous people in China, Vietnam, Native America as well as from medical studies in Cuba, France, Spain, Germany and Argentina. 

Stimulating facial reflex points helps to activate the body by telling the brain and nervous system to send pulses directly to corresponding parts of the body to restore its balance. 

Facial Reflexology is, therefore, a health enhancing therapy that uses using facial zone and facial meridians to specifically treat organ, muscle and bone issues, regulate metabolism and the hormonal system, and activate micro-circulation . It is so effective because there are numerous nerves and blood vessel points on the face which are closely linked to our entire system. The fact that the therapy is done on the face which is closer to the brain also ensures the signals have a more direct route compared to Hand or Foot Reflexology.

Some ladies who tried the treatment have shared their thoughts about it below:

My skin looked shinier and more even after the treatment. But more importantly, I am able to sleep deeper and longer a week after. ~ 51 year old lady

It doesn't just work for more mature women, though. 

My jawline became more distinctive and my eyes appeared larger afterwards. ~ 36 year old lady

7 Benefits of Facial Reflexology That Makes It Perfect For Busy Singaporean Women 

Curious about facial reflexology, Chief Editor Agent G was the first to volunteer to try the new Facial Reflexology facial at Organics Beauty, her favourite Japanese organic facial salon. Here are some benefits of Facial Reflexology she experienced.

1. Promotes Deep Relaxation

If you haven't been sleeping properly or have trouble falling asleep, Facial Reflexology is a must-try. Hana from Organics Beauty, one of the few facial therapists to be certified for Facial Reflexology in Singapore, has created a special facial routine customised to the needs of busy Singaporean women. 

Facial Reflexology at Organics Beauty

Agent G trying Facial Reflexology at Organics Beauty

The facial opened with essential oils and the chime of a bell to calm the mind. She then incorporated various facial massages that didn't just yield therapeutical benefits, they also released endorphins that calmed the mind, inducing a deep state of relaxation and relieving many of the symptoms of stress and fatigue. 

Agent G had gone for many body massages in but Facial Reflexology was THE one that got her falling into a deep sleep the fastest. She even ended up snoring according to our inhouse photographer Agent SK who was there to photograph the therapy.  

No regrets and no shame, though, because she woke up feeling thoroughly refreshed.

2. Activates Micro-circulation

Microcirculation refers to blood flow in the smallest blood vessels in the body – capillaries, arterioles, and other such blood vessels. They are an essential part of the ciruclation system as they deliver oxygen and nutrients, and remove carbon dioxide and other toxins. They also regulate blood flow and tissue perfusion thereby aiding blood pressure and responses to inflammation which can include edema (swelling).

Exercise, yoga and physical movement can help to improve microcirculation but if you don't have enough time and energy for that, Facial Reflexology can do the same while you catch that hour of much-needed nap at the salon. 

Facial Reflexology at Organics Beauty

Agent G trying Facial Reflexology at Organics Beauty

Facial Reflexology improves microcirculation by stimulating specific acupressure points that facilitate blood flow, bringing much needed nutrients and moisture to different areas of the skin and flushing toxins, lymph fluid and metabolic waste out. This improves overall health and wellness - all while your eyes are closed. 

3. Drains Toxins and Excess Water Bloat for Sharper Jawline and Smaller Pores

Quite of bit of time is spent on massaging areas near the jaw and the neck as these are areas closest to the lymphatic system. This is particularly effective for draining toxins and excess fluid that may have built up over time.

Guasha Facial Massage by Organics Beauty

Agent G trying Facial Reflexology at Organics Beauty

This is possibly why many ladies who've tried Facial Reflexology have also reported that they came away with sharper jawlines once the excess fluid was flushed out. Some even found their pore sizes looking less obvious afterwards.

4. Firmer, Brighter Skin 

Detox aside, the massage works also like a facelift as it strengthens the muscles in the area for a lifting effect.

Facial Massage at Organics Beauty

Agent G trying Facial Reflexology at Organics Beauty

Probably because more oxygen and elements are also circulated to the face, this massage also brings a natural glow to the complexion that may reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone. 

If you don't want people around you commenting that you look a little tired, that natural glow may just be the improvement you need to look more refreshed..

5. Corrects Facial Asymmetry

For those experiencing TMJ, migraines or facial asymmetry, stimulation of the acupressure points can help to balance the strength of facial muscles and alleviate symptoms of these conditions.

Guasha Facial Massage by Organics Beauty

Agent G trying Facial Reflexology at Organics Beauty

Facial Reflexology is relatively painless even when Hana  uses tools such as gua sha to enhance the effect of the massage. 

6. Alleviates Your Mood and Boosts Energy Levels

Because Facial Reflexology works by targeting specific areas of the face, pressure points will be touched to reach different areas of the body. This can reduce headaches and help you feel more relaxed. 

Consultation at Organics Beauty

If you find yourself flaring up a little too often due to stress at work, it may be a good time to head to the salon for a mood-boosting Facial Reflexology. 

Head Massage at Organics Beauty

Agent G trying Facial Reflexology at Organics Beauty

You won't just have a good hour's rest. Agent G assures that you'll wake up upbeat as well.  

7. Painless

Unlike invasive treatments or more aggressive massages like Small Face Correction, Facial Reflexology works on specific pressure points so it doesn't require a lot of force to be applied. 

Face Massage at Pressure Points by Organics Beauty

Agent G trying Facial Reflexology at Organics Beauty

We busy women are already fighting lots of battles at work, give us a break from all those pain and stress-inducing beauty treatments!

Keen to find out what the entire process is like? We follow Agent T on her first Facial Reflexology at Organics Beauty.

First Facial Reflexology at Organics Beauty

Hi, I’m Agent T, a mother of 3 beautiful, playful children, a wife of a lovely workaholic, and a woman in 40's who’s facing the reality of ageing!

Getting Facial Reflexology at Organics Beauty

Juggling 3 children day and night, I barely have time to put lotion on my face. As busy as I am, I still try to exercise regularly when time permits. You see, I have neuralgia on my right shoulder and back. I have had it for almost 20 years. It sometimes goes away and but it always comes back. I've tried physiotherapy, chiropractic and other treatment but TCM acupuncture works best for me. It usually flares up when I don’t get enough exercise like when I was pregnant. In the beginning of last year I had a complete rupture of my left Achilles tendon that put me in a full cast for 6 weeks and took me another 6 months to completely recover.

With lower physical activity, I found my legs and my body growing a little heavier. My skin too, grew more dull. All this could also be because of age, pregnancy and the lack of physical activity. I just know I'm not in my prime anymore. Sigh.

I had wanted to go for more facials and take time off for self-care but I really couldn't find any therapist I could trust as much as my sister (who is a facial therapist). You see, I had one bad experience with facials when I was in Japan. Although my skin was super oily and suffered from acne when I was a teenager, I didn’t think it was especially sensitive but that one facial treatment triggered something and my entire face ended up covered in horrible red boils. It was so bad that I didn’t want to go out or do anything. It took more than 6 months and a lot of money thanks to numerous doctor's visits for my skin to recover. Because of this experience, I became very careful about what what I put on my skin  whether it was lotions or makeup. 

I did try going to a salon once in Singapore. However, the experience was so bad that I didn't even use up the package they forced me into buying at my  first visit. Instead, I resorted to getting my sister (a facial therapist now based in Japan) to do facials for me whenever I visited her. 

That's why I was really excited when I got to know Hana. I met Hana in a meditation class some time ago. I'm not shy but I usually take time to open up to people. With Hana, I could just feel her warmth and honesty, I didn’t hesitate to ask for her contact and I’m glad I did! I can tell you that Hana is one of the warmest and nicest people I've ever met. Although she's a facial therapist, I love it that her focus is not just beauty on the outside but beauty from within as well, focussing on both a healthy body and a healthy mind. When I realised that she was working at Organics Beauty, I was even more excited. I've friends who had visited Organics Beauty and have raved about the salon. The salon only uses real organic products carefully selected by their founder, Shizuka,  Beyond that, they are also known for their authentic Japanese service.

That's why when Hana asked if I could be her model for Facial Reflexology, I was more than happy to agree. Hana explained that Facial Reflexology is a type of facial massage that incorporates various theories and techniques like TCM meridian and Vietnamise massage to improve the body's overall wellness. 

Sounds interesting, doesn't it? I made an appointment on a weekday morning after I's dropped my kids off at school 

First Impression

Although I've known Hana for some time, it was my first time at Organics Beauty. The salon is located at the Delfi Orchard, in a quieter part of Orchard Road. The building isn't the most premium but I fell in love with the coziness of the salon once I walked in.

Organics Beauty

Hana escorted me into the room and provided me with a hot towel and a cup of homemade enzyme drink. Founder and owner Shizuka makes her own enzyme drink each month for her customers.

Enzyme Drink at Organics Beauty

It was sweet and refreshing, I love it!

Step 1: Consultation

After downing the enzyme drink, Hana chatted with me to understand not just my skin condition but also how I felt that day. I shared that my back had been aching for the past few nights and that I also felt heavy from water retention. 

Consultation at Organics Beauty

With those issues in mind, she shared about Facial Reflexology and how points on the face are linked to other parts of the body.

Consultation at Organics Beauty

She added that she aimed to alleviate some of the symptoms I had mentioned with Facial Reflexology. 

I could hardly wait! 

Step 2: A Pleasant Beginning

When I was ready, I laid on the bed and she began the therapy. 

Because I had my eyes closed, I couldn't really see what she was doing. 

Aromatherapy Before Treatment at Organics Beauty

All I felt was the stress leaving my body as I caught a light whiff of floral scent around me.

Aromatherapy Before Treatment at Organics Beauty

Still with my eyes closed, I suddenly heard a faint chime of a bell that reverbated around the room. Though surprising, the echo of the chime sent a wave of calm throughout the room. 

Aromatherapy Before Treatment at Organics Beauty

Step 3: Facial Cleansing

Although this was a facial, Hana didn't limit her work to the face. I was given a shoulder massage first. Then she cleansed my face.

Facial Cleansing

We were still chatting a little at the beginning.

However, soon after Hana started the massage, I dozed off. And the actual facial massage had not even begun!

Step 4: Facial Reflexology Massage

Once cleansed, Hana applied some massage oil onto the face.

Facial Reflexology Massage at Organics Beauty

With the massage oil as lubricant, Hana began to tap on different points of my face to check for "air pockets". 

Facial Reflexology Massage at Organics Beauty

If there are any issues with specific parts of the body, "air pockets" will form in different parts of the face linked to those body parts. 

Facial Reflexology Massage at Organics Beauty

She found a quite a few "air pockets" close to my cheek and told me she would concentrate more on those areas. 

Facial Reflexology Massage at Organics Beauty

She then performed a myofacial massage that stretched the facial muscles around my cheek to release the "air pockets".

Facial Reflexology Massage at Organics Beauty

I couldn't see what she was doing but I could feel each stroke. It was like nothing I had every experienced in any of my facials. Hana mentioned that the technique was developed with the specific function of releasing myofascial pressure and eliminating "air pockets" to stimulate the nerves connected to the rest of the body. 

Facial Reflexology Massage at Organics Beauty

She then ended the massage with this gentle stroke. 

Facial Reflexology Massage at Organics Beauty

Step 5: Guasha massage

That isn't all. With knowledge of where the air pockets are, Hana then used the guasha stone to massage the areas with the specified air pockets.

Guasha Massage at Organics Beauty

There were two sides to the stone and she made sure to use both for different effects.

Guasha Massage at Organics Beauty

Interesting isn't it?

Guasha Massage at Organics Beauty

As the massage moved down to my jaw and neck, I could feel my muscles relax. Hana also mentioned that the tehrapy could reduce facial bloating as it drains toxins from the face.

Step 6: Final cleanse

A facial tissue was used to remove any product residue from my skin.

Final Cleansing

Then, cotton pads soaked with toner were used to wipe my skin down. This helped to remove any remaining product or dust and to rebalance my skin.

The session ended with another gentle shoulder massage that brought me back to reality. 

Shoulder and Face Massage at the end of the treatment at Organics Beauty

Can you see how deeply I was sleeping?

Shoulder and Face Massage at the end of the treatment at Organics Beauty

Here's how my face looked before and after the session.

Improved Skin Before and After Facial Reflexology Massage at Organics Beauty

Overall, I really enjoyed my time with Hana. The rhythmic movement of her fingertips stretching my skin wasn't just painless, it was actually very soothing and relaxing, allowing me to have a very restful sleep during the time I was with her. 

The treatment wasn't just a facial, it was a full total body and mind experience. I woke up feeling refreshed and deeply relaxed. My body felt lighter, especially around my neck and shoulder. And I was surprised to see the instant effect on my face: sharpened jawline, brighter complexion and toned skin. Even my mind seemed to have quietened down a lot.  

Thank you Hana! I'm definitely looking forward to going to Organics Beauty more often thanks to your incredible skill and warm hospitality.

They are having the following promotion for Facial Reflexology:

$178 for first timers (U. P $208)

Only valid if you quote Beauty Undercover. 

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