Famous Teachers' Hairstyles Past and Present and Where You Can Get The Updated Hairstyles in Singapore

Published on Aug 16, 2020

With Teacher's Day coming up, we'd like to salute our educators for imparting knowledge, shaping characters, as well as executing the difficult task of staying stylish. As role models for the next generation, they have numerous guidelines to follow -  No visible tattoos, no piercing adornments except for one on each earlobe for women, and no pants or skirts above the knee (unless you teach PE). It's easy to think that educators all look like clones, but this is far from the truth.

Whether you are a teacher looking for work-safe style inspiration, or somebody who isn't friends with a single teacher in a real life, here are some famous TV teachers (and other screen educators) -  past and present, male and female - who show that there's plenty of room to play within the rules and still express your personality while looking pretty dang good.

1. The Sweet Shen-Rong Bob

Shen Rong from Good Morning Sir (1989)

Image courtesy of https://contentdistribution.mediacorp.sg/ 

Many Singaporeans in their thirties and above will know this sometimes silly but supremely sweet, dedicated schoolmistress assigned to teach in a fishing village during 1950s Singapore, from the SBC TV series Good Morning Sir. Played with aplomb by a fresh-faced young Chen Liping, her trademark China-doll haircut was a major trendsetter for its bright, earnest vibes that could melt even the most stubborn scholars' hearts.

Where to get the look in Singapore today

Women in Singapore still choose China-Doll bobs to channel feminine innocence. However, because of its retro undertones, it's worn with a slight tongue-in-cheek attitude to also give off indie-cool.

Bump Hair Design @ Rochester Buona Vista 

Short Bob by Bump Hair Design

Image courtesy of Bump Hair Design

Japanese salons like Bump are great at achieving the simple, straight-locked look that played a major part in Shen Rong's winning girlishness. Bump's stylists especially focus on providing cuts that emphasise balance and ease of maintenance, andif you don't have the wave-free locks to replicate this doll-like style, Hiroe and Kanako are gurus at organic-looking rebonding, for a truly fuss-free coiff.

Doesn't hurt either that this salon's prices are among the most competitive in the market for their level of skill and service. To read more about them, check out our article on 15 Best Japanese Hair Salons.

Chez Vous Hideaway @ Ngee Ann City

Cute Bob Haircut by Chez Vous HideAway (Oscar)

Image courtesy of Chez Vous Hideaway

Because teachers deserve VIP treatment for everything they put up with, treat yourself to an exclusive experience at Chez Vous Hideaway - a hidden establishment on the 14th floor of Ngee Ann City, where hair services come with a complimentary scalp fix, free blue laser treatment, an on-the-house aromatherapy massage, plus intensely instagrammable salons even including an aquarium-inspired wash area. Better yet, the stylists take a maximum of only 5 appointments a day, meaning you are less likely to run into students or parents during your time off.

If you like cute bobs, but want them a little more up-to-date than Shen Rong's style, Chez Vous has been known to do great girly ones with contemporary C-curls at the end for more modern femininity.

99 Percent Hair Studio @ Orchard, Bugis and Bedok

Haircut with Short Bangs Micro Fringe by 99 Percent Hair Studio

Image courtesy of 99 Percent Hair Studio

Known for their stylists' innovativeness, the above is one example of 99 Percent Hair Studio reinventing a more vintage look with C-curls, and a statement, super-cute micro fringe. Also, if you are teaching in a tertiary or artistic institution where colours are permitted, these guys are local industry leaders in hues for hair, as you can probably tell from the picture. And yes, they don't just do statement shades, but are great in adding subtle distinctiveness to more school-friendly hues too.

Room Japanese Hair Salon @ Amoy St

Side Bangs Short Hair Cut (Emiko) by Room Japanese

Image courtesy of Room Japanese Hair Salon

Want a look that's more updated but with less upkeep? Swap out straight bangs for a sideswept fringe. Room Japanese Hair Salon is an awesome choice to provide this do - Japanese stylists are known for the natural appearance and sleekness of their bobs, and the uncluttered, relaxed but beautiful decor is the perfectly complementary backdrop for selfies with this style.

Do My Hair Hair Salon @ Orchard Central

Teacher Short Hairstyle by Do My Hair Salon

Image Courtesy of Do My Hair Hair Salon

If you're a kid-carer by the day as a teacher and by night as a mom and think you can't get any alone-time at the salon, consider getting your bob at Do My Hair. This super spacious establishment has a fantastic view of Orchard Road through the full-length windows and lots of extra seating,and is specially designed to allow and encourage interaction between customers as well as family members who might have to be brought along.

Did we also mention that they are having a special promotion for teachers only? From now till 30 October 2020, they are offering Scalp Detox Treatment at $70 (up to $120) and Hair Colour + SmartBond Treatment at $198 (UP: $340) only for Teachers! You can add on $40 for haircut. 

LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Elegant Short Haircut and Brown Hair Colour (Jenny) by Leekaja

 Image courtesy of LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

Korean stylists are pretty darn good at bobs too, and tend to cut them with added volume as compared to Japanese stylists. If that's your groove, check out LeeKaJa, staffed with stylists that focus on balancing beauty with manageability, and on providing the most pampering experience in a breathtakingly designed space. Also, if you're short on time (which teacher isn't?), this prime me-time destination also has nail services and self-spoiling head and foot spas, so you emerge refreshed for another big day at school.

2. The Killer Waves Annalise Bob/Lob

Annalise Keating from How to Get Away With Murder (2014-2020)

This is one teacher that believes in application as much as theory - American law lecturer Annalise (played by Viola Davis) not only teaches criminal law, but gets her students involved with some hands on practice when something unexpected happens to her husband.

She also believes in gorgeously curled bobs and lobs, styles which are simultaneously professional, sensuous and current.

Where to get the look in Singapore today

The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics @ Raffles City

Elegant Short Haircut with Perm by The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics

Image courtesy of Leong at The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics

Teachers are crazy busy...planning lessons, marking homework, setting tests, running CCAs etc. If you want to pack your beauty experience all into one efficient visit, this is a classy place to go, with other beauty treatments such as as nail services available too. It's also home to fantastic stylists like Leong, who knows how to precision-cut hair so it lasts a good long time, meaning that you don't have to constantly find space in your schedule for trims. (Maybe skip the blue streak if you're teaching in a conventional Singapore school though.)

Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City

S Curl Perm and Lob Haircut (Luis) by Chez Vous

Image courtesy of Chez Vous Hair Salon

The best reviewed hair salon on Beauty Undercover would naturally have a repertoire that includes gorgeous curled lobs. And since it's home to Luis - named by Harper's Bazaar in 2019 as the stylist best at cutting short hair - you know he'll be able to do this style justice. The salon is also known for fixing coiffs botched by less competent establishments, so if you're looking to freshen up any frumpiness, you'll be in good hands here.

Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

Perm-Dainty Soft Curls_Cut-Air Bangs (Jol)

Image Courtesy of Be Salon

This is a highly underrated salon that ranks among Beauty Undercover's favourites, not least because how primed they are for perms - they carry a frankly impressive array of perm lotions and concoctions and are always focused on finding the best for your specific hair type. If you want a wavy lob that curls perfectly, they're a fantastic choice.

Act Point Salon @ Midpoint Orchard

Short Hair Perm with Bangs by Act Point Salon

Image courtesy of Act Point Salon

Speaking of great places for perms, Act Point provides premium quality curls for a relatively paltry price. We might even go so far as to say they're the cheapest high quality perm salon in the town area. Also, their stylists have integrity - if a perm, or any other treatment is too damaging for your hair condition, they'll politely decline to do it and suggest some other look, for the health of your locks in the long-term.

Do My Hair @ Orchard Central

Medium Hair Perm by Do My Hair

Image Courtesy of Do My Hair

Other than being capacious and family-friendly, we love Do My Hair's MUCOTA Dyna perms, which maintain your hair's health and produce value-for-money, easy-to-manage lustrous curls that we think Annalise would approve of.

3. The Tousled Bob On Everyone's Dangerous Minds

LouAnne Johnson from Dangerous Minds (1995)

Here's another iconic teacher, this time from the big screen instead of the small one - Louanne Johnson (as played by Michelle Pfeiffer). This badass educator was a discharged US Marine who took on teaching students from criminal backgrounds, and managed to turn many lives around. She also wears a bob, but with understated, tousled waves to hint at how she's a woman of action. 

While the nineties centre-parting is less favoured today, the tousled bob continues to be a popular choice for showing off the movement and texture of your healthy hair.

Where to get the look in Singapore today

The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics @ Raffles City

Colour_Treatment_Cut (Kelvin

Image Courtesy of The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics

Short subtle curls aren't easy to perfect, but the stylists here are skilled enough to, especially with their top-tier perm lotions, combined with notable new techniques such as the Advante perm to best produce those lovely low-key tousled waves.

No. 8 Hair Studio @ Jurong East

Value For Money Perm and Colour by No. 8 Hair Studio

Image Courtesy of  No. 8 Hair Studio

This is one of our favourite salons in Western Singapore, but even if you don't live in that area, it's worth making the journey to the west for truly value-for-money services, which include fantastic cuts like this which is an almost exact replica of that LouAnne-style loveliness.

The Fluxus House @ Outram Park

Sweet Perm and Colour (Shota) by Fluxus House

Image courtesy of The Fluxus House

Yet another popular Japanese salon beloved by Beauty Undercover readers, this sophisticated space comes complete with its own gallery area - perfect for a cultivated educator such as yourself. And of course, they're great at making art out of your locks too, especially Kochi, who's specially skilled at the Lather Haircut - or a cut that is as volumising as a perm - so you can ask him to help achieve LouAnne-esque locks even without chemical treatment.

Kenaris Salon @ Wheelock Place

Natural Perm by Kenaris Salon

Image Courtesy of Kenaris Salon

Anchored by founders Ken and Aris - each with an extremely extended list of loyal customers - this salon prides itself on long-lasting looks that balance function with fashion. Aris especially is a guru at performing perms (both hot and cold) which achieve a natural looking, subtle blowout effect.

4. Michi's Lovely Layered Locks

Michi from Majo no Jouken/Terms for a Witch (1999)

Every teacher wants to be beloved, but Michi (played by Matsushima Nanako) in the 1999 hit Japanese series Terms for A Witch took things to the hilt, with her high school student falling head over heels for her. While we'd strongly advise against going quite so far, we do think that Michi's long, layered locks can help win over even the most rebellious students.

Where to get the look in Singapore today

The Space Korean Hair Salon @ The Cathay Dhoby Ghaut

Gorgeous Korean Perm and Shoulder-Length Haircut by The Space Korean Hair Salon

Image courtesy of The Space Korean Hair Salon

We love the subtle waves on Michi's mane, and The Space's extraordinary expertise with perms will help you achieve them, pairing them with precise layering so they look just right. In general, this salon is fabulous with easy-breezy styles like the sweet sample above. Plus, they include the haircut fee in the perm price, meaning that they're more affordable for this service than many Korean salons. Also, while the establishment is conveniently located in Dhoby Ghaut, it's in the relatively quiet Cathay, lowering the chances of you running into kaypoh kids from school.

Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

C Curl Perm by Be Salon

Image courtesy of Be Salon

We love Be Salon's update on the classic style, with pronounced C-curls at the ends and an borderline office-friendly ash brown. School won't allow that level of lightness? Don't fret...

Airy Wave Perm (Darren) by Be Salon

Image courtesy of Be Salon

Be Salon can instead contemporise Michi's look with their recently introduced Airy Wave, that produces comparatively natural but still subtly glamorous curls. You'll look like that sweet schoolteacher with a possible hint of drama after hours. Not sure if this will suit you? No problems - the stylists here will design perms according your face shape and lifestyle for the best possible effect.

Do My Hair @ Orchard Central

Straight Hair with Bangs by Do My Hair

Image Courtesy of Do My Hair

Like the length, but don't want the maintenance of Michi-style layers? Instead of curls, consider making your long locks pin-straight and fuss-free with the quality rebonding that's also available at Do My Hair, for an equally sweet look with a bit of angular edge.

5. Maria's Proud Ringlets

Maria Figueroa from Sesame Street (1971-2015)

Another famous educator - the beloved Maria Figueroa (played by Sonia Manzano) from Sesame Street - strutted long ringlets for several years. Want to leverage on her fun, feminine, friendly brand? Take inspiration from this do.

Where to get the look in Singapore today

Ann's Studio @ The Adelphi City Hall

One-up Maria and insetad of pinning your hair back at the top, be the funky, effervescent teacher that sports buoyant curls proudly through the length of your tresses.

Natural Curl Haircut by Ann's Studio

Image courtesy of Ann's Studio

Because if you're lucky enough to have natural swirls, why tame them when you can go to a salon dedicated to helping you ride those waves? Ann's Studio has been hailed numerous times as the best coiffeur to visit for women with curly hair. As the founder herself (the eponymous Annie) boasts a crop of coils herself, she is focused on helping you style and manage those spirals to best celebrate them.

Tight Curl Haircut by Ann's Studio

Image courtesy of Ann's Studio

It doesn't matter whether you have larger spirals or tighter ones - Annie is great at showcasing them in their full glory, without lopping off too much length (unless you ask her too).

6. The Professorial Pixie

Mavis Beacon from Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing (since 1987)

So many of us learned the essential skill of working with our keyboards thanks to this software masquerading as a video game, and fronted by a character that many of us might not have realised is completely fictional. But real or not, Mavis has modeled some attractive teacher-appropriate dos over the years, and our favourite is this one from her latest makeover - a neat, but fun, floppy pixie with a bit of body, balancing softness with a good serving of sass.

Maria Figueroa from Sesame Street (1971-2015)

And while the forever-young Mavis wears a pixie well, this is also one style of choice for more mature girls. During her decades on Sesame Street, Maria was also known to wear her signature curls in a textured pixie, which lends the 'do lots of beautiful body.

Where to get the look in Singapore Today

Erudite educators might enjoy a beauty excursion in the gorgeous historical surrounds of The Raffles Hotel. As a bonus, every customer has her own cubicle where one stylist is dedicated to you throughout, so the experience is very private and personal, a massive relief after having to handle masses of loquacious students all day. And of course, this establishment of super skilled stylists is particularly adept at distinctive pixie cuts, like the adorable one above.

Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar and Tiong Bahru

Teacher Short Hairstyle by Flamingo Hair Studio

Image courtesy of Flamingo Hair Studio

If you're going to lop off your locks, might as well go to one of the very most exclusive Japanese hair salons to do it? It's also awesome that Flamingo is a space designed to promote relaxation after a long day, with wonderful personal service, lots of natural illumination through a massive skylight in the high ceiling, and casually but artfully scattered plant life. And if you have curly hair, this is another salon where the stylists are extremely skilled at cutting and managing this hair type, to produce vivacious 'dos like the one above.

P.S. Flamingo is giving teachers a special 20% off ALL Set Menu for stylists Shuya at Tetsuya at Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar and Koki and Asako at Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tiong Bahru this Teachers' Day, so don't miss the promo!

Ann's Studio @ The Adelphi City Hall

Teacher Curly Hair Cut by Ann's Studio

Image courtesy of Ann's Studio

Of course, speaking of curly hair, we are duty bound to once again recommend Ann's Studio if you have hair texture like Maria's. The model above is wearing a fun, feisty pixie almost identical to the Sesame Street icon's.

Style NA Korean Salon @ Seng Kang Compass One and Parkway Parade

Korean Trendy Short Hair Cut and Curly Perm by Style NA

Image courtesy of Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade

Don't have curly hair but want a textured pixie? Get the delicious 'do above with a perm and cut and Style NA, a fantastic salon for coiffs that are supremely cute and always on-trend. It's also staffed with top stylists from Korea to make you look like the funkiest teacher ever - without breaching any dress code rules.

Caucasian Pixie Haircut by SAD Hair Design

Want more edge than either Mavis or Maria? A pixie is still a great choice - just go super short, with pronounced burns, for major attitude and authority. It's a stunningly structural, personality charged cut to give you a trademark trendy look that will also make students think twice about messing with you.

Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place

Pixie Haircut and Red Hair Colour by Preston From MODE Studio

Image courtesy of Mode Studio

What we love about short pixies is how they are great on people of all ages. In fact, their cropped buoyancy gives you an instant, funky facelift. Mode Studio is a luxury salon that caters to clientele of various age ranges, and beautiful short dos are in their extensive repertoire.

7. Mrs Frizzle's Magic Topknot

Mrs Frizzle from Magic Schoolbus (1994-1997)

Yes, we know that Mrs Frizzle is a two-dimensional cartoon character, but this teacher/schoolbus driver deserves a mention for rocking a messy bun way before it was cool. We love the utility of the updo, accented by the playfulness of the curly tendrils - great for taking kids on adventurous excursions.

Where to get the look in Singapore Today

COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong and Tanjong Pagar

Braided Updo Styling by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Image courtesy of COVO Japanese Hair Salon

A hot favourite of female working professionals, COVO knows how to coiff you in a way that best makes you look stylish and professional. They're also famously fabulous at braids and intricate updo's. We also love the relative privacy provided by the partitions between each customer's area, a welcome relief for anyone constantly swamped by students. 

Branche Hair Salon @ Capitol Piazza

Braided Updo Styling by Branche Salon

Image courtesy of Branche Hair Salon

With all the in-school and after-school work you have to do, you deserve the occasional treat at one of the most luxurious salons in Singapore. At Branche, all stylists are togged out in full suits, and complimentary champagne is on the menu. Enjoy the incredible service, because it's time to let someone take care of you for a change. And of course, the staff have stunning skills, even when performing the most exquisite braiding. Need more reasons to visit this place? It's another convenient all-in-one beauty destination, with lash treatments and hair spas at Branche's other unit just next door.

Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar and Tiong Bahru

Updo Styling by Flamingo Hair Studio

Image courtesy of Flamingo Hair Studio

Prefer to skip the complex braids for a look you can more conveniently replicate at home? Get inspiration and instruction at Flamingo Hair Studio, which does great updo's that balance slick style with just a tinge of casual deshabille, for an updated, upgraded Mrs Frizzle vibe

7. The Poetic Professor's Cut

While we've been focusing on looks for women so far, there are plenty of legendary male teachers to take inspiration from, starting with this absolute hero.

John Keating from Dead Poets Society (1989)

Perhaps the most famous film teacher of all time, John Keating - played by the late, great Robin Williams - uses literature to inspire the boys of a straitlaced school in 1959 to discover that there can be more to their carefully-planned lives. 

Unlike many of the other adult male characters in the show, whose slickly Brylcreemed or military crops mirror their uptight personalities, Keating wears his hair short, but tousled to reflect his carpe diem, slightly romantic philosophy.

Where you can get this in Singapore Today

No. 8 Hair Studio @ Jurong East

Men Comma Haircut and Perm (Shim) by No. 8 Hair Studio

Image courtesy of No. 8 Hair Studio

The updated equivalent of John Keating's look might be a tousled Two-Block, with the hair on the crown still kept longer and looser, but that on the sides and lower back either shaved or trimmed short to create a contemporary contrast. Staffed by many stylish gentlemen, No.8 is a fantastic choice to both get this tousled two-block cut, as well as observe how to wear it from day to day. And don't worry, those fluid tendrils can be slicked back with wax during school hours.

Ravissant Hair Salon @ Tras Street Tanjong Pagar

Men Haircut and Perm by Ravissant Hair Salon

Image courtesy of Ravissant Hair Salon

Don't want to spend time slicking back hair? Cut the top just a little shorter, to still preserve those creative vibes, but keep them safely out of your face while teaching. Also, this slightly shorter length, styled up, creates transforming volume that could be especially flattering for gentlemen with thinning tresses. Ravissant Hair Salon is an fantastically affordable quality place to get funky, functional cuts like this.

Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Men Hair Colour by Walking on Sunshine

Image courtesy of Walking on Sunshine

Walking on Sunshine is also a great place to get a Two-Block, here seen slicked to one side, for when you don't want to wear it as freely as John Keating does. One wonderful thing about this cut is how it transforms according to how you part it and what product you use.  Meanwhile, what's wonderful about this salon - other than its good-looking and precise cuts and the relative affordability of this premium destination - is the 5-minute shoulder and neck massage as well as a chicken breast salad box for all customers, because heaven knows you deserve some assistance de-stressing after entering this profession. 

Chez Vous Hideaway @ Ngee Ann City

Trendy Men Haircut by Chez Vous HideAway (Oscar)

Image courtesy of Chez Vous Hideaway

Don't want to such a drastic contrast between the top and sides? Crop your crown a little shorter, and have the sides and back of your head cut with scissors instead of clipped for a more subtle two-block as modeled by this customer at Chez Vous Hideway. There's still enough length to hint at artistry and freedom of spirit, but it also looks much more clean-cut to please picky principals.

9. The Shaggy Onizuka Cut

Onizuka Eikichi of Great Teacher Onizuka (1998)

Another inspirational screen educator is this counterintuitive character - A loser ex-gang member (played by Takashi Sorimachi in the live action adaptation) who gets his teaching certificate and turns around an extremely troubled class full of bad boys (and some girls) by being the biggest bad boy of all. Although his cut vaguely adheres to standards set for male teachers, his bangs, burns and hair length are obviously longer and more unruly than those of the men around him.

Where you can get this in Singapore Today

Threes Japanese Hair Salon @ The Central Clarke Quay

Trendy Men Haircut by Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Image courtesy of Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Onizuka's hair length is actually pretty on-trend in modern times, and while it's a statement look on its own, the cut can be further updated with some product and a subtle men's perm for a look that's badass but professional. And who better to perfect this style for you than the Japanese, who pioneered and popularised shaggy hair?

Threes is a great Japanese salon with fantastic service and a team of stylists who cut their teeth in top salons back in the Land of the Rising Sun. Their prices are also extremely attractive for the high quality of skill and service on offer.

Offer Alert: Threes Japanese Hair Salon is offering ONLY teachers who are first time customers 20% off all hair services from now till 31 October 2020!

Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar and Tiong Bahru

Japanese Men Haircut and Perm (Asako) by Flamingo Hair Studio

Image courtesy of Flamingo Hair Studio

Meanwhile, this cut at Flamingo is more unabashedly Onizuka-esque, but with a subtle perm for more modernity and volume. Even the most mutinous kids will be unlikely to presume you a stodgy pushover with this badass up-to-the-minute do.

Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place

Men Haircut with Fringe by MODE Studio

Courtesy of Soobin from Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place

Like Onizuka's fringe, but not a fan of the overall shagginess? Consider the Koreans' take on fringe length, made super sculpted with a cut + men's perm. Rather than a dispersed fullness all over the head, the volume and texture is concentrated on the top and front for something much more structural, which also balances tidiness with trendiness.

Zinc Korean Hair Salon @ Millenia Walk

Men Haircut and Perm to Contour Round Face at Zinc Hair Salon

Image Courtesy of Zinc Korean Hair Salon

One salon Beauty Undercover can confidently recommend for this Korean-inspired look is Zinc Korean hair salon. Agent Y experienced a major transformation there just a few months back, and was especially impressed at how it contoured his face so he looked super slenderised. Read about how his a mega-makeover here

10. The Snape/Hanwei Mid-length Centre-part

While one is a Singaporean teacher with a slightly sullied criminal record (played by Chen Hanwei), and one is a potions professor in a British Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry with an extremely dubious past that might include murder (played by the late legendary Alan Rickman), both have one thing in common: Their centre-parted long locks might not pass muster with many Singaporean schools' dress codes. Oh and they were also both massively inspiring and self-sacrificial, so if you'd like the channel them, there are a few modifications you can make to their 'dos.

AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place, Somerset and Marina Link

Image courtesy of AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Marina Link

Giving the Snape/Hanwei style a perm to produce full curls results in this look, which we think is especially good for gentlemen with sharp features (to soften some of those severe angles). The perm immediately adds modernity as well as shortens the hair length more than if it were hanging straight, so it retains the style and romanticism of longish hair while being much more dress-code friendly.

AUBE Japanese Hair Salon is a choice salon to get this look, with international stylists proficient in both perms and cuts as well as in providing incredible service. Plus, it's one of the most affordable Japanese salons in SIngapore.

Room Japanese Hair Salon @ Amoy St


Images courtesy of Room Japanese Hair Salon

Alternatively, you could keep the flowiness of Snape's/Fang Ansheng's locks but chop the length and part your hair to the side for a super slick and stylish cut as exemplified by these clients at Room Japanese Hair Salon. This establishment is sun-lit and airy and tastefully designed...just a downright beautiful place to spend your hard-earned day off. It also doesn't hurt your relaxation efforts that the place boasts a subtle soothing house fragrance, and an excellent playlist of calming tunes for those frayed nerves. It's also anchored by Sone and Emiko, two briliant Japanese hairstylists who have amassed a huge number of Singaporean acolytes in just the past 3 years.

Kenaris Hair Salon @ Wheelock

Keratin Treatment by Ken from Kenaris Hair Salon

Image courtesy of Kenaris Hair Salon

Of course, if you're working in a more liberal instution, then rock those longer locks by all means! Although we'd advise against the centre-parting (which is not old enough to come back into vogue yet), and also, to go for a treatment for those tresses since you're leaving them long and lustrous. One of the most popular places for Keratin Treatment for men is Kenaris Salon, who've smoothed out countless frazzled 'dos over the years and turned them into sleek, professional styles.

Do you know a teacher who might like a hair overhaul?

Email us at admin@beautyundercover.sg or PM us on FB by 31 August 2020 to let us know who it is and we may just gift him / her a complimentary hair makeover by one of Beauty Undercover's Trusted Salons! 

Only one teacher will be selected so email us soon!

In the meantime, Happy Teacher's Day to all educators, and thank you for shaping the future of Singapore!

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