10 Food Inspired Hair Colours You Can Actually Wear In Singapore

Published on Jul 20, 2019

Singapore is a place where people are always talking about food. Even while they're chatting over food, they're discussing their next meal. It's no wonder that everything is inspired by the local food, from bags to clothes and now, hair!

Food Inspired Hairstyle in Singapore

Photo Credit: @rainbowroadtrip

While they are not as crazy as this, stylists over at Chez Vous Hair Salon love their food so much that they've introduced a whole new line of food-inspired hair colours that is actually wearable in Singapore. 

Can you guess what hair colour these foods will inspire?

Rainbow Kueh Inspired Hairstyles
Bubble Inspired Hairstyles
Wine Inspired Hairstyles
Peach Inspired Hairstyle
Coffee Inspired Hairstyle
Blueberry Inspired Hairstyle
Chocolate Cake Inspired Hairstyle
Grapes Inspired Hairstyle
Pineapple Smoothie

Are you ready to find out?

Rainbow Kueh

Rainbow Kueh

This hair colour is the brightest of the lot. To stand out and ignite curiosity as the kueh does, this colour is perfect for those who like to make a statement.

Rainbow Multicolour Ombre

Rainbow Ombre

It is best for people who love being bold because you'll definitely make many heads turn. Also, it's also more suitable for people who wear a more neutral colour scheme fashion-wise because wearing bright clothes with rainbow hair can look overdone.

Rainbow Roots

Rainbow Roots

Rainbow roots are always a fun option if you don't want a full head of rainbow colours. Do note that this will likely take more maintenance because of the outgrowth, fading and bleaching.

Pineapple Smoothie

Yellow Pineapple Smoothie Inspired Hair

This hair colour is as refreshing as the fruit. It's neon, so it might not be appropriate in a traditional work setting. However, if you're willing to step outside your comfort zone with something super in-your-face, this is a great choice.

Neon Yellow Hair Colour

Neon Yellow

Neons are trending in the fashion world with animal prints, matching sweatsuits and highlighter coloured clothing. For those who love going for crazy colours, now is a great time!


Peach Fruit

Doesn't this ombre hair resemble the exterior of a peach very closely? 

This is not a commonly seen colour on hair but looks cute and feminine, and is less dainty than pink, making it a more unique colour for those who want something extra special.

Though it seems like a hard colour to pull off, it can actually complement both light and dark skin tones as long you ask your stylist to mix a personalised colour for you.

Peach Ombre Hair Colour

For a super refreshing take on this drink, you can even add pink and purple streaks for a fusion strawberry, watermelon, orange, peach, grape, mango and apple juices – all-in-one!

Check out influencer @sabbythecat's transformation here!

Red Wine


Just like how wine gets better with age, this red wine colour is suitable for those who want a more professional and mature look.

It's definitely sexier and more toned down than bright primary colours.

Dark Red Wine Hair Colour

Dark Red

They're the deep reds and purples that add vibrancy while keeping your looking professional.

Acai Berry

Acai Berry

Ash lavender has taken over the cool ash grey because it's more dainty, wearable and interesting. The splash of purple adds a warmer and somehow more natural touch while still keeping the ash undertone.

Acai Berry Ash Lavender Hair Colour

Ash Lavender

We think it's a common go-to "cool Instagram girl" hair colour because of how beautiful it is!

Ash Lavender Hair Colour

Greyish Purple by Joyce Wan

Blueberry Ice Cream

Blueberry Icecream

The dusty pink and lavender hue may look light but is actually very flattering for Asians with yellow skin or sallow skin tone. 

Pastel Lavender Hair Colour

Pastel Lavender Balayage

It has a skin brightening effect on you due to the pink undertones and because the colours are less saturated, it creates a young, fresh and upbeat vibe for the wearer. You can either go for your entire head or add some edge with highlights or a balayage style. 

Ash Pink Hair Colour

Ash Pink by Oscar

Mocha Latte


Cool ash browns has been raging for the past 4 to 5 years. As it is difficult for Asians to pull off a totally silverish look, this coffee-inspired cold brew colour has created the best cool brown to suit the skin tone.

It is cool and ashy but does not wash out the warm skin colour.



Just like the popular fruit, dark brown hair with a hint of ash green has been trending lately.

Lots of celebs love this colour because it deviates from the normal blonde look.

The green adds colour and coolness without being too bold.

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

It’s about time that warm browns are back in trend! This season, it is all about vibrancy and richness, and #ChocolateCakeHair fits the bill perfectly! 

This is the hair trend that’s suitable for women who are working in a conservative office environment. It’s rich. It’s decadent. And, it’s elegant without screaming for attention. Who can say no to that? 

This is the richest brown hair look that features a whole range of tones. If you think warm brown hair is boring, think again!

Milk Tea

Milk Tea

Are you a bubble tea addict like we are?

If so, you can't miss the latest trending #milkteahair! From Japan to Singapore, China and Thailand, #milkteahair has taken off as the MUST-TRY hair colour on IG!

Milk Tea Ash Balayage Hair Colour

Ash Balayage

As milk tea brown comes in cool greyish balayage, it is flattering without taking too much attention off your face.

Light Ash Bob

Light Ash Bob

It is also the colour most of us can confidently wear to work without being stared at. 

Short Mushroom Brown

Mushroom Brown by Shawn

If you want a bit more dimension though, consider going for Mushroom Brown which adds a bit more violet into the ashy browns. 

Mushroom Brown Highlights

Mushroom Brown by Eddy

Love the food-inspired hair colours you see above?

You can now get these hair colours at Chez Vous Hair Salon or their instagrammable new salon Chez Vous Hideaway.

Before you go down, do check out their hair photos and read reviews to choose the most suitable stylist for you here: Chez Vous Hideaway / Chez Vous Hair Salon!

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