This French Hairstylist gives Singapore Tiktok Star Blue Hair with French Style Vibes

Published on May 04, 2021

Whether you've watched "Emily in Paris" or are into French girl fashion, you'd know that French women are in a class of their own.They may not always look polished and sleek, in fact, "fashionably undone" is probably a more appropriate adjective but the art of je ne sais quoi, that comes so naturally to the French, has inspired women all over the world. 

It doesn't look exactly the same, everywhere around the world of course.

Art, fashion and beauty is not about copy and pasting one culture over another but to infuse the best of each for a whole new experience.

For French stylist Anthony Marouz, especially, this comes in the form of colour. 

You won't see many French women sporting light hair colours simply because it's not a style the society accepts easily. That's why I was so enthralled when I first went to Tokyo and then Singapore. It opened my eyes to a whole new spectrum.~ Anthony

And open his eyes, it certainly did. 

His repertoire of colours has certainly extended beyond blondes to include lighter ash colours that you're unlikely to see in France. 

Yet, he still manages to maintain remnants of the French chic, almost defiantly through his classic colour and cutting techniques. 

Still, blue is a different animal altogether. Yes, it's been worn by celebrities all over. 

Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

From Lady Gaga to Kylie Jenner


And even our favourite Kpop idol IU

IU Blue Hair

The colour is so contrasting with our natural skin colour that it is really hard to pull off.

I mean, even Billie Eilish said that blue is possibly her most hated hair colour... as iconic as it has now been for her.

Billie Eilish Blue Hair

So when local Tiktok star @iemmapotato requested for icy blue, Anthony had to wreck his brain to think about how best icy blue can complement her style. Curious about what he has on his mind? Read on for his French answer to our Singaporean request. 

French Twist to Singaporean Hair

Hello, I'm Emma, otherwise known as @iemmapotato on TikTok. 

I enjoy singing and find it hugely destressing to sing on the platform.

Singing is not the only thing I do but everything in good fun.

Wearing the same hair every day can get boring on Tiktok so with my mom's blessing, I've recently indulged in bleaching and colouring my hair.

My Hair Before Hair Colouring at Yann Beyrie

The inner hair trend is still a thing as its not too obvious in school especially with my hair down at the back. 

My Hair Before Hair Colouring at Yann Beyrie

Bleached hair has however got me wondering.

What other colour can I go for?

Don't ask me why but I've been obsessed with this.

Violet Hair Colour

I know I know, this is a full head of colour so the effect won't be the same as when it's just my inner hair.

Still, a girl can dream.. right?

Just like a modern fairy godmother, Agent G granted my wish with her DM asking if I was keen on a hair makeover.

Not at the neighbourhood salon I went before but an Atas French Hair Salon in Singapore: Yann Beyrie

Who'd say no?

Step 1: Consultation

I made the appointment on a weekday and made the rare trip to Orchard. The salon is located above Orchard MRT, in Wisma Atria.

Yann Beyrie

Wow wow wow indeed.

This is what I think the backstage of a fashion show should look like: industrial, minimalistic, cool.

Definitely French. 

Hair Consultation at Yann Beyrie

Right at the door, Anthony said hi and escorted both me and my mom to our seats.

It was my first time getting my hair done by a French stylist, so don't mind me ogling a little. 

Some part of me was afraid that French people would be a little unfriendly but Anthony explained that he came from Nice, the south of France, a university town and definitely the heart of French hospitality. 

And yes, he was really fun to be around :)

Hair Consultation at Yann Beyrie

He's serious when he needs to be though and that's when he was checking my hair condition. 

Hair Consultation at Yann Beyrie

Glad to hear that my hair is coarse and still very healthy. I mean I'm still a few years shy of 20 after all.

Knowing that I'm doing my A levels this year, he wasn't going to suggest anything outrageous. TBH, I was also not intending to sit 5 hours in the salon to get a full head highlight. 

Even though I've bleached my hair once, the colour was still not light enough to show the blue / purple that I was dreaming about. 

A fresh round of lightening would be necessary and confirmed if I'm up for it. 

I didn't expect anything less, so here we go!

Step 2: Lightening

A female assistant came by to help me get into a robe. 

Hair Bleaching at French Salon Yann Beyrie

Then, Anthony got all his tools ready. Bleach? Check. Comb? Check. Foils? Check. 

Hair Bleaching at French Salon Yann Beyrie

Anthony then started the lightening the process. 

His first step? Place a long piece of foil before beginning the application.

Hair Bleaching at French Salon Yann Beyrie

The foil prevents unintentional colour transfer and also traps heat to hasten the processing.

Hair Bleaching at French Salon Yann Beyrie

Bleach is then applied.

Anthony French Stylist in Singapore

He continued doing this to the rest of the lightened sections of my hair.

Hair Bleaching at French Salon Yann Beyrie

The process itself was pretty quick as the section requiring bleaching is limited to my inner hair.

Hair Bleaching at French Salon Yann Beyrie

Still, we did have to wait for about 30 minutes for the bleach to do its work. 

No machines here as Anthony believes in minimizing damage as much as possible

Step 3: Washing and Toning

Finally, it was time to wash my hair. 

Hair Wash and Toning at Yann Beyrie

I was actually pretty stoked to see Anthony washing my hair himself. Some part of me thought that he may actually get the assistant to do it but no, he insists on doing so himself as it allows him to check my hair condition and also do the next important step: toning. 

Hair Wash and Toning at Yann Beyrie

After pinning my hair up, he applied a light blue-grey toning colour.

This is an important step as it allows the hair to attain the ashy feel to the colour and allows the blue to stay in my hair that much longer. 

Hair Wash and Toning at Yann Beyrie

Anthony mentioned that my hair doesn't have natural blue pigments so it would not be easy for my hair to retain this colour for a long time.

Still, he will do what he can to extend its life. 

Icy Blue Hair Colour at Yann Beyrie

After about 15 minutes, here's how it looked!

Isn't the icy blue so pretty?!

Step 4: Violet dye

With my hair base ready, we could now get into the fun colours.

Violet Hair Dyeing at Yann Beyrie

Some magic alchemy to get the perfect colour...

Just in case you find it unfamiliar, Yann Beyrie uses an Italian brand of colour best known for its restorative properties. This way, your hair won't be overly dry afterwards!

Violet Hair Dyeing at Yann Beyrie

With the colour mixed well, Anthony proceeds to apply the violet all over my hair. 

Violet Hair Dyeing at Yann Beyrie

He focused on the top parts of my hair because he wanted to do a gradient design.

Violet Hair Dyeing at Yann Beyrie

He then applied a brighter blue to the bleached sections.

Violet Hair Dyeing at Yann Beyrie

And we are almost done!

Violet Hair Dyeing at Yann Beyrie

After washing the dye off, all that was left was the drying and styling.

Ready for the reveal?

Getting Hidden Violet Hair Colour by French Stylist
Getting Hidden Violet Hair Colour by French Stylist
Getting Hidden Violet Hair Colour by French Stylist
Getting Hidden Violet Hair Colour by French Stylist

To be honest, the photos can't seem to accurately capture the violet tinge I can see with my naked eye. 

Perhaps this Tiktok can?

My Hair Before Hair Colouring at Yann Beyrie

Or perhaps the followup one I did here.

I love how it doesn't look too crazy from afar, but when you take a closer peek, bam!

Getting Hidden Violet Hair Colour by French Stylist

Hidden galaxy. 

Best part is, it fades well  too, as you can see from my subsequent Tiktoks. 

Merci, Anthony for the French hospitality!

Can't wait to go to Nice after talking to you but thank you so much anyway for the gorg icy rainbow?

I hope to be again, if I get the chance :) 

What do you think of Anthony's rendition of blue hair? If you love his icy rainbow as much as we do, consider giving it a go with 20% off all hair services for first timers at Yann Beyrie.

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