8 Fringe Styles to Change Your Face Shape Without Surgery

Published on Apr 19, 2017

Not too fond of your long face, round face or short jawline?

You don't have to go for a plastic surgery to correct the above!

All you have to do is to get the right fringe cut and you'll see a huge difference in how you look. 

Director stylists from Chez Vous Hair Salon share a few principles they use to help customers deal with their less-than-desirable facial features by giving them a suitable fringe cut.

1. Face-Framing Bangs reduce the appearance of long face shapes and accentuate one's eyes

Do you feel as if your face is significantly longer than others?

Chez Vous Hair Salon Director Stylist Serene Tan recommends face-framing bangs for women with long face shape. It is basically a fringe that starts from one cheekbone and ends at the other cheekbone, seamlessly transitioning from one end to the other to create a more ovalish face shape.

Fringe to Accentuate Eyes by Chez Vous

Model: Katie | Stylist: Salon Director, Serene Tan

That's what she did for Katie. Don't you think that Katie's face transformed from long to looking a lot more ovalish after the face-framing bangs?

Serene also made sure that the bangs were textured and not excessively dense. This is because dense bangs bring intense focus to one’s eyes, and any flaws you might have around your eyes, such as wrinkles or droopy eyes. For mature women with longer face shape, opt for a soft layered or textured bangs as they create the illusion of a shorter face shape and conceal any wrinkles you have on your forehead, without accentuating the wrinkles around your eyes!

2. Cheekbone length fringe creates a more Ovalish face shape and reduce appearance of sunken cheeks

Not keen to have bangs? 

For those who prefers to stay bangs-free but hopes to reduce their long face shape, Salon Director, Serene Tan recommends fringe (either one side or both sides) that is just above the cheekbone level to create a more proportionate and ovalish face shape.

Side Bang Hairstyle for Sunken Cheeks

Model: Lilly | Stylist: Salon Director, Serene Tan

Such a fringe also helps to reduce the appearance of sunken cheeks!

3. Soft layered fringe softens angular face shapes and diffuses attention away from signs of ageing

Is your face a little too square and angular for your liking? 

Soft layered bangs can help soften your angular face shapes and facial features and take away attention from wrinkles and sun spots, says Chez Vous Hair Salon Chief Salon Director Riz Tan.

Layered Bangs for Sharp Jaws by Chez Vous

Model: Daphne | Stylist: Salon Director, Riz Tan

On top of getting soft layered bangs, try to avoid the Korean-style one-length haircut as it can enhance any sharp jawlines or overly protruding cheekbones (that can look overly masculine at times)!

4. Make your face shape less square and angular with Long Layered Side Parted Fringe 

An alternative to short soft layered fringe is the long layered side parted fringe. 

The parting should start from the arch of the brow with the longest length ending at the widest point of your cheekbones.

Side Parted Fringe for Square Face

Model: Patricia | Stylist: Salon Director, Serene Tan

With the soft blended layers covering parts of the cheekbone, we found Patricia's face slightly lengthened and softened!

5. Go for 3:7 side-parted fringe to make your face less round

Is your face too round for your liking?

Associate Salon Director Veyond Chong says that the secret to looking slimmer is a 3:7 side-parted long layered fringe. 

The longer end must be long enough to conceal the largest part of your face, making it appear slimmer.

3:7 side-parted fringe for round face by chez vous

Model: Caroline | Stylist: Associate Salon Director, Veyond Chong

Never ever go above the brows unless you have a short forehead!

3:7 side-parted fringe for round face

Model: Sarah | Stylist: Chief Salon Director, Thomas Teo

The same 3:7 rule applies for shorter hairstyles. However, the hairstylist has to be especially careful with the way weight and layers are distributed around the hair to create a slimming effect.

6. Round Face Shapes look slimmer with Korean-inspired See-Through airy bangs 

If 3:7 side part is too long for you, why not try the very popular Korean see-through bangs?

The Korean See-Through Fringe increases gradually past the arch of your brows until it reaches the widest point of your face.

Korean see-through bangs for round face by chez vous

Model: Jean | Stylist: Associate Salon Director, Oscar Lee

The Korean see-through bangs creates a more ovalish face shape, as you can see from the bangs that Associate Salon Director Oscar designed for stylist Jean. 

7. Bardot bangs highlights cheekbones for heart shaped faces 

Not too keen on the prominent forehead on your heart shaped face?

Bardot bangs may just be your saving grace! These bangs are parted loosely in the middle or just slightly off-centre and layered around the eyes and cheekbones.

Bardot bangs for heart shaped face by chez vous

Model: Jacqueline | Stylist: Associate Salon Director, Readen Chia

We love how the bardot bangs highlights Jacqueline's high cheekbones and makes her heart shaped face look more ovalish! 

8. Elongate your jawline with Gradual Forward Layered Fringe 

Don't go for genioplasty just because your chin is too short for your liking.

Associate Salon Director Readen Chia recommends an extended long side-parted forward-layered fringe. This fringe can elongate your jawline and chin, lengthening your face shape... without the need for surgery!

Gradual Forward Layered Fringe for longer jaws by chez vous

Model: Cindy | Stylist: Associate Salon Director, Readen Chia

Not all haircuts are made equal.

Experience and skill can help a stylist design a suitable haircut and fringe that ticks all the right boxes: elongate round face shape, soften angular edges and make long face shape look more oval. That's why we're so impressed with Chez Vous Hair Salon; their director-only hair salon ensures that only top hairstylists attend to you. That may also be why they've been winning multiple awards for hair makeovers

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