10 Fun and CHILL Things To Do During Ramadan

Published on May 22, 2019

It may be Ramadan but it doesn't mean that you can't have fun till after sundown! 

As our in-house Agent SK will tell you, there are lots of things you can do in the day!

Here are our picks of fun yet chill things to do during Ramadan ...

1. Visit the Geylang Serai Bazaar

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It doesn’t feel like Ramadan without visiting Singapore's most popular bazaar after the sun sets. Yes, there are a lot of people. Yes, it's very hot but the bazaar is still a must visit for its wide array of food stalls, shopping and festive vibes. There's always new hipster stalls popping up, keeping the experience fresh each year. Since it's become some sort of a cool thing to come to the bazaar, you may even bump into old friends you may not have seen for years!

2. Meet your buddies for Iftar

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Everybody's so busy throughout the year. Ramadan is a good time to slow down and catch up with friends during the day. You can even break fast together afterwards with iftar as you chit chat and refuel for another day. Many food places have Ramadan specials and deals, so be sure to keep a lookout for those. 

3. Bake goodies with your friends and family

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Buying goodies are easy but nothing brings out your sincerity more than baking the goodies yourself. You can even create memories together by baking with your family or friends. It's a good way to soak in the festive joy with preparation activities such as this, while bonding your loved ones. 

4. Freshen your hair colour 

We really don’t need any reason for a fresh cut and colour, but the festive season makes it a MUST-DO. Our In-house Beauty Undercover Agent SK chose to turn up the romance this year with Rose-Pink Hair Colour at Risel Japanese Hair Salon

Before Hair Colour at Devonshire Japanese Hair Salon
Cheap Pink Rose Hair Colour at Devonshire Japanese Salon

Rose-Pink Hair Colour at Risel Japanese Hair Salon

She loved the hair colour here as the stylist is skillful and the price is low - only $90 for all hair length by a Japanese Stylist! Risel isn't the only salon in this price range though. Here's the list of Japanese salons offering hair colour at less than $100 for all hair lengths.

5. Marie Kondo your house

Instagram @mariekondo

Festive seaons signal is time to spring clean our houses. Not only is it a symbolic act to get rid of the old while keeping a clean space, it’s also a good time to do it since your house will probably get cluttered after all the Hari Raya visiting from friends and family. Remember what Marie Kondo says, you don’t have to get rid of all ‘junk’, only those that don’t spark  joy.

Once you've cleared the house, it is time to beautify the house with new table runners, cushion covers, curtains and lights! You can go to Geylang Serai for some of that but there's always IKEA - yet another activity for the family!

Instagram @ima.bloomwood

6. Shop for festive clothing

Besides all the food, fun, and fellowship, festive clothing is yet another thing that excites many during Ramadan. Many families go for a different theme or colour every year so every family photo has its own unique vibrance. Shopping for festive clothes is also another opportunity to bond with the family and soak in the festivities together. 

7. Take a Family Portrait

Family Portrait During Hari Raya

With everyone done with festive shopping, why not take a family portrait to commemorate this year's Ramadan / Hari Raya? 

After all, it isn't every day that the family gets to gather together. 

You can go to a professional studio to get the portrait done but the cheaper alternative is to set up a good camera at home and DIY!

8. Get a manicure with friends 

Nail Art for Hari Raya

After doing all that hands-on work at home, treat yourself by getting your nails done with friends. It’s a great way to catch up while checking something off your Hari Raya to-do list. Don't feel miffed though if that random friend comments afterwards that your hands look so good that it doesn't look like you did any cleaning at all. :P 

9. Go for a fancy henna design

Another thing you can’t miss during the Ramadan season is getting some henna on your hands, or all over you! Instead of your usual design, why not go for something fancier? There are so many artists and designs to choose from so you can have fun decorating your arms.

If you’re up for a bigger change, you can try getting a Jagua tattoo. The concept is similar to henna, but it’s ink is a blue-black colour instead of henna’s orangey-brown. 

10. Brighten Your Skin for Raya

With all the festivities comes a multitude of phones and cameras in your face in order to capture the memories every year. You can use photo-editing apps but nothing feels better than friends and family commenting on how good your skin is looking.

Facial for Hari Raya

Extraction at Geranium Skin Boutique

We love facials at Geranium Skin Boutique as it includes both extraction and guasha which increases blood circulation and makes skin look brighter. If you're keen to find out more about extraction facials, read more about what pimples should be extracted and which should not be here!

Have a great Ramadan month and feel free to share your beauty experiences on BU.sg!

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