10 Fun SingapoRediscovers Vouchers SRV-Eligible Activities To Get You Moving and Escape from WFH

Published on Dec 29, 2020

The government has graciously gifted Singaporeans with a $100 SingapoRediscovers voucher that allows you to explore hidden gems in Singapore while supporting the economy during these trying times. 

While most people are planning to have a chill staycation with friends and family or hit up the common sights such as the Singapore Zoo and River Safari, we think there are more activities to be discovered.

If you've been slacking on your fitness regime or you simply want a breather outside, we found 10 fresh and exciting ways you can use your $100 SingapoRediscovers voucher that will also get you moving after WFH all day!

1. Explore Singapore on 2 wheels

Website: www.klook.com

SingapoRediscovers Voucher Booking Link: https://www.klook.com/en-SG/activity/46790-singapore-bike-tour/

Price: From $95

Due to Singapore's hot and humid weather, most of us resort to taking a drive around town when we want to explore new sights. At best, we will walk around the Singapore River at night to enjoy the light breeze and city lights. But did you know that there's a better way to explore our city? Klook  offers morning and evening bike tours so you can truly see the Lion City. 

You'll hit up all the hot places including the F1 Race Track, Marina Bay, Colonial District, Singapore River, Merlion Park, Lau Pa Sat, Chinatown, Clarke Quay, Little India, Bugis Village, Haji Lane, Kampong Glam, and more underrated and undiscovered spots. They even have a Pulau Ubin bike tour if you're feeling more adventurous.

2. Enjoy the NERF Action Xperience 

NERF Action Xperience

Website: www.nerfax.com.sg

SingapoRediscovers Voucher Booking Link: https://www.klook.com/en-SG/activity/25079-nerf-action-xperience-ticket-singapore

Price: From $23.30 (U.P. $29)

Have you ever had a Nerf war in your childhood? Now you can take it to the next level by entering NERF Action Xperience's 'Compete', 'Conquer', 'Challenge', and 'Create' zones. You'll be fighting zombies in 'Compete', scaling glaciers, ice cliffs, volcanoes, and summits in 'Conquer', testing your agility and aim in 'Challenge', and putting your creative caps on in 'Create'.

Your blaster accuracy and technique will surely improve after your day here! Plus if you book your ticket in advance through Klook, you'll be able to skip the line when redeeming your ticket and be entitled to 10% off selected merchandise. 

3. Play at the Airzone

Fun Activity Airzone at City Square Mall

Website: www.airzone.sg

SingapoRediscovers Voucher Booking Link: https://www.klook.com/en-SG/activity/8458-airzone-admission-ticket-singapore

Price: From $21.25 (U.P. $25)

Your kids will absolutely love playing in the Airzone while you get to take a break from entertaining them 24/7 at home. You and your kids will be suspended over shoppers in City Square Mall in the zero-gravity net playground. Six levels above ground, you'll definitely feel as if you're floating and flying. You can jump into the ball pit which has more than 40,000 balls, climb through the maze, have a play fight with life-size beach balls, or simply relax on the canopy.

4. Splash around at Wild Wild Wet

Wild Wild Wet

Website: www.wildwildwet.com

SingapoRediscovers Voucher Booking Link: https://www.klook.com/en-SG/activity/9610-wild-wild-wet-ticket-singapore

Price: From $24

Take a break from work and relieve stress by visiting Singapore's largest water park with your loved ones. Wild Wild Wet boasts 16 thrilling water slides and features, and have won multiple awards including TripZilla's Best Family Attraction in 2017, TripAdvisor's Top 10 Waterparks in Asia from 2014 to 2016, and TripAdvisor's Top 5 Waterparks in Asia in 2019.

Whether you decide to chill on a float in the lazy river, be a speed demon in the mat racer slide, or are brave enough to try one of Asia's longest free-fall water slides, there's bound to be something for you to enjoy.

5. Kayak in Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin Kayaking

Website: www.adventures.network/round-ketam (How can I verify if this is the provider on the bottom Klook link?)

SingapoRediscovers Voucher Booking Link: www.klook.com/en-SG/activity/46436-5-hour-join-round-ketam-kayaking-adventure-pulau-ubin-singapore

Price: $88 (U.P. $91)

No travelling in 2020? No problem. Just head over to Pulau Ubin to have an open sea kayaking experience. Kayakers will be able to soak in the scenery, mangrove habitat, and flora and fauna of Pulau Ketam. If you're lucky, you might see monitor lizards and otters too.

There are no prerequisites for this adventure and there are guides to show you the way. It's a perfect activity for anyone who wants to get a fun workout with their friends or family!

6. Go Scuba Diving in St John's Island

Scuba Diving at St. John's Island

Website: www.cuddlefishdivers.com 

SingapoRediscovers Voucher Booking Link: https://www.klook.com/en-SG/activity/52849-explore-st-johns-island-land-sea-join-tour

Price: From $254

Is kayaking and staying on the sea's surface not enough for you? Why not head underwater instead? Even though divers have been unable to travel to nearby countries like Philippines and Indonesia to dive this year, you can still explore our local marine life.

Check out this tour where you'll be guided by an experienced local divemaster as you get to discover the diversity of marine life here in Singapore. Although the water visibility in Singapore is not the greatest, you'll still be able to find sea creatures, enjoy the boat ride with your buddies, and breathe in compressed air.

7. Reminisce with an old school food tour

Chinatown Hawker Walking Tour

Website: www.tribe-tours.com

SingapoRediscovers Voucher Booking Link: https://www.klook.com/en-SG/activity/51079-1-hour-chinatown-complex-hawker-walk-interactive-tour

Price: From $50

Tribe Tours offer privately guided tours curated by Singaporeans who know the city inside out. You'll be able to experience life as a local and interact with others instead of going on a tour as a passive tourist. While they offer a bunch of tours, the most interesting has to be the HawkerWalk Old School Snacks tour.

They will bring you on a walk down memory lane as you embark on the hour-long journey to find your childhood snacks. You'll find a new appreciation for the local hawker heroes who work tirelessly to create your favourite 'Ear Biscuit', carrot cake stick, and 'Sha Qi Ma'.

8. Battle it out on the Hydrodash in Sentosa 

Fun Water Activity Hydrodash at Sentosa

Website: www.hydrodash.com.sg

SingapoRediscovers Voucher Booking Link: https://www.klook.com/en-SG/activity/51613-1-hour-hydrodash-admission-singapore

Price: From $13

If you're planning on heading to a beach, restaurant, or hotel in Sentosa, you should add the Hydrodash to your itinerary. The family-friendly inflatable playground is Singapore's first floating aqua park, and it has 4 fun zones that cater to all ages. 

Zone 1 includes simple obstacles for young children, and the difficulty increases as you proceed to Zones 2 and 3. Zone 4 has more challenging obstacles, slides, and a monkey swing bar. This fun-filled day will test your kids' balance, agility, and strength while letting them expend their energy to ensure they'll have a good night's sleep.

Do note that Zone 1 is for children between 5 to 6 years old who must be accompanied by an adult. Zone 2 to 4 is for children aged 7 years and up. If you have young kids, you can check out Nestopia instead.

9. Try stand-up paddling at Ola Beach Club 

Stand Up Paddling at Ola Beach Club

Website: www.sentosa.com.sg/en/things-to-do/attractions/ola-beach-club

SingapoRediscovers Voucher Booking Link: https://www.klook.com/en-SG/activity/48606-kayak-stand-up-paddle-board-ola-beach-club

Price: $22.50 (U.P. $25)

For those that can't give up laying on a sunbed at a beach club, you can still spruce up your day by adding entertaining physical activity to your day. Hawaiian-themed Ola Beach Club lets you combine watersports with Tiki-style cocktails so you can still enjoy a beach holiday in Singapore.

Besides stand-up paddling, you'll also be able to kayak, ride a banana boat, or be pulled by a boat as you lay on an inflatable donut. They even offer the extremely cool water-propelled jetpack that lets you fly up to 30ft (9.1m) into the air!

10. Take flight with iFly

iFly Skydiving at Sentosa

Website: www.iflysingapore.com

SingapoRediscovers Voucher Booking Link: https://www.klook.com/en-SG/activity/139-ifly-singapore-singapore

Price: From $56

Have you ever wanted to try flying or skydiving? Well, now you can. Daredevils and adrenaline junkies will love iFly Singapore as it gives you the thrill of sky diving without the same fear, risks, or price.

As one of the world's largest indoor skydiving wind tunnels, you'll be able to experience true free-fall conditions as you fall through 12,000ft (3,650m) to 3,000ft (914m). The best part? It only costs one-fifth of the price of an actual tandem jump.

Have you used your $100 SingapoRediscovers voucher or are you still browsing?

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