Get the Perfect Bridal Hairdo with These 8 Tips

Published on Oct 16, 2016

When it comes to the bride, the right hairstyle is just as important as the wedding dress. After all, the last thing you would want is a bad hair day to ruin the beautiful moment. Follow these essential wedding hair tips to guarantee your hair game is on point during your big day!

1. Schedule a hair trial

Elegant Hairstyle by Kiyo from COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Outram Park Keong Saik Rd

Hairstyle by COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Outram Park Keong Saik Rd

If you are having a makeup trial, you might as well schedule in a trial for your hair 2-3 weeks before the wedding. This will allow the hairstylist to try out different hairstyles and see which ones work best for your hair length. It will also help you to visualise better how your hairstyle would look with your wedding gown on.

2. Bring pictures to the hair trial

Wedding Hairstyle by Kobayashi Hair Design @ Far East Plaza

Wedding Hairstyle by Kobayashi Hair Design @ Far East Plaza

Ever heard the tip of bringing along pictures of what you want when going for a haircut or hair colour? Same goes when you are heading for your hair trial! Bring pictures of your desired hairstyles and a picture of your wedding dress to show the hairstylist what you wish to look like. The picture of the wedding dress is to ensure the hairstyle complements your wedding gown.

3. Bring your veil along to the hair trial

To ensure there are no hiccups with your hairstyle on the actual day, don't forget to bring along your veil or any headpieces you will be wearing. This also cuts down time on trying to figure out how to put on the head accessories or what to do if your hair texture can’t hold a certain hairstyle.

4. Set aside enough time 

Half-Up Braid by Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar Neil Road

Half-Up Braid by Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar Neil Road

During your hair trial, take note of how long it takes to complete the entire hairstyle. Using this gauge, you will be able set aside enough time on the actual day and not turn up late for your wedding. 

5. Make sure your hairstyle is weather-proof

Motemaki Styling by BRANCHE Japanese Hair Salon

Motemaki Styling by BRANCHE Japanese Hair Salon

Unfortunately, as much as you plan everything perfectly for your wedding, there are certain things that are out of your control, such as the weather. However, just like you would have a back-up plan for other wedding details, make sure you have one for your hairstyle as well! During your hair trial, make sure to ask your hairstylist if your particular choice of hairstyle is able to withstand weather conditions like strong wind and rain, and what to do incase of a hair emergency.

6. Wear a button-down shirt

Bridal Hairstyle

Bridal Hairstyle by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

You wouldn't want to ruin that beautiful hairstyle just because you couldn't get you shirt over your head without messing up the hairstyle. Something so basic yet likely to be overlooked is the outfit you will be wearing during your hairstyling. Wear something easy to take off, like a slip on dress, bathrobe or a button-down shirt and you won’t need to struggle to undress while keeping your hairstyle intact. 

7. Do not cut your hair

We can't stress this enough but cutting your hair close to your wedding day is never a good idea. Keep in mind most bridal updos require your hair to be a certain length, so avoid going for a drastic change like cutting bangs or trying a new haircut for it's better to be safe than sorry! Do howevere, take extra care of your tresses during the months leading up to your wedding such as going for regular treatments and staying off the bleach. 

8. Pack extra bobbypins

Yukata Hair Arrnagement by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Yukata Hair Arrnagement by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Ask your bridesmaids to keep a stash of bobby pins close by incase your hairstyle starts to unravel throughout the day. Bobby pins are a lifesaver and it can never hurt to have too many! A bottle of hairspray nearby would also be handy. Other hair tools you can consider bringing along are hair curlers and straighteners to perfect the hairstyle as and when needed.

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