3 Girl Boss Hairstyles Inspired from K-drama 'Start-Up'

Published on Mar 04, 2021

Admire Seo Dal-Mi's passion and wish that one day, you can be in her position or even that of her sister Won In-Jae? 

You're not the only one! We too became really inspired because for the first time, we see female leads heading the Sandbox teams - something we don't often see even in tech shows and dramas. With each setback Seo Dal-mi experience, we think back to our own disappointments and how we managed to pick ourselves up after that. 

Will we find success the way she did at the end of the show? We can only continue to hustle to find out. 

In the meantime though, can we hustle and still look as stylish as she does on this journey? 

Yes, we know that this is a drama but Seo Dal Mi (played by Suzy Bae) certainly changed or at least defied many of what we think female entrepreneurs should look like. 

As we celebrate women this International Women's Day, we examine hairstyles from The Startup for some serious #girlboss hair inspo. 

Tapered Bob

This may not exactly come as a surprise but Won In Jae probably took a leaf off high-ranking women when she decided to cut her hair short upon quitting her father's company. 

Won In Jae Start Up Haircut

Source: Netflix

Just compare how she looked at the beginning

Won In Jae Start Up Long Hair

Source: Netflix

to how strong and charismatic she looked after the haircut and you'll know she made the right choice. 

Won In Jae Short Haircut Tapered Bob

Source: Netflix

As much as it is a stereotype for successful women to have short hair, we can't not admit the power it brings. 

You don't have to go so short that you look masculine. We love how Won In Jae wears it at chin-length with a soft fringe to make her more approachable at the right time in the drama. 

Won In Jae Short Haircut Tapered Bob

Source: Netflix

Where to get it in Singapore

Here are some of our favourite salons in Singapore to get this hairstyle.

Professional Short Bob Haircut (Veena) From MODE Studio

By Veena from MODE Studio 

You can choose to keep it sleek for a professional look,

Short Tapered Bob Cut and Colour (Jenny) From Leekaja

By LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

Go shorter for a more professional vibe

Short Bob Haircut at Room Japanese Salon

Bob Haircut by Room Japanese Hair Salon

Just don't forget to add butter brown

Short Haircut and Butter Brown Hair Colour at Room Japanese Hair Salon

Room 49A @ Amoy St

or highlights to brighten your overall look while still looking professional. 

Work Friendly Short Haircut at The Bund AMK

The Bund Hair Salon @ Bishan Park

Regardless what you do, remember to pair it with the right outfit and accessories for maximum impact!

Trendy Short Bob Haircut at Fluxus House

Fluxus Japanese Hair Salon

Girlboss Ponytail

As much as many of us want the #girlboss vibe, it can be difficult for us to let go of the mid-back hair we've painstakingly grown over the years. 

Bae Suzy Start Up Seo Dal Mi Long Hairstyle

Source: Netflix

Is it possible to marry romance with capability? As Seo Dal-mi shows us, the answer is 'absolutely'!

Bae Suzy Start Up Seo Dal Mi Long Hairstyle

Source: Netflix

On Demo Day, we often see her hair all tied up along with slacks and t-shirts to give her the more legit tech entrepreneur look. 

Bae Suzy Start Up Seo Dal Mi Long Hairstyle

Source: Netflix

She continues to keep her hair tied even as she advances in her role. 

Bae Suzy Start Up Seo Dal Mi Long Hairstyle

Source: Netflix

The benefits of having long hair come when you let your hair down, after work. 

It is then when you can return to being yourself - the authentic, sweet girl you may still want to be, back at home. 

Bae Suzy Start Up Seo Dal Mi Long Hairstyle

Source: Netflix

Where to get it in Singapore

Working at a startup?

S Curl Perm at SAD Japanese Hair Salon

S.A.D's Japanese Hair Design

The S-curl perm is so versatile that you can match it with casual tops and denim skirts while hustling and it'll still look good. 

S Curl Perm at Be U Hair Design

S Curl Perm by Be U Hair Design

Even outside of work, it's an innocent and charming look that never fails to make one look cute.

S Curl Perm at Eri Su

By Eri Su Salon @ Bugis

Perfect for those of you who want to look assertive at work and sweet outside. 

Big C Curl Digital Perm_Rebonding (Mari)

By Pro Trim Salon @ Causeway Point

It is also flattering across ages 

Perm-AirWave (Darren) at Be Salon

By Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

whether you're young or slightly more mature!

Work Friendly S Curl Perm at Act Point Salon

Act Point Salon @ Midpoint Orchard

Layered Rebonding Perm

Startup Jung Saha Hairstyle

Source: Netflix

Want to look consistently cool at all times? If you're naturally authoritative, the C-curl perm can soften your edges and endear you to your employees and make you look that much more approachable. 

Startup Jung Saha Hairstyle

Source: Netflix

We're especially in love with the layered C Curl Perm on Jung Saha as the layers do a wonderful job at framing her face while adding texture to make her look put-together at all times. 

Startup Jung Saha Hairstyle

Source: Netflix

Where to get it in Singapore

With the hair at chest length, it doesn't appear over-feminine

Perm (Nicole) by Walking on Sunshine

By Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

and still gives off a 'zai' vibe particularly if you can pair it with a stern look. 

Big Wave Perm by Jeric Salon

Jeric Salon @ ION Orchard

Big, bouncy curls will make you look super cute,

Big Curl Perm (Darren) by Be Salon

By Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

and wearing it straighter will make you look more chic.

Korean C Curl Perm (Yuna) at Pro Trim

By Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon @ Jurong East JEM

Whichever you choose, this sleek hairstyle will definitely up your #girlboss vibes.

Natural C Curl Perm at No. 8 Hair Studio

No. 8 Hair Studio @ Jurong East

Bonus Feature: Bangs

Bae Suzy Natural Perm Hairstyle

Source: Netflix

We used to think that bangs make one look cute but as Seo Dal Mi and Won In Jae have showed us, it can look professional too 

Won In Jae Short Haircut Tapered Bob

Source: Netflix

This is particularly suitable if your role requires you to interface with the public or with lots of employees as it softens your edge that much more.

Shoulder Length Perm with See Through Bangs by Jeric Salon

Jeric Salon

We note however that this fringe is fuller than the sometimes hard-to-handle Korean see-through bangs and is easier to manage - but would still require you to go for fringe cuts to keep it looking good. So weigh that additional maintenance in... along with the investor meetings you may have to go to. 

Stylish Short Hair Perm by Fluxus Salon

Fluxus Japanese Hair Salon

For those who are more daring, you can even consider micro bangs - a hairstyle that is sure to make you looking like a different kind of #girlboss. 

Do you have a favourite hairstyle from The Startup? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or on BU.sg!

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