No Gymming, Clubbing or Dates in Phase 1? Here are the Alternatives You CAN Actually Enjoy From Home!

Published on May 30, 2020

While there are reports of introverts thriving under lockdown, some social butterflies among us are starting to shrivel up from the lack of human contact. And though the Circuit Breaker measures are being progressively lifted, it's anybody's guess when Phase 3 - and the clubs, concerts, plays and gyms - will reopen.

But fear not - It's the age of the internet, and just about anything you could have done for fun in person, you can now also do while snug as a bug in front of your screen.

Dance your Mambo-loving heart out

Other than regular cloud clubbing sessions, Zouk also recently launched Phuturescapes, an online virtual rave with the hottest beats to bop to by artists from Singapore and beyond...and of course, the classic Zouk Mambo Jambo set. They were even giving out digital gift packs with features such as revolving 3D Virtual Backgrounds for a truly psychedelic experience.

Meanwhile, Marquee Singapore's online birthday bash even saw fancy headdress compeatition with Samsung Galaxy gear as prizes. But while you're hitting the online clubs, why stop at Singapore? American collective Social Disdance has started hosting thrice weekly online dance parties for you to relive your hardcore clubber lifestyle.

Zoom Party

Screenshot from a Social Disdance Party

Have An Arty Party

If you used to be quite the performance arts pundit, you might really miss those evenings at the Esplanade or the Arts House. Thankfully, arts groups are bringing their shows to you via internet connection. Theatre companies from Wild Rice and Pangdemonium to The Theatre Practice and Teater Ekamatra are presenting both their past hits as well as new, made-for-screen productions online either on their social media channels (or in Pangdemonium's case, at

...As are dance collectives such as T.H.E Dance Company.

The Dance Company Singapore

Publicity image for Mr Sign, courtesy of T.H.E Dance Company's Facebook Page

Even improvisational comedy companies are getting in on the act: Check out Singapore-based improvisers Improvanopolis at the Eclectic Bison YouTube Channel.

As for music, various artists including Joanna Dong are putting out their own regular livestreams, and you can also sing along to live-streamed performances from local artists ranging from Charlie Lim to Tabitha Nauser, every Saturday at 7.30pm on Hear65's social media channels. Even literary outfits such as Sing Lit Station are putting together poetry reading sessions via Zoom or Facebook live.

If you want to get in on the action yourself, Singapore Dance Theatre has Instagram Live technique and fitness classes, and Sing'Theatre Academy has online musical theatre singing master classes, open mic nights, and debates. 

Find love (with furkids, anyway) 

While meeting your life partner online is no longer a new concept, it's a little more unusual when the life partner we're referring to is your forever furkid. Animal shelters are bursting at the seams, with adoption drives being disallowed in the past months and the near future, and most volunteers not being permitted on the premises to help with the needs of the increased inhabitants. Accordingly, non-profit community Hope for Animals has been working with the shelters to organise a series of online adoption drives, called Project Adopt Live, introducing all sorts of cats, dogs and creatures from various shelters to prospective owners at home (who are feeling increasingly lonely from self-isolation). So if you're looking for love - from a furry mammalian companion - log onto the Hope For Animals Facebook Page every Sunday at 12.30pm where you just might encounter The One.

Online Adopt Cat

Publicity image for a Project Adopt Live session courtesy of the Hope For Animals Facebook Page

Find love (with a suitable human)

Of course, you might not ready (unlike some of us at Beauty Undercover) to become a crazy cat lady yet, and prefer human companionship. While going on dinner and movie dates with a Tinder match might seem harder during safe-distancing, is it really? People are trying out Zoom dates while having their respective meals, or using apps like Netflix Party that lets people stream movies in sync. And they're reporting that they're having deeper, more personal conversations via these virtual dates in the intimacy of their homes, than they would amid the clutter of a restaurant or a bar in the outside world. So why not download a dating app and try it out?

Have a group workout

Okay, playing football, badminton or even golf with your usual kaki is going to be tricky until Phase 3. But that doesn't mean you can't burn calories together by logging on to live streaming fitness classes and switching on your video conferencing software at the same time. Watch the screen for what your trainer wants you to do, then watch the other screen with your friend suffering with you through the sweat for some extra motivation. 

You can check out the free workouts from popular yoga studios in Singapore:

A less conventional example of a socially distant workout.

Remember, safe distancing doesn't mean we have to feel all alone. Try out some of the above solutions for some virtual company while whiling away the hours, and we'll be at Phase 3 before we know it!

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