This HR Manager Loves the Cheap and Good Oat Facial at This Facial Salon at International Plaza

Published on Nov 03, 2017

Hello, I'm Agent SB. 

Dry Skin Before Facial at Apple Queen Beauty

I'm an HR Manager at an MNC and my office is located in Tanjong Pagar, within walking distance from International Plaza. I've had skin allergies since I was young and so have always been very sensitive about the products I use and facial salons I go to. When I first began to go for facials, I went for only the best; after all, my skin was sensitive and I didn't dare to go anywhere else. So yes, I went for a number of reputable facial salons run by aesthetic clinics. Even though their service was generally good, prices were also at such a premium that I found it hard to go regularly. Over time, I also find that the therapists' service level drop a little once they realize that I was not one of those rich tai-tais they can earn a lot from. Hence, I stopped going for these premium facials after some time. 

I couldn't stay away from facials for long though. I could see the months of neglect on my face as the lines became more obvious and the face drier once I skipped facials for a few months. 

One day, I had some time to spare before getting home and stumbled across Apple as I was walking around International Plaza. In a place with a number of salons engaging Chinese and Vietnamese therapists, Apple Queen Beauty stood out for me. Other than being Malaysian, Apple's skin is so clear and flawless that I was intrigued. I asked her for the price of her Oat Facial, which is best suited for ladies with sensitive skin like me. The price is A LOT cheaper than what I used to pay. The products she used are also organic and natural, something that is important to me. Hence, I decided to give her a try. 

That is possibly the best facial decision I've made in a long time! She took almost 2 hours for my facial, making sure that every step was done well. This includes a thorough extraction as well as a very very good facial massage. She explained comprehensively about my skin condition and what it needs to get better. She did not try to hardsell me any products or force me to buy packages. The overall value she gives however prompted ME to ask her how much her package was. Given that her one facial under the package cost less than half of what my previous facials use to cost + she dedicates a full two hours for the facial, I signed up for her package immediately. And as they say, the rest is history.

I've been coming to her religiously every two weeks (instead of the once every 1 to 2 months at other salons) since and my skin is better than ever. 

When Agent G asked if I mind sharing my experience here on Beauty Undercover, I was more than happy to do so. Although she is my best-kept secret till now, Apple has taken care of my skin so well and provided such good service that I think more people should get to know and experience her facials. 

So here I am again for my usual oat facial. Read on below if you want to know what the oat facial at Apple Queen Beauty entails!

October 2017

Apple Queen Beauty Interior

The salon itself is located on Level 2 of International Plaza. Apple just recently renovated the place but do note that the place is a lot more humble than the usual big-brand names that you may be used to. 

There are only two facial therapist rooms, both of which look like this. 

Apple Queen Beauty Interior

As usual, Apple will escort me into one of those and get me changed into the robes provided. 

1. Cleansing

Facial Cleansing at Apple Queen Beauty

The first step in every facial is cleansing. As I had makeup on, she would use the makeup remover to remove both my facial and eye makeup and she will do so carefully to avoid any discomfort.

Facial Cleansing at Apple Queen Beauty

With my eyes cleaned, she will use a cleanser to remove makeup from the rest of the face.

Facial Cleansing at Apple Queen Beauty

To make sure that the face is thoroughly cleansed, she will then perform a second cleansing for both the eye and the face.

She incorporated quite a bit of facial massage here to make sure that the dust and all are dislodged and so it feels pretty comfortable.

Facial Cleansing at Apple Queen Beauty

This is how my face looked like after the cleansing. 

A lot clearer and less oily now!

Facial Cleansing at Apple Queen Beauty

2. Extraction

Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

Seeing that my skin is slightly reddish today, Apple applied some lotion via the cotton wool to calm my skin before beginning the extraction.

Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

And there she goes!

Facial Extraction at Apple Queen Beauty

She uses a new needle each time for the facial for hygiene.

Fortunately, she didn't have to use too much of it because she says that my skin is quite clear. (Yes, thanks to Apple's consistent care!)

Eyebrown Shaping at Apple Queen Beauty

My skin is a little red after the extraction but it wasn't very painful. 

After that, she even helped me pluck and shape my eyebrows the way I like it.

Eyebrown Shaping at Apple Queen Beauty

Love these little details!

3. Application of Botanical Gel

Application of Botanical Gel at Apple Queen Beauty

Apple says that moisturization is best right after extraction because absorption rate is the highest.

Therefore, she applied the botanical gel at this point. The botanical gel contains aloe vera, camellia sinensis, rose, potato and other extracts that helps to moisturize and repair the skin. These extracts are able to penetrate into the dermis to hydrate and desensitize the skin as well. 

Application of Botanical Gel at Apple Queen Beauty

She then used an ultrasound machine to further encourage penetration of the botanical gel.

Facial Massage

Application of Botanical Gel at Apple Queen Beauty

Once the botanical gel is applied all over the face, Apple begins the facial massage.

Facial Massage at Apple Queen Beauty

That's my favourite part of the facial because I can simply relax and enjoy the massage.

As mentioned, I've been to many different facial salons but Apple's facial massage is one of the best I've experienced.

Facial Massage at Apple Queen Beauty

She always applies pressure at the right acupressure points.

Apple also goes takes the effort to do a very good neck and shoulder massage.

The massage itself takes about 15 minutes or so... which is just right for me!

Application of Oat Mask

Application of Oatmeal Mask at Apple Queen Beauty

She left the room for a while to prepare the oatmeal mask. 

I could smell the aroma of oatmeal when she returned. 

Application of Mask at Apple Queen Beauty

The oatmeal mask helps to clarify the skin further and improve immunity for sensitive skin while the other ingredients of the mask continue to hydrate the skin.

Application of Mask at Apple Queen Beauty

10 minutes later and the facial is done!

Application of Mask at Apple Queen Beauty

Apple gave me a quick shoulder massage before I changed out.

Shoulder Massage at Apple Queen Beauty

Thank you Apple for yet another facial well done!

Refreshed and Hydrated Face After Facial at Apple Queen Beauty

Final Thoughts

My schedule is pretty packed balancing work and my two children at home.

However, I always make it a point to come to Apple every two weeks. I consider this my "me-time" where I take the time to take care of my skin and pamper myself a little. You'll find me at Apple's salon after work whenever I feel a little stressed or when my skin looks tired and dull. 

While her salon isn't the most fancy I've been to, she gives me exactly what I need: relaxation and skincare at a price I don't feel guilty about. 

If you like value-for-money but high-quality facial services with thorough extractions and good facial massages, I'm confident that you'll love Apple as much as I do!

For ladies interested in the above oatmeal facial, Apple Queen Beauty is having the following promotion for Beauty Undercover readers:

63% off 90-min Oatmeal Facial NOW $69 (UP: $189)

  • Valid only for first time customers to Apple Queen Beauty
  • Facial may range from 90-min to 120 min especially when taking into consideration consultation time and facial massage
  • Oatmeal Facial is suited for ladies of all skin types but best for ladies with sensitive, acne-prone skin 

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