7 Salons Visitors Should Absolutely Try in Singapore

Published on Jun 11, 2018

Welcome to the beautiful country we call home, Singapore!

We know your schedule is already packed with the iconic attractions such as Marina Bay Sands, Sentosa and Gardens by the Bay but there's a place we hope you don't forget to visit: our hair and beauty salons. 

After all, whether you are visiting the sunny island for a business trip or for vacation, there's no denying what you could do with a beauty perk-me-up.

You may think we are being a little biased but the eclectic mix of hair and beauty salons here offer services that are unique to Singapore.

Hence, we would like to introduce to you 7 salons that we think are the Unique MUST-TRY hair and beauty experiences here in Singapore.

P.S. They are not all Singaporean and is in fact a mix of Singaporean, Japanese and Korean Salons. That to us is what Singapore is all about; Singapore is a melting pot of cultures where the best of the best come together to live and work, creating new experiences not easily found elsewhere!

1. Branche Japanese Hair Salon

Well known for: Blowouts, Japanese-style haircuts, Tokio Inkarami Hair Treatment, Excellent Service with champagne all included

Branche Hair Salon

From bespoke service, highly experienced and authentic Japanese stylists to spacious workstations fitted with elegant leather seats that allow you to sink in oh-so-comfortably, and a stylishly decorated bar serving a wide selection of refreshments from hand-roasted artisan coffee to matcha latte served with mocha and shrimp crackers from Japan, Branche is the perfect place to unwind after a long and tiring flight. 

VIP Treatment at Branche Hair Salon

Branche Japanese Hair Salon offers its customers the SIA First Class Suite experience equivalent of hair and nail services. There's even an electronically controllable wash area that mimics the comfort of a luxury bed! All you need to do sit back, relax and sip on your complimentary champagne while being pampered.

Kawaii Motemaki Hairstyling by Branche Hair Salon

With their premium service, it is therefore not surprising to find celebs and those on the Who's Who list retouching hair colours or getting their regular blowouts here. In fact, their blowouts are particularly gorgeous!

Ladies Blowout at Branche Hair Salon

If you have the budget, consider splurging for their paragel nails as well. The nail artist at Branche Nail Salon is amazingly talented so don't miss getting your nails done here as well.

Branche Flower Nail Art

2. Chez Vous Hair Salon

Well known for: Haircuts, Caucasian Hair Colours, Top-Quality Hair Treatments, Hair Botox, Hair Fixing, Great Service

chez vous

Is your hair in a mess days before an important meeting? 

Get your hair fixed on Beauty Undercover's most reviewed and well-loved hair salon, Chez Vous. This is a local All-Director-Only salon that houses hairstylists with diverse strengths to cater to all hair types. 

Before and After Ladies Professional Haircut at Chez Vous

This includes Caucasian hair colour as well as the typical Asian hair textures. 

They are so good at fixing hair that Chez Vous is often the first hair salon that people go to fix their hair after a hair disaster. 

Before After Haircut at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Be it haircut, colour or perm, Chez Vous Hair Salon knows exactly what to do. The stylist team have scoured all over the world for the best treatments and haircare products, making them fully equipped for almost any hair emergency.

Before and After Hair Botox for Frizzy and Dry Hair at Chez Vous

Their most popular hair service Hair Botox + Fillers has been stealing the limelight lately and for good reason! Here's why.

3. LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

Well known for: Korean Perms, Awesome Ambience, Complimentary Champagne, Diverse Talents within Stylist Team, All in one Beauty Salonxa

Mistook LeeKaJa Korean Salon for a cafe when you first walk past? 

Well, you're not the only one. 

LeeKaJa is so gorgeously decorated that it looks like a hipster cafe more than the usual hair salon in Singapore. They even have a barista preparing complimentary coffee, tea, champagne, freshly squeezed juice and even home-made dried pineapple and Korean style cakes to all their customers.

Even though LeeKaJa belongs to a huge Korean chain of salons all around the world, it is only in Singapore that LeeKaJa looks like this and has such a high-quality level of service. 

Ladies Korean Perm at Leekaja

Don't just go for a blowout here though. Apart from their signature perms by authentic Korean hairstylists that can give you the same blowout effect every single day, LeeKaJa introduced a heavenly head and scalp massage that is perfect for alleviating the pains and aches from a long office meeting or from walking the entire day!

This treatment is performed by a top Korean head spa therapist and is a replica of what is done for Chaebol Wives and Daughters back in Korea!

Luxury Scalp Treatment at Leekaja

FYI, LeeKaJa doubles as a beauty salon as well, making it your all-in-one-stop for hair, nails, eyelash extension, eyebrow embroidery services!

Bold Red Nail Colour at Leekaja
Eyebrow Embroidery at Leekaja

4. Full House Salon

Well known for: Instagrammable hair colours, skillful hair salon in the neighbourhood

If you want to go off the beaten track and experience what life is like in a typical neighbourhood in Singapore AND still get your awesome #unicornhair, Full House Salon is your best bet. 

Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

Full House Salon is located in Tampines, a suburban area located in the East and not too far from Changi Airport. The name Tampines is derived from the name of a rare tree, Tempinis, which is known for its hardiness and strength. 

From a kampong, Tampines has grown rapidly into one of Singapore's largest HDB residential areas with a comprehensive centre of residential and commercial activities. 

Here is, therefore, the place to go if you want to interact and see where Singaporeans live and work.

There are a lot of hair salons here but the one that gets Singaporeans raving is Full House Salon. 

Silver Red Hair Colour by Full House Salon
Silver Purple Hair Colour by Full House Salon

Take a look at some of their colours to know what I mean. 

Yep, they fit really nicely on anyone's Instagram profile. 

We're especially impressed by those done by Co-Founder Samantha as the colour designs are really stunning. 

FYI, they use Joico Colours here. Joico is notoriously hard to use but master it and you'll get hair colours that can last longer while achieving excellent grey coverage. 

5. Picasso Hair Studio

Well known for: highly skillful hairstylists, hybrid perms and rebonding that is very easy to manage

Do you find it hard to tame your frizzy hair? Pay a visit to one of Singapore's top perm salons and you'll love your hair so much that you'll fly to Singapore just to get your hair done every few months.

Led by hairstylist and ex-trainer Jesly, the Picasso team has worked tirelessly to continually innovate new styles that have caught the attention of fashion-forward customers and even the media! This includes 3C hair colour, perming of bleached hair and making hybrid perm / rebonding styles that make curls much easier to deal with. 

Red Hair Colour by Picasso
Rebonding Perm by Picasso Hair Studio

Cushion Perm and Rebonding Perm

Service quality is also very high here. The focus is put on the consultation which includes scalp condition, hair condition, skin tone, face shape and even final service charges which are discussed before the service even begins. This minimizes miscommunication and has resulted in great feedback from most of its customers. Customers are then further pampered with a variety of drinks, hot hand towels and even hand cream throughout the service. 

6. Gene by Ginrich

Well known for: Blowouts without Tongs, AVEDA Hair and Scalp Treatments, Affordable but high-quality haircuts

In Orchard and in urgent need of a blowout? 

You may find the hole-in-the-wall Gene by Ginrich delivering a pleasant surprise. 

blowdry at Gene

Inexpensive yet skillful, the folks at Gene by Ginrich don't tong your hair but use traditional blowout techniques that give your hair that extra volume that last the entire day. Such blowouts are uncommon in Singapore nowadays, which is why we're raving about it!

Scalp Treatment at Gene

Blowouts aside, we LOVE their signature AVEDA scalp and hair treatments thanks to their awesome head massage and relaxing AVEDA ritual that is perfect after a hard day's work. 

AVEDA Treatment and Bob Haircut by Gene

Those of you who need a haircut will also find the stylists here very skilled in haircuts!

7. Organics Beauty

Well known for: Organic and Holistic Facial not found anywhere else in the world

Ever dreamed of getting an all-natural organic treatment for your face... that actually works?

Founder Shizuka from Organics beauty did just that with a special facial regime that incorporates holistic alternative therapies such as TCM and herbology to help customers achieve youthful, flawless skin without the use of machines or chemicals.

foot bath at Organics Beauty
Herbal Brightening Facial at Organics Beauty

Beyond being organic, we love how the facials here don't just work on the face but include body massages, foot bath and other rituals that make this facial one-of-a-kind.

Judging by the number of raves we hear about Organics and the many awards they've genuinely won, this is definitely a must-try beauty treat in Singapore!

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