10 Reasons Why Hair Botox + Fillers Therapy Is Our Favourite Anti-Frizz Hair Treatment of ALL TIME!

Published on Mar 08, 2019

Move over rebonding or keratin treatment, there's a hair hero that has been stealing the limelight of late! 

If you haven't already heard, Chez Vous Hair Botox + Fillers has EVERYONE from beauty experts to working professionals raving over this revolutionary treatment. Our very own Agent C tried it and LOVED how it gave her straighter, easily manageable hair without the artificial flatness and and kinks of traditional straightening solutions. 

That's not all. Here are 10 reasons why Hair Botox + Fillers is among the most positively reviewed hair treatments on Beauty Undercover!

PS: Read till the very end for a special treat.

1. Straightens Hair with a Soft and Natural-looking Finish

Hoping to straighten your hair but want to avoid the stick-straight look associated with traditional rebonding or keratin treatments? Chez Vous' Hair Botox and Fillers Therapy is developed to avoid just that. 

The R&D team at Chez Vous Hair Salon spent years to work on the usual keratin treatment formula and process with the aim of creating a “I-was-born” with naturally manageable and healthy hair kind of effect.

As a result, hair is not just straighter after the treatment, it is straighter with a natural volume and sleekness not seen in any other keratin treatments we've tried!

Before and After Hair Botox on Frizzy Hair at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Agent C after Hair Botox at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Agent C isn't the only one who experience the same effect. 

BU Agent Korena had a similar experience, as seen from her review here:

Customer Review on Hair Botox by Chez Vous Hair Salon

Her hair condition changed from this:

Frizzy Hair Before Hair Botox

to this after the hair botox and fillers therapy!

Smooth and Silky Hair After Hair Botox at Chez Vous Hair Salon

2. Combat Frizz Effectively and Easily... for Months!

We all know how the humid weather in Singapore can wreck chaos to our hair. Fortunately, with Hair Botox and Fillers Therapy, all you need is to lightly blow dry your hair with medium heat in downward motions and you’ll be able to reduce frizz by up to 50% - 70% throughout the day!

For busy superwomen like Sabrina, this hair treatment is a life-saver!

Customer Review of Hair Botox at Chez Vous Hair Salon

There are many anti-frizz treatments out there but Hair Botox and Fillers Therapy stands out as one of the few that successfully keep frizz away for at least 2-3 months... and as long as 8 months for Agent C!

3. Cut Down Blow Styling Time Dramatically

Time-pressed individuals will definitely love this treatment as it effectively reduces the porosity of the hair with huge doses of repairing concentrates. This means that with less “holes” in the hair, less water will be trapped in it, making your blow dry process a breeze. 

As BU Agent Sabrina shares earlier, hair can now be blown dry in 10 minutes or less, a time saving of more than 50%!

Hair Botox Treatment at Chez Vous Hair Salon

4. Repairs the Most Damaged of hair

While other Brazilian Blowouts and Keratin Treatments saturate hair mainly with just proteins to “fill-up” holes (damages) that is often due to age and chemical services, Chez Vous’ Hair Botox and Fillers Therapy goes beyond that by adding huge doses of amino complex oils, jojoba oils, avocado oils, hyaluronic acid and ceramides to ensure that this therapy fixes the hair cortex and cuticles even as it wraps keratin around the hair to provide the structure for the anti-frizz effect.

According to raving reviews, this revolutionary treatment certainly delivers!

Customer Review of Hair Botox at Chez Vous Hair Salon

5. Hair Looks Shinier and Smoother afterwards

Frequent chemical services cause severe damage to our cuticles – the outermost layer of our hair. When this layer is “peeled off”, hair becomes rough and is unable to reflect light – causing it to look dull. This state-of-the-art treatment contains pro-satin silk protein that helps repair your cuticles or acts like them (especially for hair that does not have cuticles due to intense damage).

This creates shinier and healthy-looking hair appearance that BU Agent Shana loves so much after the treatment!

Customer Review of Hair Botox at Chez Vous Hair Salon

6. ZERO Formaldehyde

Some keratin treatments are found to contain Formaldehyde even when they claim it to be Formaldehyde-free. Not this one!

Chez Vous’ Hair Botox and Fillers use keratin solutions that do not contain any Formaldehyde – as certified by U.S. Governing Body.

Yes, it’s ZERO Formaldehyde – as it uses a radically different Glyoxylic Acid Technology!

7. Heat Styling still possible after Hair Botox + Fillers Therapy

Unlike typical keratin treatments, hair that has just performed hair botox + fillers can still go for heat styling in the same day.

That's what Agent Sudhida did as she went for her prom on the same day as her hair botox. 

Before and After Hair Botox on Frizzy Hair at Chez Vous Hair Salon
Before and After Hair Botox on Frizzy Hair at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Check out her experience below:

Customer Review of Hair Botox at Chez Vous Hair Salon
Before and After Hair Botox on Frizzy Hair at Chez Vous Hair Salon
Before and After Hair Botox on Frizzy Hair at Chez Vous Hair Salon

8. Developed to Suit Asian Hair

Asian hair is generally thicker when compared to Caucasian hair. Which is why conventional Keratin Treatment usually results in “harder” and “coarser” hair texture when applied to Asian hair type due to the high concentration of protein content.

Chez Vous’ exclusive Hair Botox and Fillers Therapy is formulated to have lower ratios of proteins to moisture to ensure that the result is softer when compared to the usual Keratin Treatments.

Before and After Hair Botox on Frizzy Hair at Chez Vous Hair Salon

9. Created and Available Only At Chez Vous Hair Salon, Beauty Undercover's Most Well-Loved and Reviewed Hair Salon!

Hair Botox and Fillers therapy is designed and developed by Chez Vous Hair Salon after 2 years of extensive R&D and learnings from fixing damaged hair. This means the technology and procedure is exclusive to them only, and you won't find it at other hair salons.

Fortunately, Chez Vous Hair Salon is our FAVOURITE Hair Salon of all time. Other than a wide range of innovative treatments, service here is personalized and the stylists very skillful at what they do. Most importantly, the stylists at Chez Vous genuinely care for customers and will only recommend treatments that customers genuinely need.

Take BU Agent Liew YH, for example. She wanted to do hair botox initially but the stylist dissuaded her from doing so after realizing that it is not necessary for her... this is the level of professionalism that makes us trust Chez Vous Hair Salon so much!

Customer Review of Hair Botox at Chez Vous Hair Salon

We also love how the stylists here don't just do the treatment for you; they take the effort to explain how to maintain your hair properly afterwards to extend the effect of the treatment. 

Customer Review of Hair Botox at Chez Vous Hair Salon

10. Positively Reviewed by Many

The therapy has won multiple hair awards from prestigious media such as Women’s Weekly, Harper’s Bazaar, Her World, and many more.

It remains one of the top favourite hair treatments among beauty writers, journalists and working professionals... and definitely one of the favourites among Beauty Undercover agents!

Customer Review of Hair Botox at Chez Vous Hair Salon


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