Hair Colour Trends That Define 2018 in Singapore

Published on Dec 21, 2017

Some hair colours are just timeless that no matter the seasonNew year, new you, new hair colour? As we say goodbye to 2017, it's time to review the most commonly requested hair colours in the last few months and talk to stylists about what they think will be trending in the coming year. If you are ready for a new look, get some serious inspiration from these trendy colours below ...


Some hair colours are just timeless no matter the season and brown is one such colour!

Brown Highlights at Flamingo Hair Studio

Frappucino Hair Colour by Flamingo Hair Studio

After years of Instagrammable vibrant colours, more and more people are turning back to the trusty easily manageable browns that don't require frequent visits to the salon for colour retouch. 

Caramel Brown Hair Colour at Chez Vous

Brown doesn't mean boring, however, 

Come 2018, you can expect to see a rise in coffee, toffee, and caramel inspired colours. These colours tend to be balayage ombre or balayage sombre hair colours that show different shades of brown in one hairstyle.

Caramel Brown Hair Colour at Chez Vous

Melted Caramel by Chez Vous

However, as pretty as they look, they still require bleaching to achieve the different tones. 

Aside from such colours, the tiger eye colour trend is also catching on. 

Tiger Eye is a gem with a distinct pattern of gold, bronze and dark brown stripes. 

Taking inspiration from the gemstone, tiger eye hair colour applies caramel highlights to a chocolate bronze base to give a warm integrated brown hair colour with high contrast. We've seen this done at Gene by Ginrich and the results are absolutely gorgeous! 

Tiger Eye Hair Colour

Tiger Eye by Gene by Ginrich

The main reason why some of us go for brown hair colours is because bleaching damages our hair too much... it can also be very expensive.

If your hair is already too damaged from the previous bleaching or you simply don't want to, these brown hair colours that don't require bleaching may be more to your liking ...

No Bleach Brown Hair Colour

You can go for this ash brown hair colour at just $95 for all hair lengths (before discount) at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

Ash Fawn Hair Colour

or this ash fawn hair colour at $90 by Risel Japanese Hair Salon (before discount).

Natural Brown Hair Colour
Ash Brown Hair Colour

Though ash colours typically require bleaching, these ash brown-like colours ($95) by Bump Hair Design is able to achieve it without subjecting your tresses to bleach.

Khaki Brown Hair Colour

If you want a slightly different shade and some treatments within the colour itself, there's always Khaki Brown, the latest trending hair colour created by COVO Japanese Hair Salon at just $120, before 20% first-timer discount! This colour is achievable without bleach and is created specially to flatter most skin tones.

Purple Lavender Hair Colour
Purple Lavender Hair Colour

This technique isn't just for brown colours. We've seen this done for vibrant hair colours as well!


Scarlett Hair Colour

Scarlet Balayage by Risel Japanese Hair Salon

No colour speaks of festivities more than warm, eye-catching Reddish Tones. 

This year, however, the reds are inching towards a pinkish, rosey scarlet red colours. 

Scarlett Hair Colour

Auburn Wine by Full House Salon 

Stylists are also combining reds, with ashy and millennial pink to spruce up the popular hair trend and keep it trending.

Dusty Pink by Evolve Salon

Some variations include dusty pink, pinkish reds and rose hair colours for a unique, more lasting shade. 

Scarlett Hair Colour

Pinkish Red by Art Noise Japanese hair Salon

These looks by Bump by AVENTA

Scarlett Hair Colour

Pinkish Red by Bump by AVENTA

and Chez Vous combines two popular trends, rose brown with pinkish red highlights for the ultimate feminine, edgy but classy look. 

Reddish Brown Hair Colour

Pink Rose by Chez Vous

If you still want to rock this trend but with a subtle edge, there's always highlights, ombre, and dip dye ends.

Burgundy Hair Colour
Burgundy Highlights at Picasso

Balayage Rose by 99 Percent @ Bedok Point and Pink Highlights by Picasso Hair Studio

Ashy Hues

Grey Blue Highlights at Picasso
Silver Platinum Hair Colour

Ever since ashy hair colours hit the hair scene, it's been a hit among many. From ash browns to ash pinks, this hair trend makes any colour look effortlessly cool! Ash grey and metallic ash colours are hugely popular.

Ash Grey Hair Colour

Dusty Ash Grey by Evolve Salon

To prevent yourself from looking too grey, stylists also tend to recommend adding some colours at the end to spruce up the overall look. 

Silver Purple Hair Colour

Grey with Multi-Coloured Ends by  Full House Salon 

Purple Grey Hair Colour by Full House

Pastel Grey and LeeKaJa Korean Salon

This makes tough to wear colours like turquoise more easily acceptable as well. 

Trendy Silver Ocean Hair Colour

Ash + Turquoise by Bump by AVENTA and

You can even do it in reverse!

Red Grey Ombre

Reverse Pink + Ash grey by Full House Salon

Multi Colour Blue Hair Colour

One thing to take note of is that not everyone can achieve this colour.

Several rounds of bleaching are required and not everyone's hair can take the damage... even when you add Olaplex / Smartbond / Cureplex into the bleaching mixture. 

Dark Grey Hair Colour

Silver with Greyish Blue Tinge by Style NA Korean Salon 

That may be why dark ash colours are on the rise.

We think that the metallic dark ash tones will be the MOST popular ash hair colours in 2018 because they don't need as many bleaches. It is also more work-friendly and gives your hair the shiny silverish finish that will make you the envy of many!

Metallic Silver Hair Colour

Metallic Silver Ash by Bump by AVENTA 

Still, ash hair colours tend to fade fast and the upkeep can put a dent in your pocket.

To prevent your new ash hair colour from fading to fast, use grey shampoo or colour depositing shampoo to prolong the colour. Another alternative is to opt for a darker colour, and as you wash your hair each time, the colour will fade into an ashy colour.


Peach Pastel Pink Hair Colour

Seen on a number of Korean celebrities, peach coloured tresses is a new tone to sport for the coming year.

It's definitely a loud and fun colour, one that is sure to get heads turning, so you'll have to rock this colour with confidence!

Though not flattering on all skin tones, picking the right shade can prevent you from looking wacky.

Peach Pastel Pink Hair Colour
Peach Pastel Pink Hair Colour

 Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade

Darker skin tones such as olive-skinned individuals should go for the darker peach hair colours, while those with fair skin can opt for light or medium peach hair shades - shades that has a more orange tint to it than pink.

Champagne Pink Hair Colour

Champagne Pink @ Du Sol Korean Salon

Peach tresses are also especially gorgeous when combined with browns to tone down the visual impact of the orange. Give it a go with one of the trendy browns listed earlier, and let your wild side out with an orange-brown ombre or balayage.

Orange Brown Hair Colour

Orange Brown by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon


Lavender Hair Colour

Pastel Dusty Lavender by Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade

Lavenders are cool, dainty colours and may not even need many rounds of bleaching depending on the shade you choose!

Lavender Brown Hair Colour
Lavender Brown Hair Colour

 Lavender Brown by Gene by Ginrich and Full House Salon

Of course, this also depends on your existing hair colour and hair texture. Some tend to look almost brown-like, making it a perfect "vibrant" colour for the office.

Purple Grey Hair Colour
Lavender Hair Colour

Purple Ombre by No. 8 Hair Studio and Dusty Lavender by Picasso Hair Studio

Furthermore, it's often paired with brown, enhancing the soft, daintiness of the colour.

Lavender Grey Hair Colour

Full House Salon 

It can also be easily paired with other vibrant colours for a stunning effect.

Whether you choose to wear it on its own or with other colours, lavender is a pretty easy colour to pull off.

Purple Orange Hair Colour
Purple Yellow Highlights

No.8 Hair Studio

If your workplace isn't too conventional, we suggest opting for lavender brown as it's a vibrant colour without being too loud and professional looking for work. 

Galaxy Colours

Multi Colour Purple Green Blue Hair Colour

Oil Slick Balayage by 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

Galaxy hair colours is another hair trend still going strong.

However, in 2018, galaxy colours trend will take a dark turn and not be as multi-coloured as before. Compared to the lighter shades we see now, the trend will take on 2-3 vibrant dark shades like this oil slick balayage above. It would however require regular maintenance as the colours will fade differently at different speeds.

Multi Colour Purple Highlights

For easier maintenance, instead of colouring your whole head, settle on peek-a-boo galaxy hair colours. This way, even when the colours start to fade, it won't be as obvious. You can also wear it at the office as the colours tend to be hidden unless you were to tie your hair up or flip it to the side.

Galaxy Hair Colour
Galaxy Green and Blue Hair Colour

It's also a great way to try out the colour before going full head.

Galaxy Hair Colour

Full House Salon

That's a wrap for 2018 hair trends! Which colours do you have an eye on and will be rocking in the new year? Let us know in the comments below.

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