2020 Hair Colours for Women who are Trendy AF in Singapore

Published on Dec 18, 2019

Check your calendar, people!

2020 is arriving quick with a new year / new decade. And guess what you should change?

Your hair colour of course.

We've distilled the biggest hair colour trends in Singapore by asking hairstylists on what the most requested colours for 2020 is going to be. Bookmark this page and hit up your colourist on what you can try for 2020.

1. Milk Tea 

With Boba exploding all over Singapore (and Asia), it is not surprising that the milk tea obsession has spread over to hair colour trends as well.

Milk Tea Hair Colour by Bump Hair Design

Bump Hair Design @ Holland Village

A combination of brown and blonde, these two colour tones are mixed together to form creamy chic hair colour that is neither too warm nor too cool.

Light Brown Hair Colour by Full House Salon

Full House Salon @ Tampines

Perfect for us Singaporean girls as it can bring out our golden undertones!

Golden Light Brown Hair Colour by Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Threes Japanese Hair Salon @ Clarke Quay

Best part is that this colour is actually quite work-friendly.

While the colour can be quite light, the shade is still pretty acceptable at most workplaces in Singapore. 

Work-Friendly Light Brown Hair Colour at Finder by COVO

Finder by COVO @ Tanjong Pagar

2. Copper

Seen on Korean celebrities everywhere, Copper has only very recently arrived on Singapore shores. 

dark copper mane made

Dark copper by Mane Made @ Hougang

Most of us are a little hesitant about colouring our hair orange but this is actually a very flattering colour to sport as it gives the wearer a brighter complexion without having to use a ton of makeup products. 

Copper Hair Colour by 99 Percent Hair Studio

99 Percent Hair Studio

This blend of red and orange create a gorgeous metallic shade that makes you look very fashion-forward.

Burnt Orange

It's bright enough to make a statement but dark enough to look work-appropriate.

Dark Orange Copper by No. 8 Hair Studio

No. 8 Hair Studio @ Jurong East 

If you're worried about going too orange, you can always go for an ombre copper for darker roots and sepia ends!

3. Ash Rose

Still find it hard to accept orange? A similar colour with a pinkish undertone is ash rose.

Naruto-Inspired Ash Rose Hair Colour by Finder by COVO

Finder by COVO @ Tanjong Pagar

We love it because of how romantic it looks without being too overly sweet.

Ash Rose Hair Colour

The Bund @ Ang Mo Kio

It may not be April yet but this colour already brings us to the cusp of Spring with its Sakura-like colours. 

Chez Vous Hideaway

While it's not exactly work-friendly, this colour is perfect for those keen to wear their light colours for a longer period of time. 

Ash Rose Hair Colour by 99 Percent Hair Studio

99 Percent Hair Studio

We followed Agent J on her visit to get her hair coloured at Style NA Korean Hair Salon. Her ash rose hair colour changed from this:

Ash Rose Hair Colour by Style NA

Ash Rose at Style NA Korean Salon

to rose gold after a month!

Ash Rose to Rose Gold Hair Colour After 1 Month

4. Ash Violet

Pink will always be a perennial favourite for some girls but for the rest of us, who wish for just that bit of romance, violet toes the perfect balance between sweet and chic. 

Ash Violet Hair Colour at The Urban Aesthetics

Ash Violet at The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics

We also love how flattering it is on Asian skin as it makes us look less yellow immediately.

Ash Violet Hair Colour

It doesn't have to be too bright if you don't want it to. A more practical colour for everyday wear may be the darker ash violet that lights up your face without making everyone in the room stare at you.

Short Hair Ash Purple Hair Colour by Picasso Hair Studio

Picasso Hair Studio

And then there is lavender brown highlights by Koinonia Salon that has been much requested these days.

Brown Lavender Highlights by Koinonia Salon

We're also very much in love with Agent D's Ash Purple by Natalie from Full House Salon who inserted just the right amount of pink and purple in the hair for a school and work-friendly ash magenta. 

Office Friendly Ash Purple Magenta Hair Colour by Full House

Full House Salon @ Tampines

5. Chunky Blonde Highlights

As more and more of us get to know how damaging bleach can be, we're seeing fewer bright colours on the street these days.

It doesn't mean that you go for zero-bleach though.

Many unique colour designs still require bleach but there are some that require less maintenance than others AND still look classy. 

Chez Vous Hideaway

Chunky Blonde Highlights is one of them.

Though toning it can make it look more ashy, the colour doesn't really fade, making it very easy to maintain.

Blonde Highlights by Chez Vous

99 Percent Hair Studio

As you add highlights over time, your hairstyle becomes more and more stunning as the differences in highlights over time gives your hair that natural texture and dimension without needing to dye your entire head. 

Short Blonde Highlights by The Bunk AMK

The Bund @ Ang Mo Kio

This may be a reason why chunky highlights are gaining more popularity now, even more so than ombres and balayage.

Chunky Blonde Highlights by The Urban Aesthetics

While it does look more glamorous curled, it looks just as sleek when you leave it straight.

Highlights with Straight Hair at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong

Bonus: Pantone Colour of the Year 2020

To welcome 2020, Pantone chose Classic Blue as the Colour of the Year.

It is not so easy to carry blue on Asian skin so stylists aren't sure if it will start a trend.

But here's some colour inspo of how it can possibly work if you are keen!

Nothing says Transformation more than a short haircut AND a stunning new colour like Pantone blue. 

Pantone Blue Hair Colour for Year 2020

Threes Japanese Hair Salon @ Clarke Quay

But even if you're not so adventurous as to get a pixie cut, you can still show off your cool blue long hair, with an ombre perhaps?

Pantone Blue Hair Colour by Picasso Hair Studio

Picasso Hair Studio

For those looking to still go to work normally, you can opt for midnight blue

Dark Blue Hair Colour

or just blue highlights like this. 

Blue Highlights for Mature Woman at Kenaris Salon

Kenaris Salon 

Keen to try out one of these colours? Share your experience on BU.sg!

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