These Hair Colours may Keep You From Getting A+ in Polytechnic or University

Published on Apr 06, 2017

You've just graduated from secondary school / junior college, and after 10+ years of not being able to change your hair colour, you can't wait to get a crazy colour, right?

If you're heading to poly and even university, lucky you as there are no strict rules on which hair colours you can or cannot wear! However, before you run to the salon to sport the latest vibrant hair colour, think again!

Read on to find out which hair colours are the 'safest' and which may keep you from getting your A+s in Poly or University!

These Colours MAY keep you from getting A+

It's no surprise that vibrant shades will definitely make you stand out and have many lusting over your cool hair.

Deep Purple Hair Colour on Angled Bob Cut

Deep Purple by 99 Percent Hair Studio

However, that may not be the best thing in the world... if you're trying to hide from lecturers in class!

Short Blue Green Hair Colour

Blue Green by 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

You may find your name being called out just a little more often than your normal-haired friends... simply because your hair colour is so bright!

That may however not be such a bad thing if you enjoy talking in class. 

Pink Pixelated Hair Colour

Pixelated Hair by 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

Prepare for the lecture ahead of time and you may just positively surprise your lecturers (and your classmates) on how un-bimbo you are! ;)

Pink Ombre on Short Hair

Pink Ombre by Evolve Salon 

You're taking a chance with your As with Ashy Colours!

If you absolutely must bleach your hair, ashy colours may be less of a risky choice for school.

Short Ash Purple Hair Colour

Ash Purple by HaLu

Although they are brighter than the usual colour, matte grey is somehow less attention-seeking than the usual vibrant colour. 

Grey Hair Colour

Cool Grey by Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

If you find greys too boring, pastels can be a great option for you to try colourful without being too loud. 

Pastel Rainbow Hair Colour

Pastel Rainbow by LeeKaJa Salon @ Mandarin Gallery 

This style may be more muted in tone but they require just as much maintenance as vibrant hair colours.

You will have to invest in after-care products such as purple shampoo to prolong the colour, moisture-rich leave-on treatments to prevent and manage dry, frizzy hair that comes with bleaching.

A- should not be a problem with These Colours

You may have to give a semblance of normality and play the skilful game of hide-and-seek  to get your As. 

Brown Ombre

Ombre by Do My Hair 

Ombre trend is the way to go as the vibrant colour at the ends look almost natural ... and can be easily hidden by tying it up during class!

You don't even have to tie it up if the ends aren't that bright. 

Do note that you probably do have to spend time curling your hair to make it look good!

Lavender Ombre

Lavender Ombre by COVO Japanese Hair Salon 

Best of all, you wouldn't have to spend as much time and money for the upkeep of your look. You won't have to worry about ugly root growth!

Since the bottom half of your hair is bleached, you can easily cut it off and wear a fun short hairstyle when the bleached parts get too dry and frizzy or require too much effort maintenance. 

People will be wondering if your hair is dyed or if it is extremely glossy, or a soft black that looks blueish under some light. I had this colour for a week and the colour has not faded at all! I also got a bunch of compliments when I went to school! It's not as hard to maintain since it doesn't fade fast and the beauty of this colour is you don't have to dye and bleach you entire hair to get the look.

Just highlight parts of your natural black hair and voila - you are now a mysterious beauty!

Peekaboo Lavender Pink Highlights

Similar to the ombre style, peek-a-boo hair colours are another way of making your vibrant colour less obvious. 

Peekaboo Rainbow Highlights

Rainbow Hair by Picasso Hair Studio 

The crazy colour is hidden when your hair is down (suitable for those is business courses or a stricter environment) but on full display when it is tied up or in braids!

You don't have to worry too much about the downsides of maintenance with this style, as once again, your entire hair is not bleached and it's much easier to counteract or conceal the damage and fading colour if need be as it's mostly hidden.

These Hair Colours are A+ approved!

As you might have already guessed, brown hair colours are the safest and simplest colour to dye your hair when wanting to change up your black hair.

Short Grayge

Grayge by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon  

Most brown shades do not require bleaching and even if they did, hairstylists usually add in bleached highlights to create a natural, sun-kissed look to blend with the brown base colour.

When the bleached highlights wear off, you won't find yourself in dire need of a salon appointment as the colour will still blend well with the base colour, giving the impression you went for lighter brown highlights than usual.

Most importantly, your lecturer won't call you out for being too cool for school!

Remember, brown is never boring and you can always take it to the next level by opting for a brown balayage or brown ombre.

Brown Balayage

By Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

That said, non-bleached hair colours are still the easiest to maintain and most importantly, won't cost you an arm and a leg!

Click here for more trendy hair colour inspirations that don't require bleaching. 

Don't take this too seriously, your grades are based on your efforts! :)

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