9 Hair Hacks to Make A Rainy Day a Good Hair Day

Published on Nov 09, 2017

Doesn't it seems like it's been raining all day?

It is already not an easy task to manage our hair on normal days... but add a dripping day and it just seems impossible. 

Don't feel down if you're feeling that way!

We've gathered some advice and products from hairstylists that will help your hair look flawless even when the day just looks so stormy!

1. Avoid Getting Out There

Raining Outdoor

Even if you have the umbrella, staying outdoors will expose your hair to the moisture in the air... and this is exactly what you DO NOT want. 

Staying outdoors will frizz up your hair and you may just be stuck with flat hair the whole day ~

2. Get Beachy with Sea Salt Spray

Natural Wavy Hair After Using Sea Salt Spray

Since its going to be a damp day anyway, why not go for the beachy waves look?

Rainy days are best for using Sea Salt Sprays as it adds texture to straight hair and enhances your natural curls. The salt within will get rid of the natural oils in your hair so that you get the extra volume!

Beach Wave with Sea Salt Spray at AUBE

Agent JQ at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

Of course, you can also apply sea salt spray even if it doesn't rain. Agent JQ was able to achieve these curls with just some sea salt spray and blowdry with straight hair!

3. Spray on that Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo

If beachy waves is not acceptable at work, there's always dry shampoo!

We first heard about dry shampoo from Aris from Kenaris Salon who shared the amazing tip with us; if your hair feels too oily or just slightly damp due to humidity, spray some dry shampoo to get rid of the oil and moisture. 

Your hair will go back to looking voluminous and obedient in no time!

4. Bring out that Curler


There is about 80% chance that your hair will start to show its waviness in the wet weather. So why not just curl your hair before the rainy day does?

A heated tong can help you achieve defined curls and make it harder for your hair to frizz up. 

5. Perfect Your Top-Knot

Top Knot Bun During Rainy Days

Styling by Hair Studio Flamingo

The best hairstyle for a rainy day is undoubtedly the Top Knot. It is easy to style and looks good... even if you happened to get drenched in the rain!

6. Braid Your Hair

Not everyone can pull off the french braid but do a few more twists and turns and it can look sufficiently professional for work!

Just remember to braid it a little tighter than usual to hold the braid in place.

7. Blow Dry Hair Your Completely

If you have the habit of letting your hair airdry, today is the day you should consider drying your hair completely. 

While there will still be dampness in the air later on, making sure your hair is completely dry will reduce dampness and therefore frizz later on!

8. Don't Forget to Apply Your Curl Cream / Serum

Application of Curl Cream or Serum

Haircut at Ann's Studio @ The Adelphi

The cream that you apply will wrap a layer of protective oils around your hair to give it that definition... particularly if you have curly hair.

This will reduce the amount of humidity and moisture that can enter the hair, so don't forget to apply a dollop of curl cream before you leave the house!

9. Wear a Hat

Wearing Hat During Rainy Days

Don't be down just because the weather isn't that cheery.

This is the best time to whip out that collection of hats you've been wanting to wear for some time!

Do you have any other rainy hair tips to share?

Let us know below!

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