9 Office-Friendly Hair Makeovers to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Promotion

Published on Mar 22, 2017

Looking to promote and rise faster through the ranks? 

Aside from ensuring tip top performance, why not go for a hair makeover to look more confident, approachable or energised, depending on what you need more of?

Here are 9 makeovers the stylists at Chez Vous Hair Salon have done for women looking to advance in their career, taking into consideration their face shape, their preferences and their jobs.

Read on for some hair inspirations on what you can do to accelerate your promotion

Refresh and Recharge.

People don't get promoted for doing their jobs really well.They get promoted for demonstrating their potential to do more.- Tara Jaye Frank

There are many strategies that people take to fast track their promotion; saying YES to taking up new initiatives and challenges is one of them!

Being proactive in taking on new initiatives signals to the boss that you are handling your current work well and that you are ready to take on more responsibilities ie. you are ready for a promotion. 

Looking worn out all the time, however, may inadvertently affect what your boss thinks of you, causing the opportunity to take on new projects and get a promotion pass you by. 

No matter how busy you are, take some time to invigorate your looks and show everyone that you're holding everything up together just fine!

1. Tousled Lob with Bangs

Long hair can drag down your overall look and make you seem older and more tired than you really are. 

A change in length would do a lot to refresh your overall image. You don't have to go too short. As you can see, this tousled lob is sufficient to give Katie a more contemporary and confident image while still being very appropriate for work.

Salon Director of Chez Vous, Serene also gave her some bangs that start from one cheekbone and ends at the other. This helps to make her long face shape more oval.  

Don't you think that Katie looks like a whole new person with this makeover?

2. Soft Layered Bob

If you have features as lovely as Joyce, why not try a shorter soft layered bob? 

Associate Salon Director, Veyond, created this bob to “open” up Joyce’s face and bring out her cheekbones, creating a youthful and contemporary vibe while looking professional.

We think that Joyce looks a lot more alert and ready for challenges after this snip!

3. Copper Brown Balayage & Eye-length Bangs

Another thing that could possibly get you down is Faded Hair Colours. This is especially true for Joyceline who has darker skin tones. 

To bring out her stunning tan, Associate Salon Director, Readen, gave her copper brown balayage that exudes a soft charm. He paired it with eye-length bangs which are often interpreted as trendy, energetic and bold. 

As you can see, a refresh of the right colour and the right cut can make a huge difference!

Tip: Bangs are a double-edged sword. For women with big and gorgeous eyes, it can enhance it. Women with small and droopy eyes may find that bangs make them look weary. 

Boost Your Confidence.

Feeling confident – or pretending that you feel confident – is necessary to reach for opportunities.It’s a cliché, but opportunities are rarely offered; they’re seized.- Sheryl Sandberg

Are you one of those workers who contribute a lot but is underappreciated because you seldom stand up for yourself? 

Well, it may be time to revamp your overall image and demonstrate that you too are a rising superstar deserving of a higher position.

Boost your confidence by understanding your strength and change your look to show that you too, are confident and assertive enough to face the clients and lead a team!

1. Pixie Cut with Chocolate Mauve Hues 

It's a big move but why not consider a simulated pixie cut? 

It's a little unfortunate to refer to stereotypes but in our opinion, androgynous hairstyles does emphasize on masculine qualities and helps the wearer appear more confident and assertive. 

It doesn't mean that you should go masculine all the way though. To play up her feminine yet fashionable qualities, Associate Salon Director, Shawn, gave Annabel a simulated pixie cut along with this year's hottest hair colour – Chocolate Mauve hues (the brunette version of rose gold).

The colour was able to tone down the pixie cut and make her look confident yet approachable at the same time, perfect for her job which requires her to constantly meet clients and organize events for major fashion brands! 

2. K-Pop Inspired Perm

If Pixies are too short for you, a shoulder-length bob can possibly be sufficient to show off your renewed focus on career. 

Pair it with a K-pop inspired perm like what Associate Salon Director Oscar designed for Luanne and you'll be looking sleek and professional in no time!

3. Matte Brown Balayage with Centre-Parted Hair

Can't let go of your long tresses? 

Refresh your hair colour and change your parting to look more chic, authoritative and empowered. 

Associate Salon Director, Readen Chia changed Aldora’s side parting to a centre-part as it gives her a more balanced and bold look.

He also gave her a matte brown balayage with a tinge of ash that counteracts Aldora's reddish skin tone to help her look fairer and more confident! 

Becoming more Approachable.

If you think you're leading and turn around to see no one following, then you're just taking a walk.- Benjamin Hooks

When you move higher up in the ranks, it is no longer about your personal capabilities and what you are good at but more about how good you are at leading your team to achieve better results. 

Being perceived as aloof and arrogant may, therefore, impact your chances at a promotion if your next rise in position requires you to build a team!

It is not so easy to change your personality but a makeover can be a simple first step to help you look more approachable. 

1. Side-parted, Long-layered Fringe with Warm Tones

The previous middle-parted long black hair makes Jasmine look very stern, serious and a little unapproachable.

To soften her overall look,  Associate Salon Director Shawn changed her parting to a 3:7 side-parted long layered fringe. He also gave Jasmine a lighter warm brown colour shade with an occasional caramel highlight to perk up her final look. 

Although Jasmine looks more accessible, we're happy to note that it didn't detract from her confidence and professionalism after the makeover!

2. Side-Parted Fringe with Olive Brown Balayage

Excessively long hair can drag your overall energy down and make you look more sullen and distant than you actually are. 

Associate Salon Director Veyond Chong gave Caroline a shoulder length cut to lessen the weight of her hair and paired it with an Olive Brown Balayage to brighten her overall look. She also added a soft side-swept fringe, which is a softer alternative to the one-length side part. 

Don't you think that Caroline looks more managerial after the makeover?

3. Texturized Pixie Bob

Short haircuts need not always look severe and masculine. 

This texturized pixie bob by Chief Salon Director Thomas Teo actually made Sarah looked a lot more personable. This may be because the haircut framed Sarah's face a lot better and made her look as if she is more interested in listening to you. She isn't going to grill you on the nitty-gritty as her feathered cut seems to suggest; instead, she will work with you and help you achieve your final objective. 

FYI, this pixie bob is actually pretty easy to maintain, so it is perfect for those of you looking to go out the door after a quick blowdry and a few minutes of minimal styling.

If you had to choose between their Before vs After, who would you choose to give a promotion to? :)

Not every salon is capable of giving customers a transformational makeover like what we see above. If you want the very best in this trade to help you on your hair journey, Chez Vous Salon is our first choice, given their experienced director-only team and multiple awards! 

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