10 Hair Milestones You Want to Reach Before Hitting 40

Published on Jul 12, 2017

After graduation, the first thing most of us want to do is change up our hair.

Although you can stay young at heart forever, it's a fact that as you grow older, you probably will have settle for more professional haircuts and hair colours.

So before you have to bid goodbye to living wild and free 24/7, have fun experimenting with hairstyles that show a side of your personality.

There are so many ways that you can change your hair, here are 10 hair milestones to get you inspired!

1. Go for a big chop

Pixie Haircut

Pixie Cut by S.A.D.

Staying with the same length all the time gets boring. Go for a brave chop to change up your look, like a pixie cut or a wild undercut. Remember, hair grows back and you are better off experimenting with cool short hairstyles before if you have to don an appropriate one for the office.

2. Lob

Chez Vous Hair Salon

The lob is an ever popular hairstyle. It's playfully chic and perfect for those of you who want to go short but still keep a bit of length - perfect for the hot weather too! Another reason to get the lob? If you have split ends or damaged ends from bleaching or too much heat styling, the lob gets rid of the damage and still gives you a flattering hairstyle.

3. Change your look with a fringe cut

Frame your face differently with a fringe. Baby fringe, bangs, side swept, there are so many options! Go for a different look without chopping off all your hair - that's the beauty of fringe cuts! You can look totally different just by getting your fringe that suits your face shape.

4. Get a wild undercut

Undercut with Hair Tattoo at Kenaris Salon

Kenaris Hair Salon

What we love about the undercut is that it's even wearable at the office! Now, this just goes to show that you don't have to give up your wild side as you get older, just hide it well from time to time. Though the undercut requires frequent trips to the hair salon to maintain the look, especially if your undercut follows a specific design, it's still a must-try simply because it's uber cool!

5. Grey hair, don't care

Grey Hair Colour at Leekaja

LeeKaJa Hair & Beauty Salon

Ever since grey hair hit the scene. it's blowing up and still is! The grey hair trend has seen new additions such as ash grey, silver platinum, silver blonde and so on. There's no saying where this granny locks will take us next, but while it's still trending, hop on the bandwagon and coat your tresses in you favorite shade if grey. 

6. Experiment with colours that require bleaching

Creative Pink Hair Colour at Leekaja


We've heard time and time again that bleaching is damaging to the hair, and we're not here to disagree. However, if you take good care of your bleached locks and treat it well with treatments, bleached hair is not as scary as it seems. After all, there's no denying the limitless selection of colours you can choose from when you bleach your hair! So if you love changing your hair colour often, it might be time to bring on the bleach.

7. Reach for the stars with galaxy hair

Galaxy Hair Colour

CLEO Hair & Make

If you are ready to commit to bleaching, then give galaxy hair a go, and you won't be sorry you ever did. There's a reason why the galaxy trend is so popular - the colours are simply out-of-this-world gorgeous! We guarantee you won't be able to stop admiring your hair and the countless compliments you'll receive will leave you smiling, and shining like the night sky.  

8. Rock the metallic hair trend

Grey Hair Colour with Purple Highlights

Color Bar by Full House Salon

Another hair trend you should totally jump on board with is metallic hair colours. The metallic sheen takes your look to another level and what's not to love about tresses that exude badass vibes with a touch of elegance. Doesn't the picture above scream slayyyyyy?!

9. Get curled

Freestyle Perm at Picasso

Picasso Hair Studio

Since Asian hair is normally thick and straight, why not try a perm? Change the texture of your hair by making it lush and voluminous with curls. Depending on the type of perm you are going for, you can opt for beachy waves, bombshell curls or c-curls at the ends of your hair. Balayage hair colours tend to look better with curls too!

10. Schedule monthly hair and scalp treatments

Hair and Scalp Treatment at Follicle Salon

Hair & Scalp Treatment at Follicle Salon

If you are obsessed with flawless hair, then you should know that quite a bit of care and effort goes into achieving beautiful, healthy hair. With all that stress of chemical services and styling that you put your hair through, your tresses need some tender loving care. If you can afford to, schedule monthly hair and scalp treatments that will nourish and repair your hair, then watch how your hair transforms! Otherwise, DIY deep conditioning treatments can do wonders for your hair too. 

How many can you check off the list?

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