10 Hair Salons That Offer Both Makeup and Hairstyling for Weddings, D&D and Events

Published on Oct 31, 2019

As we approach the end of the year, you'll find yourself receiving invitations to a number of events, including D&D, weddings and parties.

If you're a makeup dummy like some of us (e.g. Agent G), you may start worrying about how and where to get your makeup and hairstyling done. As we've been receiving a number of queries from readers, we've compiled a list of salons that offer BOTH makeup and hair services in one roof to get you looking stunning, the most efficient way possible. 

Here it is!

99 percent

1. 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok, Orchard & Bugis

Price: $50-$150 for hairstyling, $89 for makeup, $15 for manicure

If you are a true colour aficionado in Singapore, you MUST have heard of 99 Percent Hair Studio. Among the top 5 salons for hair colour in Singapore, 99 Percent's hair colours are not only Instagrammable, their skills have been endorsed by the industry so much that they've been selected as Singapore's only Wella Flagship Salon!

Red Pink Hair Colour by 99 Percent Hair Studio

Colour by Aron @ 99 Percent Hair Studio

That isn't why we've listed it in this article though. Aside from their stunning colours, 99 Percent Hair Studio offers a suite of services that make it a convenient one-stop place where you can get your hair, nails and even makeup done!

What we love is that the salon has a huge number of stylists with differing specialties, making 99 Percent particularly versatile.

Whether you're thinking of bridal makeup and styling, 

Bridal Makeup and Styling by 99 Percent Hair Studio

a simple smokey look,

Smokey Makeup and Hair Styling by 99 Percent Hair Studio

Makeup and Styling by Danson @ 99 Percent Hair Studio

or even Halloween makeup and styling, the stylists here can do it all.

Halloween Makeup by Hazel at 99 Percent Hair Studio

Halloween Makeup by Hazel @ 99 Percent Hair Studio

All you have to do is bring along any photo ideas so you can share with them during the detailed consultation where they will advise you on what works best. 

Complimentary Hand Mask Treatment at 99 Percent Hair Studio

Complimentary Hand Mask Treatment with Every Hair Service

Another plus point that makes us love 99 Percent Hair Studio so much is the fact that they've been adding more and more value-added services to make your experience a memorable one. Imagine going for a styling session and getting a hand mask treatment FREE at the same time! 

Nail Art by Vivi at 99 Percent Hair Studio

Nail art by Vivi @ 99 Percent Hair Studio

For multi-tasking women who have no time to waste, they also offer nail services at the same time. This way, you can get your nails done while they attend to your hair and makeup.

Agent G has personally gone to 99 Percent Hair Studio (and paid full price, mind you) for makeup and styling for her graduation as well as photo-shoots. From her experience, the stylists have been amazing at giving her the look she's looking for and making sure you look perfect at exactly the time they promise. It is no surprise then that this is one of our favourite salons to go to for both makeup and styling!

2. Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar Neil Rd

Price: $50-$100 for styling, consult salon for makeup

Whenever someone asks us where to get stunning celeb-worthy instagrammable braids, the first salon that pops up in our minds is Japanese Salon Flamingo Hair Studio

Braid Styling by Flamingo Hair Studio

Look at these photos and you'll know what we mean.

Braided Bun by Flamingo Hair Studio

Whether you're thinking about braids, updos or half updos, their hairstyles just look impossibly gorgeous, whether in person or on IG!

Bridal Hairstyling by Flamingo Hair Studio

That isn't all. A few stylists in Flamingo have had experience working as Bridal Makeup Artists back in Japan. 

They are hence very highly demanded by brides even here in Singapore. 

Add their cafe-like ambience featuring featuring huge spaces, large mirrors, greenery and areas with natural light as well as the very friendly Japanese stylist team and you've got a magical salon experience you absolutely got to try!

Shun Sakurai

3. Shun Sakurai Hair & Beauty @ Chijmes

Price: $80-$100 for styling, consult salon for makeup

Promotional Price: $158 for Full Hair Set + Makeup (Check with Salon for validity)

There is a grace about Tomoka that makes us absolutely mesmerized the first time we met her; we aren't just talking about her mannerisms. Tomoka's entire outfit, makeup, hairstyle fit together to give her the very natural, demure and elegant look we love. 

That's Tomoka for you; thanks to her experience helping Tai-Tais back in Japan with their makeup and even outfit selections, Tomoka isn't just a typical hairstylist. She takes care of the entire package from start to finish to make sure that her customers can arrive at events with dignity and style. 

For beauty novices, Tomoka is a dream come true as she will choose the right hair colour for you and match your bronzer, blusher and lip colour all at once - something most of us have trouble doing. 

Natural Makeup by Tomoka at Shun Sakurai

We previously followed Agent XL along her makeover session and here's how she looked like before

Before Makeup and Styling at Shun Sakurai

and now after:

After Makeover at Shun Sakurai Hair & Beauty

Quite a big change, isn't it? If you're keen, you can read more about Agent XL's haircut, colour and makeup experience with Tomoka here.

Tomoka of Shun Sakurai Uses Only The Best Makeup Brands

Tomoka uses a variety of top makeup brands she herself has tried and tested over the years, so you know that you'll definitely get the best results.

Do note that she leans towards the natural style, so you'll absolutely love her if you like the more Japanese natural, elegant style. 

That is why she is so sought after by brides who love to go to her for both bridal makeup and hair setting!

Bridal Intricate Braided Updo by Shun Sakurai

Intricate updo at Shun Sakurai Hair & Beauty

It isn't just her makeup that is good though. Tomoka is also awesome with braids and updos, so you know you'll look perfect for that special event if you go to her! Don't forget to ask her tips on everyday makeup if you manage to get an appointment with her though; Tomoka is very generous with sharing knowledge about what skincare products works best for which type of skin and what colour best suits you. 

Did we tell you that we also love the salon she's working at? Shun Sakurai Hair & Beauty is located in the quaint Chijmes, a perfect location to snap some photos right after your makeup and styling!

Be Salon

4. Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

Price: $50-150 (styling), $70 onwards for basic makeup

You may not have heard of Be Salon but those who've given it a try all rave about what a hidden gem this is! 

Led by Sham Adam, one of our FAVOURITE local stylists of all time, Be Salon is one of the few local salons that truly offers exceptional hairdressing skill with heart. There is NEVER any hardselling or pushing as the stylists all focus on you, the customer, and what you need. When they realize that some of their customers love to bring their children along for haircuts, they actually purchased a booster seat to make the cut more comfortable. When regular customers come by for a colour, some stylists may just throw in a quick trim for free. 

Cool Blue (Sham) by Be Salon

That was why they started the makeup service as well; many of their customers requested for help with regards to makeup and styling before Dinner and Dance or special events. While hairstyling is done by the stylists, makeup is done by Cherie, their inhouse makeup artist. As Cherie wants to make sure that the makeup is done to perfection, she would actually request for all customers to come by for a consultation ahead of the event to understand what look they are looking for. 

D&D Makeup and Styling by Be Salon

When you see the outcome, you'll be glad that you chose Cherie and her team.

Makeup For Mature Woman at Be Salon

Did we also mention that she does makeup well, even for more mature ladies?

COVO Japanese Hair Salon

5. COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Keong Saik / Katong

Price: $50-100 for styling, $100 for makeup

COVO Japanese Hair Salon is another Japanese salon that many brides love to go to for styling. The semi-private spaces definitely plays a part as the increased privacy and personal space makes the entire experience very comfortable and memorable.

Ultimately though, its the stylists that keeps them coming back. Many of the stylists in COVO Keong Saik are female stylists who have worked in bridal studios previously. They are hence experts in both styling and makeup! 

Elegant Hairstyle by Kiyo from COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Outram Park Keong Saik Rd

If you need some specific recommendations, we can tell you that you won't go wrong if you look for Kiyo in Outram Park. Kiyo has lots of experience styling models for fashion magazines, TV shows and bridal makeup in Japan... and has received many raves for her beautiful styling and makeup here in Singapore!

Bridal and Yukata Hairstyling by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

It isn't just bridal hairstyles of course. We know that their bridal and yukata hair arrangements are exquisite but we think that they do makeup and styling for photoshoots just as well, don't you think?

Don't forget to ask her for advice if you have an interest in styling as Kiyo is very willing to share everyday styling tips as well.

Branche Hair Salon

6. Branche Hair and Nail @ Capitol Piazza City Hall

Price: Styling $100 Before GST, Makeup $50 before GST

If you're looking for a salon that offers First Class service right before that special event, you should absolutely not miss Branche. The Japanese stylists here are unfailingly polite and goes out of their way to impress from the first moment you step into the salon. 

Many of their customers are tai-tais at the upper echelons of society who come them regularly for styling, as well as that occasional glass of wine.

Updo Hairstyling by Branche Hair Salon

What you may not know is that one of their stylists, Ryo, offers also makeup services.

High Quality Makeup Service by Ryo at Branche Hair Salon

With a full set of professional makeup and training back in Japan, you can be sure that he will get you looking amazing in no time. 

7. The Fluxus House @ Outram Park

Price: $80 for styling, $80 for makeup

Featuring an art gallery within a hair salon, Fluxus is the new Japanese hair salon along Teo Hong Rd that got us all excited. It isn't just the stunning artworks or the cool, minimalistic vibe that draws us in. We're very excited because this is the first time top Japanese stylists Aki, Chiho and Koichi are working together in the same place!

Mocha Hair Colour by Chiho at Fluxus House

Hair Colour by Chiho

Yes, we know that their speciality is in colour.

But did you know that Chiho and Aki does makeup and styling beautifully as well? 

Makeup and Hairstyling by Fluxus House

Makeup and Styling at The Fluxus House

Chiho, for example, had taken up a number of makeup and styling engagements for both photoshoots and weddings!

Makeup and Styling For Wedding Photoshoot by Chiho at Fluxus House
Makeup and Styling For Wedding Photoshoot by Chiho at Fluxus House

Koichi may not do makeup for customers but his styling is certainly nothing to sniff at!

Bridal Hairstyling and Updo by Koichi at Fluxus House
Picasso Hair Studio

8. Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis 

Price: Styling $65-95, makeup $95

Picasso may be best known for their gorgeous rebonding and perms

Brown Hair Colour by Picasso Hair Studio

But did you know that their stylist Mavis is also trained in makeup too? 

A number of ladies love to go to Mavis for makeup and styling as she's able to create professional, elegant looks that looks perfect for that year end D&D. 

D&D Makeup and Styling by Picasso Hair Studio
D&D Makeup and Styling by Picasso Hair Studio

You can come in with a photo to let her replicate the style you're looking for or you can simply trust her to pretty you up for that special event!

Hairstyling for Special Events by Picasso Hair Studio
Koinonia Hair Salon

9. Koinonia Hair Salon @ Tiong Bahru

Price: Styling from $50, upstyling from $70, makeup: call for consultation!

Koinonia is the instagrammable hair salon we love to visit, and its not just because the entire place is SO PRETTY.

Koinonia Hair Salon

Koinonia hosts a group of international stylists from Korea, Taiwan and Singapore who are simply very talented with perms, rebonding and styling!

Braided Hairstyling by Koinonia Salon

We love how they don't just stick to the convention but continuously push the envelope to try different styles together with customers. 

They have also recently welcomed a new stylist into the family: Shinice. On top of being really skilled with colour, Shinice is awesome with makeup! She credits the professional training with her makeup school for her upgraded skill but really, it is clear that she has the flair for it. 

Yes, she can absolutely do elegant makeup and styling like what you see here.

Elegant Makeup and Styling by Koinonia Salon

But even when you want something more extraordinary, you can work together with her to achieve it as well.

Bump by AVENTA

10. HaLu Hair Design @ River Valley

Price: Styling from 64.20 (inclusive of GST), makeup from 64.20 (inclusive of GST)

Looking for a skilled makeup artist and stylist at affordable prices? Japanese stylist Konomi is a gem you'll be happy to uncover.

Friendly and very helpful, Konomi has had extensive experience doing for hair and makeup for customers, for example for Japanese formal events requiring Kimono.

While you may not be donning Kimono anytime soon, her elegant style of makeup and styling is probably what you need to look and feel confident at your upcoming event!

MODE Studio

Bonus: Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place

With stylists here regularly going for photoshoots and attending to politicians and international celebrities such as Jay Park, you can be sure that the stylists here know what to do to get you looking glamorous.

The stylists here don't provide makeup services but their partner Cecilia Westberry, which is located within the same premises, does.

Grey Hair Colour by MODE Studio

So you can look forward to a 360 makeover with both hairstyling and makeup services at one of their private VIP rooms located within the salon!

Planning to head to any of these salons? Share your experience on BU.sg!

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