10 Things Hair Salons are Doing to Fight COVID Coronavirus in Singapore

Published on Feb 12, 2020

COVID-19 Coronavirus has infected and killed more than 1000 people worldwide, sparking panic buying and fear - not just for ourselves but also for the people around us. 

We can't see it and we can't even feel it but it doesn't mean that we have no defences. Hand-washing and stepping up personal hygiene and those of the people around us greatly reduces the possibility of spread. For this reason, many hair salons in Singapore have established new rules within the salon to promote hygiene and do their part to fight COVID-19.

Read on to see what you can expect the next time you enter a hair salon in Singapore. 

1. Temperature Screening at Reception

Taking Temperature at Salons During COVID-19

Hair Illustrated @ Raffles City

From the moment you enter, don't be surprised when your hair salon does a temperature check at the reception. Even though this may mean some extra time spent checking in, this assures everyone that all its customers are healthy.

Temperature Taking at Salons During COVID-19

Kenaris Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

Not all hair salons are doing as of now, due to the shortage of thermometers but the salons that have this in place include:

Temperature Taking at Salons During COVID-19

No. 8 Hair Studio @ Jurong Chinese Garden

2. More Detailed Record Keeping

On top of temperature screening, registration process at the front desk may take a little longer now as some salons like Pro Trim Hair Salon are starting to be more concerned about record keeping. They may confirm your contact details to make sure that you are traceable in case any suspected incidents happen!

3. Encouraging Customers to Use Sanitizers At the Entrance and While Exiting Salon

One may seem healthy upon entrance but its hard to say if your hands carry viruses and bacteria that could easily infect surfaces and spread to others. Hence, many salons are now placing hand sanitizers near the reception area and encouraging customers to use it before entering the salon.

Hand Sanitizing at Salons During COVID-19

Hand sanitiser at the entrance of Chez Vous Hair Salon

Some salons which are implementing this include

Many more intend to implement this but as we all know, sanitizers are in short supply, so you may have to wait a bit before more salons implement this. 

Hand Sanitizing at Salons During COVID-19

Kenaris Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

4. More thorough Cleaning and Disinfection of Chairs and Tables

Salons are already expected to be clean but more disinfecting the salon itself more regularly. What this means is that on top of the regular sweeping and mopping, salons such as 99 Percent Hair Studio and Chez Vous Hair Salon are applying antibacterial spray to your chairs for additional disinfection.

Frequent Sanitizing Equipments at Salons During COVID-19

Cleaning chairs at 99 Percent Hair Studio

Chairs aside, LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon doesn't forget to disinfect the tables at consultation areas. 

Frequent Sanitizing Equipments at Salons During COVID-19

5. Disinfection of Scissors and Tools More Frequently

It isn't just the chairs and tables that get the disinfection treatment. 

Scissors, brushes and other hair equipment are now disinfected with dettol more regularly at Do My Hair @ Orchard Central to kill off any bacteria. 

Frequent Sanitizing Equipments at Salons During COVID-19

Disinfecting brushes at Do My Hair @ Orchard Central

Other salons like 99 Percent Hair Studio disinfect the scissors with a special UV sterilizer.

Frequent Sanitizing Equipments at Salons During COVID-19

UV Sterilizer at 99 Percent Hair Studio

You may also find that washing towels have an additional disinfection smell to it as salons like Chez Vous Hair Salon add it to their usual washing routine.

Frequent Sanitizing Equipments at Salons During COVID-19

Disinfecting Cape with Dettol at Chez Vous Hair Salon

In fact, Chez Vous Hair Salon and Chez Vous Hideaway make sure that the cutting cape and towel is used only ONCE and washed after each use. 

6. Mandatory Hand-Washing

The above measures would not be effective if the stylists' hands are not washed regularly. Hence, you'll find that some salons mandate more regular hand-washing routines. 

Other than having sanitizers, LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon requires all their stylists to wash their hands every 2 hours to inculcate the habit of hand-washing no matter how busy they may be. 

Frequent Sanitizing Equipments at Salons During COVID-19

LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

7. Staff are all wearing masks

Don't be surprised to see most stylists wearing masks at salons. Even though the official recommendation is to only wear mask when you're unwell, most stylists are taking extra precaution because they come into contact with multiple customers daily.

This helps to prevent any possible risk of germs transferring from customer to customer.

Keep Calm Salons

Kenaris Salon @ Wheelock Place

8. Giving out complimentary masks to customers

Staff may be well prepared with masks but not all customers may have a mask on them. For this reason, hair salons like Flamingo Japanese Hair Studio and Picasso Hair Studio have stocked up on their masks for customers as well.

Complimentary Mask at Flamingo

Free masks at Flamingo Hair Studio

Customers who require a mask may request one from them, subject to availability.

9. Encouraging customers to postpone appointment if they feel sick

Ultimately though, we can best defend against the virus by being personally responsible. If we are coughing, have fever or feel sick, postpone your appointment. There are no penalties for postponing appointments during this period and in fact, salons like Picasso Hair Studio are taking it one step further to get customers to fill up a health declaration form upon entry to the salon. 

Email from Picasso Hair Studio on Appointment Postponement During COVID-19

Via Picasso Hair Studio

10. House Calls

Still concerned about venturing to the salon? Some salons like Picasso Hair Studio are offering house calls for haircuts.

House Call Haircut by Picasso Hair Studio

Is your regular salon upping their standard of hygiene? Share your experience with us below!

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