Best Hair Salons in Singapore with VIP Rooms to Chill and WFH

Published on Feb 02, 2021

With Phase 3 reopening getting delayed due to the recent rise in COVID-19 cases, most of us can possibly expect to continue WFH for some time. As much as we love our home, however, staying home 24/7 can take its toll.

Even before COVID-19, a 2017 study conducted in 15 countries including the US, UK, Japan, India, Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden discovered that 41% of employees who worked from home are highly stressed vs 25% of those who work on-site. As the line between work and play blurs, this observation is not surprising as all of us are subjected to overworking and isolation due to WFH. 

What then can we do to alleviate our stress, if we don't even have the quota to get back into office? 

A trip to the salon may just be the perfect answer. 

We're not just talking about the benefits of self-care; we know that few minutes of head massage alone that comes complimentary with almost all hair services can perk you up quite a bit while a hair makeover can leave you looking and feeling good on the inside and out.

There is a SMALL number of salons in Singapore that actually offers VIP rooms (some for free!). This means that you can get your work done and pampering all at the same time - all while getting some contact with actual humans who're excited to give your mood that extra lift. 

Keen to find out which they are? Read on!

1. Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place 

MODE Studio Interior

When we talk about private VIP rooms, the first salon that comes to our mind is the lavish Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place. Boasting a dazzling 4,000 sqft space at Level 4 of Wheelock Place, the plush location is segregated into the main floor area for hair services with not one but THREE deluxe private suites.

VIP Room at MODE Studio

Two of them have chairs that automatically recline and one even has a view of Orchard with its full-length glass windows that lets in natural light - perfect for that Zoom meeting.

What's more, there is even a well-stocked wine and champagne bar! They can't serve them for now but you never know when it is. 

Best part is, prices here isn't through the roof so you can truly relax and step into this haven of affordable luxury as you indulge in some well-deserved me-time.

P.S. Did we mention that VIP rooms here are available on a first-come-first-served + need basis - with no additional charge?

2. BRANCHE Hair Salon @ Capitol Piazza City Hall

Branche Hair Salon

If you're hoping for a touch of luxury on top of that VIP room, we'll highly recommend you to check out BRANCHE.

From bespoke service by highly experienced Japanese stylists to elegant leather seats that allow you to sink in oh-so-comfortably, whatever you imagined a top salon in Japan to offer, well, you’ll probably find it here.

VIP Room at Branche Hair Salon

Fully automated, the chair here can recline 180 degrees so you don't have to move an inch while the stylist gives you a heavenly head massage! 

There is however only one VIP room although the rest of the workstations are just as luxurious and private. 

Private space at Branche Hair Salon
Luxurious private space at Branche Hair Salon

Whether you're here for a haircut or a treatment, you can also delight your tastebuds with their stylishly decorated bar serving a wide selection of refreshments from hand-roasted artisan coffee to matcha latte served with mocha and shrimp crackers from Japan. (Once COVID regulations are relaxed)

Nail art at Branche Nail Studio

If however your work-day ends early, you can also request for your nails done by top Paragel nail artist Safori. Her nail designs are so exquisite, we can't help but be awed, every single time.

Nail art at Branche Nail Studio

3. LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Leekaja Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

No list of best hair salons is complete without mentioning LeeKaJa, the epitome of luxury among Korean Hair Salons in Singapore. This is where top stylists (Korean, international and local) choose to gather as management painstakingly pulled out all the stops to make sure that customers get the best experience possible. And we don't just mean skilled stylists and gorgeous decor; here, they have professional barristers serve coffee in Double-Walled Glass Coffee mugs and provide complimentary drinks, even alcohol to its customers!

This means that you can request for your much-needed latte anytime you need that shot of caffeine while you are WFH from the salon. Needless to say, they also have private rooms where you can do your video meetings in true privacy.

Private room suitable from Work From Home space at Leekaja Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

With the rooms decked in greenery, it almost feels as if you're in a resort on holiday. 

The rooms are however often booked up so do make your reservation ahead of time!

4. Chez Vous Hideaway @ Ngee Ann City

Chez Vous Hideaway

Don't dismiss Chez Vous: HideAway as just another millennial instagrammable hair salon. Chez Vous: HideAway is a concept-testing hair salon that aims to revolutionize the way people think of a salon experience. Aside from the comprehensive menu of hair services with tiered pricing, guests can enjoy a whole host of value-added and experimental "spa"-like touches. Winner of Her World Hair Awards for Best Innovative Salon Concept, this next-generation hairstyling space is part salon, part sanctuary and part-playhouse.

But what is a hideaway without a VIP room? Other than an instagrammable reception area and main salon space, Chez Vous: HideAway boasts of a Rose Quartz Private Room filled with meditative jars of water in varying shades of pink.

Chez Vous Hideaway VIP Room

Hold a Zoom meeting here and we're sure your invitees will be asking why your Zoom background looks so realistic!

Note however that the Private room is available FREE of charge BUT is prioritised more for customers going for scalp treatment. So plan your time well to see how you can accommodate your work and a scalp treatment to go along with it! Do also inform the receptionist ahead of time if you're keen to book it.

Chez Vous HIdeaway Private Room

If possible, try to arrive early for a mini pamper session at their relaxation lounge where you will enjoy a complimentary scalp fix with blue laser treatment and an oxygen boost. There are a lot of small touches incorporated within the experience that we love such as the aquarium-like hair wash area, the welcome massage, and customizable essential oils incorporated into your hair experience.

Chez Vous HIdeaway Private Room

5. Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

Chez Vous Hair Salon INterior

Experience comfort like no other and indulge in style for Chez Vous is more than just its swanky interiors. Chez Vous’ in-depth expertise and pioneering spirit have resulted in many first-to-market innovations - Trilogy Hair Care System, 10-Step Treatment Perm & Rebonding, Right Colour Matters Diagnosis, Hair Botox + Fillers Therapy, Fake Ash Colouring Technique, Sugar Hair Lamination, and many more. All hairstylists have a minimum of 10 years experience or are exceptionally skilled in their area of expertise. It's no wonder Chez Vous consistently tops the list of most positively-reviewed hair salons in Singapore!

For a more exclusive experience, unwind in the Private VIP Room. Accessorized with a lightbulb-lit mirror and a multi-coloured light installation, it's the perfect spot for you to chill and work while pampering your tresses. 

Chez Vous Hair Salon INterior
Chez Vous Hair Salon VIP Room

Do note that there is a $20 fee for booking the VIP room so figure that into your budget if you're keen. 

Otherwise, request for one of these cocoon seats when you make the appointment.

Chez Vous Hair Salon VIP Room

These seats offer the ultimate privacy when the curtains are closed... and are available FREE of charge during appointment booking.

As usual, first-come-first served - so make your appointment in advance to avoid disappointment.

6. Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis

Picasso Hair Studio VIP Room

One of Beauty Undercover's favourite local salons to recommend, Picasso Hair Studio have wowed customers consistently for their quality perms and colours that look good and last for a very long time; Agent G is one of them - she did her Advante perm here in August 2020 and she is proud to report that the perm still holds up beautifully in February 2021. 

But skill is not the focus here today.

Diehard fans of Picasso Hair Studio will know that their bugis outlet has a dedicated Private Room which can be used for scalp services. 

Picasso Hair Studio VIP Room

As scalp services are more popular on weekends than on weekdays, the private room is actually available for booking (for normal hair services) on weekdays!  The good news is that no extra charges are required - all you need to do is to specify your request during appointment and they will do their best to accommodate your request on weekdays. As usual requests are on a first come first served basis.

7. Papilla Haircare @ Ngee Ann City

Papilla Haircare Scalp Treatment at Private Room

Papilla Haircare may be best known for their painless and highly effective scalp treatments but those in the know will know that they host also a highly experienced team of hairstylists as well.

You can either do your hair in private rooms like this:

Papilla Haircare Scalp Treatment at Private Room

Or opt for semi-private spaces separated by curtains. 

Papilla Haircare Scalp Treatment at Private Room

There is no extra charge for either but you do need to specify your appointment ahead of time if you need that VIP treatment. 

8. Pro Trim @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon VIP Room

Many people would have heard of, even tried services over at Pro Trim but not many know that Pro Trim @ Ngee Ann City actually boasts of a private room! 

Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon VIP Room

Located deep within the salon, there is a chair and a basin within the VIP room, so you literally don't have to leave the room until the service is complete. 

Amenities aside, we love the gorgeous brick layout of the wall behind as it looks really good as your Zoom backround! The only problem? The room doesn't actually have a door so background sound may be a problem. Time to bring out your noise-cancelling Airpods on, it seems. 

There are no additional charges for using the room but do request for it during reservations if you're keen. 

9. Yann Beyrie @ Wisma Atria

Yann Beyrie is best known for its French style that combines simplicity, individuality, and class. If you want to be the "it-girl" with French woman fashion, this is the salon to go to. Their bold and minimalist interior exudes class, but you can take it up a notch by visiting their beautiful VIP room.

The newly renovated intimité (French for intimacy) room is bright, spacious, and suitable for Muslim customers with their new addition of curtains.

We are also looking forward to fashion showcases post-Covid!

Best Salons in Singapore with Semi-Private Spaces

Don't need that absolute privacy of that VIP Room? These are salons with semi-private spaces that are pretty conducive for work. 

1. Room Japanese Hair Salon @ Amoy St

Your Space, Your Pace. Rooted in the philosophy of self-care, Room is designed to be a homely sanctuary. Their mission is to work together to find your authentic self through hairstyling, at your own pace. This is reflected in their logo and helical staircase design, metaphorical for taking the next step forward. 

While Room Japanese Hair Salon doesn't have a private room per se, the second level of this shophouse salon acts almost like one. With only 2 seats on its second level, you are afforded much privacy without being confined in a small space. 

All you have to do is to sit back, relax as the cafe-esque interior sets you in the mood for a productive afternoon with its earthy colours, soft ambient lights, soothing aroma and oh-so-calming tunes. 

The second level is usually also prioritized for customers doing head spa but you can request for a seat on the second level during reservation if you wish!

2. The Fluxus House @ Outram Park

Fluxus House Interior

From the first moment you walk in, you know that Fluxus House is no ordinary hair salon. Every one of your senses lights up - from the whiff of floral scent and the taste of organic herbal tea to the visual treat of seeing glossy magazines hung on the clothesline. There is a superb lack of clutter and huge personal space that invites us to let down our guard and relax the moment we enter.

What is missing is just as equally notable. There is no cashier or payment area. Instead, it is replaced instead by a large co-working table you can come by in between your hair service to do your work or relax. 

Fluxus House Interior

For those looking for that bit more privacy, there is a special VIP area that gives even more space if you so require. It may be tough to do video calls here but the extra space is definitely appreciated for all the times you're preparing the deck for your boss. 

Fluxus House Interior Private Area

3. COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong / Tanjong Pagar

COVO Japanese Hair Salon Interior

True to its name, which in Italian means hidden place, COVO is an urban retreat conceived to give customers the finest Japanese hair experience. From its humble location in Keong Saik and Katong to the semi-private spaces designed by a well-known Japanese architect, COVO is the perfect place to rest and relax on your day off or even in the evenings after work. 

COVO Japanese Hair Salon Interior

With lots of space within each seat, you can comfortably type away as your stylist work on your much awaited makeover. That's another thing we love about COVO: hair services at COVO feel all the more personalized as each stylist attends to one customer exclusively from start to finish. The close attention given by the stylist, together with the experienced stylist team and exclusive blend of quality hair products means that the hair service often turns out to be what customers expect and more.

4. FiNDER by COVO @ Duxton Tanjong Pagar

Space with privacy at Finder by COVO

If you're a fan of COVO, you'd be glad to find an offshoot of COVO, Finder by COVO located in Duxton. 

Prices and even decor are almost identical as they feature the same semi-private cubicles that characterise COVO salons - except that it is now closer to your workplace than ever before.

Space with privacy at Finder by COVO

Those who drive will also like that the carpark is just opposite; you can head to your meeting place relatively easily afterwards.

As the three founding stylists here have been in Singapore for a number of years, they understand our Singaporean preferences pretty well, so you don't have to struggle too much with communication just to get the point across. 

Perfect for that chill WFH afternoon!

5. Hairlux Salon @ Katong


Looking for yet another option to WFH in the East? You may want to try the swanky new Hairlux Salon. 

Each seat is configured to see itself and one other, so you won't have the experience of having lots of people walking behind you or seeing what you're doing.

Lounge with privacy at Hairlux Salon

In fact, you can retreat to the lounge in between chemical treatments to get some work done and even a video call in, if you so wish. 

You would think that with the opulent decor, exclusive space, experienced stylist team and with a name like Hairlux, the prices here would be off the roof, right? Fortunately, hair services here are surprisingly value-for-money. If past promotions are any indication, they had services at $88 for hair colours and $188 for Cut + Perm + Treatment - decent prices for the mix of skill, service and quality!

6. Shun Sakurai Hair & Beauty @ Chijmes

Shun Sakurai may be best known for its founder's awesome haircutting skills but its semi-private space has been a draw for many of his customers as well. 

Semi private space at Shun Sakurai Hair & Beauty

Every seat here is designed to see just itself and for some seats, one other customer so that you can comfortably bring out your laptop without worrying what other people see when they look over your shoulder. 

We love this design because this is one of the few salons with semi-private space AND ample table space where you can actually lay down your laptop!

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