10 Haircuts You Should Try At Least Once in Your 20s

Published on Aug 16, 2019

It is once again that time of the year, where orientation camps draw to a close and people scramble to do last-minute shopping for back-to-school outfits. Unfortunately, for most of us, these last few years of formal education also mean that the responsibilities of adulthood will start kicking in soon. This is really the last phase of your lives where you can experiment and discover your personal style without having to worry too much about consequences!

Whether you're looking to have a fresh start in a new school or simply want to look fresh for the new school term, we got you covered!

Here's a list of the trendiest hairstyles at the moment for you to draw inspiration from. These are hairstyles that will make you look effortlessly put-together, even if you may be dying of boredom on the inside.

We get that sometimes, there just simply isn't enough time in the morning for you to spend extra time styling your hair, hence these hairstyles are generally low-maintenance and easy to manage.

1. Casual One-Length Bob

Not only does this chic and light One-Length Bob make Singapore's heatwave slightly more bearable, the messy-but-in-a-cute-way look it'll give you during the occasional windy episode also reminds us of that hair toss scene in Korean dramas.

Casual One Length Bob at Art Noise

Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Perfect for those of you with natural curls... you don't even have to perm to get this hairstyle!

But even if you don't, a great haircut together with a quick 5 min tong will do the trick. Ask your Japanese / Korean stylist for how to curl your hair and they'll gladly teach you! 

2. Pixie Cut

The Pixie Cut is the epitome of a fuss-free and cool (literally and figuratively) haircut! 

Japanese Short Pixie Haircut by COVO

Pixie Cut by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

It can also give you that edgy "don't mess with me" look and that confidence boost you might need for starting off this school year on a strong note.

Korean Short Pixie Haircut with Side Swept Bangs by Pro Trim

Pro Trim @ Ngee Ann City

Although Pixie Cuts are traditionally known to be super short, with the rapidly evolving hair trends recently, you can choose to have it customised to your preferred length. 

Ash Blonde Haircut by 99 Percent

99 Percent Hair Studio @ Orchard Central, Bugis & Bedok

What's better is that this versatile hairstyle looks great with a variety of colours (or without) as well!

Dark Green Pixie Haircut by Walking on Sunshine

Walking on Sunshine Hair Salon @ Orchard Central

Add in some some long layers or bold highlights for a more unique and fashionable look!

Stylish Pixie Haircut with Purple Highlight by Leekaja

LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

3. Micro Bangs

The Micro Bangs trend from the 1960s was brought back recently by influential celebrities such as Emma Roberts and Emma Watson.

Micro Bangs by Be Salon

Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

This bold and artsy look is not only super manageable, but it also pairs extremely well with brighter hair colours to create a complete fashion statement. 

Micro Bangs with Red Highlights by No. 8 Hair Studio

No. 8 Hair Studio @ Vision Exchange Jurong East

Women of all ages can carry this look of course but it is probably less risky to try it now to see if micro bangs really suit you (before you actually head to work).

Shoulder Length Haircut with Micro Bangs by Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Threes Japanese Hair Salon @ Clarke Quay

4. Airy see-through bangs

Since the theme is all about being soft, getting a fringe is a great way to soften up your look. Being quite the opposite from the Micro Bangs, having Airy Bangs can allow your features to look more subdued and give you a more feminine look. 

Chez Vous Hideaway @ Ngee ann City

Furthermore, these bangs are so versatile that they can be incorporated with any other hairstyle and still look amazing. It effectively adds a girly and fresh finishing touch to your overall look.

Feminine Shoulder Length Perm with See-Through Bangs by Be Salon

Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

It also looks chic and business-appropriate when done on darker and straighter hair. Young people adore this style because it's a more casual fringe look.

Korean Long Haircut with See-Through Bangs by The Space Korean Hair Salon

The Space Korean Hair Salon @ The Cathay

5. Hair Tattoo

This one's for the ones who love being more adventurous and experimental with their hair!

Ladies Short Undercut with Hair Tattoo by Kenaris

Kenaris Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

Not only can this hairstyle solve the problem of having your hair stick to your neck when you have to queue up to get food during lunchtime each day, but it'll also give the people queuing behind you something cool to look at as they wait for their food!

Ladies Long Hair with Hidden Hair Tattoo by Kenaris

Kenaris Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

6. Blunt Bob

Keen to have a shorter haircut but not quite ready to commit to a pixie cut? Go for the Blunt Bob!

Blunt Bob with Purple Hair Colour by SAD Hair Design

S.A.D's Hair Design @ River Valley

This hairstyle is perfect for showcasing just a hint of defiance and personality.

Chic Blunt Bob by Chez Vous

Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City

Being super versatile, this bob is suitable for a variety of face shapes, especially if you have a smaller face!

Ash Blonde Blunt Bob by Bump by AVENTA

Bump by AVENTA @ River Valley

We're not the only ones who think the Blunt Bob is back in trend!

Angled Bob Grey Hair Colour by Mane Made

Mane Made Hair Salon @ Hougang

Celebrities like Lucy Hale, Kristen Bell and Demi Lovato have all brought this edgy yet sophisticated hairstyle back in recent years.

7. Chic lob

This style has been trending for a while now, but its popularity continues to grow because of how classy and low-maintenance it is.

Orange Long Bob Haircut by 99 Percent

99 Percent Hair Studio @ Orchard Central, Bugis & Bedok

Some people think that the shorter your hair, the more convenient it is. However, pixie cuts or even short bobs can turn out to be more of a hassle because of the trimming and styling required. A long bob allows your washing and drying time to be halved but the length makes styling easy. When it grows, it won't be too noticeable so you can prolong your haircut as well.

Love the natural look? Skip the fringe so your hair has a uniform length that allows you to flip it from side to side, giving it a tousled and effortless feel.

Caucasian Lob by Chez Vous

Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City

If you've already tried the long bob and want a little change, try adding an angle to your haircut! It'll give you a more chic finish and allow you to look more fashion-forward.

Layered Haircut with Red Highlights by No. 8 Hair Studio

No. 8 Hair Studio @ Chinese Garden

8. Wispy Bob

There's not many times in your life you can pull off a messy, slightly grunge look without getting strange stares from people all around. 

Wispy Bob by Art Noise

Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Get a great haircut and you'll love how chic, trendy and best of all, convenient this hairstyle is. 

Wispy Bob by The Urban Aesthetics

The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics

Once again, it is best for those with naturally wavy hair but even if your locks are straight, all you need is some styling product and perhaps a colour to give it that personality.

Purple Wispy Bob by Mane Made

Mane Made Hair Salon @ Hougang

9. Soft Bob

The dreamy and natural silhouette of the Soft Bob looks flattering on all ages as it adds a hint of playfulness and youthfulness to the classic bob. 

Soft Bob with Natural Fringe

Adding a natural fringe will give you more approachable appearance. It takes away that prim and proper, business-like look that harsh bobs may give. 

Soft Bob by Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Threes Japanese Beauty Salon @ Clarke Quay

We love going to Japanese salons for bobs because they cut it in a way that makes your hair look light, soft and bouncy! It will always give a feminine touch to it despite the reduced length.

10. Soft long layers

If you're getting bored of keeping your hair at the same length, but don't really want to try something too drastically different either, this is the time to try soft long layers. This feminine and youthful hairstyle looks best when you are younger, hair volume decreases by quite a bit with age... so it doesn't quite have that same effect.

Soft Long Layered Haircut by Flamingo

Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar

While long hair will always remain a go-to for ladies who prefer to stay in that zone, some things can be modified to spice things up, such as the bluntness and heaviness of the hairstyle.

Long Haircut with Big Wave Perm by COVO

COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Outram Park

Long layers help to frame your face by adding a softer and more feminine touch. They also help to make your haircut last longer, which explains why so many stylists and customers are fans of it!

Long Big Wave Curl

With permed hair, these layers look extra amazing because the curls won't clump together.

They'll instead curl in different directions, stop at different lengths and bounce differently. Love this variation!

Glamorous S Curl by Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Zinc Korean Hair Salon @ The Centrepoint

The good news? Soft layers look good on just about anyone! The amount of layering will depend on the straightness and thickness of your hair, but the effect it has on framing your face is flattering nonetheless!

Do My Hair @ Orchard Central

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