10 Mane Makeovers For When You Want To Make a Clean Break With the Circuit-Breaker

Published on Apr 30, 2020

While we feel sure circuits are being broken, one thing that isn't getting cut is our hair. While that may be a bit of a bummer, we prefer to see it as you managing to store up a bounty of beautiful (maybe a bit bedraggled) locks this salon-shutting season, and we've got one of our most trusted salons - Chez Vous Hair - to share ideas about how to makeover that marvelous mane for a grand re-entrance back into the world, hopefully very soon.

Best to plan early...after all, salons were among the first places to be swamped once lockdown measures started easing in Denmark.

Here are the style suggestions, arranged in a scale from easy classic to daring dramatic - whatever best fits your best face forward when we step into a new era!

1. Thoughts and Layers

Layered Haircut and Movement Perm by Chez Vous

Long layers + movement perm by chief director Serene Tan

Best for: Ladies who want to try something new without going shorter or too crazy.

If you love the length you've been accumulating, getting layers is the easiest way to give your hair shape, movement and texture without lopping much off. Also, your hair will be able to frame your face to much better highlight that asset that's been hidden from the world for far too long.

Serene felt that her customer's pin-straight hair was detracting from her lovely oval-shaped face. To fix that, Serene gave her an angelic Korean-inspired hairstyle, using soft long layers and a movement perm technique.

2. Get Bang(s) for your Buck

Haircut with Face Framing Fringe by Chez Vous Salon

Long layers + face-framing fringe by associate director Deon Liow

Best for: Ladies who want something fashionable that is still suitable for a more traditional work environment

Itching for a huge change after that long standstill, but not sure you want to go short? Bangs will do the trick! You'll still be cutting off a significant length, but only on a specific section of your hair, with a hugely different new look that showcases your fine features.

Another seemingly small, but sensational change - if you'd rather not stray beyond brown, but want a little adventure in your hair colour, ask to subtly mix in some different hues. Deon created this gorgeous lavender sunset brown for his customer who wanted to jazz up her brown tresses without getting in trouble with her bosses. Long layers and a fresh layer of colour complement the new fringe, making her look super fresh.

3. Smoothen and Swirl

Haircut and Rebonding Perm by Chez Vous

Haircut + rebonding perm by director Victor Liu

Best for: Ladies who want a deliciously touchable, easy to manage hairstyle

Hair getting a little bushy after that hideaway? Try this! Although many people think that perms make your hair frizzy, the new generation of perms incorporate hair ingredients that protect, soften and smoothen your hair, and can actually be used to tame frizz and reduce puffiness. 

This customer's hair became smooth and bouncy with this my-hair-but-better rebonding perm. Victor also swapped out her overgrown bangs for some layers to open up her face and highlight its youthfulness

4. Chop and Change

Short Lob Haircut by Chez Vous

Lob haircut by chief director Thomas Teo

Best for: Ladies who are embarking on a new phase of life and aren't afraid to show it!

Lobs have been trending for years because they're so chic, professional and fun. Find a stylist who knows the perfect lob length for you, to avoid the pitfalls of over-long hair that might add weight or length to your face, and over-short hair that might add chub to your cheeks.

No need to perm, bleach and colour your hair for a massive makeover. Thomas shows how getting a sassy lob perfectly highlights your best features and makes your face look more slender and fresh.

5. Micro Bangs for Macro Impact

Short Blunt Bob and Micro Bangs by Chez Vous

Rough bangs + blunt bob by associate director Readen Chia

Best for: Ladies who want a low-styling high-impact cut

Love vintage looks from the 50s? Micro bangs call to mind screen sirens like Audrey Hepburn and Bettie Page. And when paired with a high-attitude choppy cut, your hair will have truckloads of personality and project that confidence to take on the world.

Readen chose micro bangs for his customer because they're great for downplaying forehead height and and creating a fuller face-shape.

6. Wait and C-curls

Haircut and C + S Curl by Chez Vous

C-curve fringe + haircut + c & s curl movement perm by associate director Joyce Wan

Best for: Ladies who want an easy perk-me-up

Has self-isolation got you wanting to try something you never have before, but don't want too drastic a transformation? Dip your toes in the perm experience with a C-curl, or inward curls at the ends of your hair. The C-curl perm is so popular because that slight shift in shape immediately adds a softness to your overall look and calls to mind on-trend Korean influences.And while it looks super put together, it's relatively easy to style and maintain since the perm is only at the hair ends. 

Joyce contoured her customer's face shape by creating long layers and adding a fringe. Her hair was kept at shoulder-length as the optimal one to flatter her face shape.

7. Be A One-length Curl Girl 

One Length Perm by Chez Vous

One length perm by associate director Shawn Chia

Best for: Ladies who want a low-maintenance glam up

This particular do is great for those who have gotten used to the circuit-breaker lifestyle of doing minimal styling to their hair. This wave perm is easy to style because all your hair is one-length. The boldness and starkness of one-length wave perms also give you a grungier, edgier look than the more classic, flirty layered perm. Let it lend you some attitude to go back out into that big bad world!

8. Ash Me Again

Haircut with See Through Bangs and Milk Tea Balayage by Chez Vous

Airy fringe + haircut + milk tea balayage by associate director Shawn Chia

Best for: Adventurous ladies re-entering the workplace and navigating its dress-codes

If you've been using this Work-From-Home period to let your hair live life in glorious technicolour, your soul may scream about going back to muted tones. We suggest trying an ashy shade - perhaps as part of a balayage - that is still complex, different, and full of character.

In addition to a stellar dye-job, Shawn also gave his customer a haircut so that her small frame wouldn't be overwhelmed by her bright and super-long hair. We'd argue she now looks like she has more personality, rather than less.

9. Do you Teal Me

Haircut and Teal Digital Hair Colour by Chez Vous

Haircut + digital teal hair colour by associate director Wai Kan

Best for: Ladies who want to re-enter the school/office right on the cutting-edge of hair trends

Goldwell announced digital teal as its first annual colour for 2020. It's a modern take on your classic blue that is suitable for both men and women. We love that it has a versatile and trans-seasonal appeal, making it wearable all year round.

Please be warned not to try this colour at home with a box dye because there are stubborn pigments in black/dark brown hair that can make the colour turn out either garish or invisible when the colouring is not performed by a professional!

10. Come Out Looking like Roses

Long Layered Haircut and Pink Rose Gold Hair Colour by Chez Vous

Long layering haircut + sunset rose gold hair colour by senior technician Charles Chong

Best for: Ladies who want to re-enter the school/office right on the cutting-edge of hair trends

They say blondes have more fun, but rose-blondes might have the rosiest outlook of all.  It's fun, flirty and fresh - no wonder rose-gold continues to top hair-colour trends? If work permits, why not exit this lockdown looking at the world through rose-tinted, well, tresses?

Charles gave his customer long layers to frame her face and soften her features. Even the rose gold hair colour was face-contouring because lighter peach hues were used at the roots to create a fuller looking crown.

The above styles are created by Chez Vous, the MOST reviewed hair salon on Beauty Undercover and definitely among our most trusted.

Most Reviewed Salon Chez Vous

If you're keen to give your mane a makeover, our tip is to get ahead of all those cramming to try Chez Vous by making an appointment via email at emailus@chezvoushair.com or call them at 6732 9388

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