5 Simple Hairstyles Inspired from Crash Landing On You and Where You Can Get It in Singapore

Published on Feb 21, 2020

With every episode bringing us through a rollercoaster of emotions as we hang on to the edge of our seat, we can hardly believe that Crash Landing on You aka #CLOY has finally come to an end.


While you're pining over the heartstoppingly handsome Captain Ri and elegant gorgeous Yoon Se Ri, why not recreate their looks you see in #CLOY?

Based on what Son Ye Jin's hairstylist share about her looks and hair in #CLOY, we reveal the 6 simple to achieve hairstyles for #CLOY fans looking for that dignified elegant hairstyles seen in the show!

1. Chaebol-Worthy Loose Waves

For those who have followed #CLOY closely, you'd realize that Son Ye Jin looks different when she's in Seoul and when she's in North Korea. In Seoul, Yoon Se Ri is a capable, charismatic CEO hailing from a third generation chaebol. 

Source: Netflix

Hence you'll find that even her hair looks expensively done (like those hairstyles you can get from the expensive Cheongdam salons)

Crash Landing on You Hairstyle

It looks really natural and classy but as Son Ye Jin's hairstylist reveals, she actually achieved that soft dignified look in THREE perms. 

Crash Landing on You Hairstyle

The key to this hairstyle is that the hair cannot be exceedingly voluminous at the ends. Although there are waves, the waves are loose and forms a H-shape (in the middle) rather than the A shape on the right. 

Crash Landing on You Inspired Perm by The Space Korean Hair Salon

Loose S Curl Waves at The Space Korean Hair Salon

The mostly straight with a little bit of S curls at the end give off a soft elegant look that elevates one's status immediately. 

The fact that it needn't be too voluminous make it very suitable for Singaporean ladies; your hair NEED NOT be that thick to pull off the hairstyle.

Korean Flow Perm by Picasso Hair Studio

Korean Flow Perm from Picasso Hair Studio

2. North Korean-Approved Natural Curls

Did you know that in North Korea, women can only choose from 15 government-approved hairstyles?

North Korean Hairstyle

The above hairstyles don't exactly look instagrammable but Son Ye Jin being Son Ye Jin just manage to pull it off anyway. 

In the North, Son Ye Jin's hairstyle are intentionally made more curly, in line with North Korea's approved hairstyles.

North Korean Natural Curl Perm on Crash Landing on You

Instead of making her look older, the curls somehow gave her a more youthful, romantic vibe as she falls in love with Captain Ri. 

Natural Curl Perm by Shun Sakurai

Shun Sakurai @ Chijmes 

Not all of us can look like Son Ye Jin but of course, having a similar hairstyle as her certainly doesn't hurt!

Voluminous Perm_Colour_Cut (Yuki) by AUBE

Aube Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

Personally this is one of our favourite perms as well because it is easier to manage and somehow makes us feel more girly than usual. 

Natural Wave Hair by No. 8 Hair Studio

No. 8 Hair Studio @ Jurong East Vision Exchange

Don't you agree?

3. Seo Dan's Silky Straight Side-Part with Bling Bling Hair Clips

A symbol of youth and femininity, long silky straight hair has been Singaporean ladies' the most coveted hairstyle for the longest time. 

Well-groomed at all times, Seo Dan's hair makes her look superbly classy and luxurious. Seo Ji Hye brings it out perfectly with the long straight hair with a twist... or rather a clip.

Hair clips from the 90s have made a comeback not only on CLOY but also on international stars such as Ariana Grande and Kendall Jenner.

Sleek Straight Hair in High Ponytail

Source: Justine Marjan

Don't underestimate the power of a clip... get the right one and it can add much bling to your overall look!

Cute Pink Hair Colour Styled with Clips by Walking on Sunshine

Styling by Walking on Sunshine

If straight is not for you, you can even add bling hair clips to an S curl perm for that extra touch of personality. 

S Curl Perm with Hair Clips by Leekaja

LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

4. Ko Sang-A's Gradation Bob

Many fans were sad to see that Yoon Ji Min cut her hair for the role, but we think the layered bob suits the character in the drama perfectly.

There is just no hairstyle quite like the Graduated Bob Bob that gives its wearer the all-business assertiveness you'll need to get ahead at work.

Gradation Bob from Chez Vous Hideaway

Short Bob by Oscar from Chez Vous Hideaway

With hair this short, there is nowhere to hide.

You have to bring out your inner bravado, lift up your head and walk with confidence.

Feel the air beneath you as the high gradation frees you from the weight of your hair. 

Gradation Bob Haircut and Red Hair Colour

Gradation Bob by Fluxus House

Are you ready for this ultimate transformation?

5. Do Hye-Ji's Round Bob

In CLOY, Hwang Woo-seul-hye plays Do Hye-Ji, the cute bubbly wife of Yoon Se Jun who often makes the audience laugh with their usual antics. 

To bring out her youthful, playful vibe, Hwang sports a short round bob throughout the series with the casual see-through bangs!

Short Round Bob by AUBE

AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Cathay Cineleisure

On top of looking cute, we love the round bob because it is easy to maintain... just wash, blowdry and go!

Short Round Bob with Bangs by Art Noise

Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Alternatively, you can lose the fringe and just go for the bob. This stylish and chic option makes you look refined, edgy and feminine at the same time. You'll also love the quick washing and drying process with short hair. Do note that bobs like these tend to outgrow their shape quickly so you might need to go in for regular trims.

Short Bob Haircut by MODE Studio

Bob Haircut by Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place

Look what a small change does to the entire feel?

Keen to try any of the above hairstyles? 

Share your thoughts with us below.

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