Five Hairstyles Singaporean Men Can Confidently Pull Off After 30

Published on Jun 14, 2017

When it comes to hairstyles, many men tend to settle into the usual cut, trim and style and just stay where they are... for years.

But what happens when you get too old for your usual haircut?

What may work for a 20-something student just doesn't cut it as a working professional after 30. You are caught in the middle of wanting to look cool, but not like you are trying too hard, and you definitely need a look that is professional.

Well, just remember that hairstyles for men over 30 don't mean you have to don a bland and boring dad haircut ... not with these hairstyles at least.  

1. Spiky Cut

You are still young enough to pull off a spiky cut in your 30s!

Throw in some subtle highlights to add dimension to your hairstyle or if you don't have to keep it too professional, this matte metallic blue shows off your cool and wild side.

Men's Spiky Grey Haircut by Kenaris

Kenaris Salon

Spiky haircuts take little to no time to style, a little styling product and you're done.

2. Dapper Cut

Did you know dapper means neat in appearance, which is why you can't go wrong at the office with this cut. If you are struggling with which hairstyle to start off it, we suggest starting off with a dapper cut and mixing it up as you find your style.

Men's Dapper Cut by Chez Vous

Chez Vous

A modern twist on a classy style - the dapper cut will keep you looking suave. Doesn't this transformation from plain Joe to gentlemanly stud speak wonders of the dapper cut?

Men's Dapper Cut for 30s by Focus Hairdressing

Focus Hairdressing

You can't look bad in a dapper cut, however, this hairstyle works best with straight or wavy hair. You will need to spend a little more time on styling if your hair is naturally curly.

Men's Dapper Cut for Mature Men

AVENTA Japanese Hair Salon

It works best for men with longer hair but even if you don't, you can consider a shorter, neater version of the dapper cut as well.

Dapper cuts are however not recommended for men with thinning hair as it can actually highlight the specific area. 

3. Spiky Fade Haircuts

It is perfectly normal (and expected) for the front of your head to thin out while the back and the sides continue growing as you age. The resulting hairstyle can however look disproportionate if the haircut is not done well. The spiky undercut is PERFECT for such men as it gives the otherwise limp and lifeless hair some volume while taking attention away from the thinning hair. 

Men's Spiky Fade Cut by Kenaris

Kenaris Salon

Adding the basic undercut to a spiky cut also takes the cool factor up a notch, even for men who are not facing thinning hair, don't you think?

Men's Spiky Fade Cut by Gene

Gene by Ginrich

It's therefore not surprising to find this hairstyle popular among celebrities as well.

Men's Spiky Fade Cut by Evolve

Thomas Ong at Evolve Salon

Like the local actor, Fauzie Laily, you can also opt for the longer version if you prefer to lean more towards the young working professional look.

Men's Spiky Fade Cut

Fauzie Laily at Evolve Salon 

Remember to keep the entire look simple by keeping your hair black.

You want your style to come off as effortless and not like you are trying too hard. 

4. Short Crew Cut

The short crew cut as been around for a very long time and is likely to remain fashionably timeless for years to come.

Men's Short Crew Cut

Evolve Salon

It's also known as the military hairstyle, so if you ever want to appear more macho, complement the short crew cut with a decent beard.

This is also highly recommended for men facing hair loss issues as the shorter length takes away attention from the thinning hair.

5. Korean Perm

As a man grows older, it is perfectly normal for the density of his hair changes and thins out. A Korean Perm can therefore give you the necessary weight and texture to stop it from looking flat and limp. 

Men's Perm for Mature Men

Follicle Salon

In fact, if you're still blessed with luscious hair, you should totally channel some serious KPOP heartthrob vibes with a Korean wave perm.

The slight curls look so natural, no one will guess it's a perm!

Truth be told, there is no "right" hairstyle for men above 30.

It's more important to get a good hairdresser who will customize a hairstyle according to your needs; as long as the final result looks clean, classic and well-defined, you're probably safe!

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