6 Glamorous Themed Updos Perfect for D&D and Parties

Published on Oct 29, 2019

As we approach the end of 2019,  it’s a good opportunity to let off a little steam and play dress up as we attend D&Ds and weddings. Your outfit will no doubt occupy your attention but don't forget about your hair! Wear your hair wrong and it can ruin your entire look and wear your hair right and it can earn your selfies that many more hearts on IG. 

Ready to be inspired by hairstyles from different themes?

Here we go!

1. Daenerys' Half-Up Half-Down Waterfall Braid from Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones may have ended its run but loyal fans will know its impact on viewers will last a lifetime. 

Game of Thrones Daenarys' Hair

Even if you didn't follow the series from start till the end, you can still appreciate the lovely hairstyles inspired from the series, with Daenarys' proving to be the most instagrammable. Seriously, there isn't anyone's hair who can compare to hers: long, thick, platinum and always feature braids that are insanely complex.

Game of Thrones Daenarys' Hairstyle Braid

Just a titbit of info, braids are really important to her as she claims that it symbolizes victory - a reason why her hair got longer and braids got more and more detailed as the seasons progress. 

As difficult as her hairstyle may look, we managed to find a stylist who can actually do the dutch braid as beautifully as Emilia Clarke's on GoT: Leong from Hair Illustrated.

He did another one for @janiceymkoh earlier this year, so if you want to dress up as Daenery at your next costume ball, you know who to look for: 

2. The Romantic Princessy Curls

This hairstyle is suitable for anyone, but it is a popular hairstyle among ladies in their 20s and even young girls. We think it's because these curls look princessy and feminine without looking over-the-top!

So if you're going for a dinner or party with no clear dresscode or fashion theme, this pretty option might just be the one. It's perfect for ladies with long hair as you can wear your hair down down and curl the ends to make it look super effortless.

Glamorous Styling for Events at Kenaris Salon

Styling at Kenaris Salon

Remember to keep the curls large and loose as that will give you a sophisticated and sexy vibe. If you're going for a more glamorous look, you can focus on structured curls instead of a big braid.

All you have to do next is find the right hair accessory to light up the entire hairstyle - and you're done!

Princess Styling at The Space Korean Hair Salon

Styling at The Space Korean Hair Salon

Choose pearl pins for added elegance, floral clips for a touch of romance and sparkly barrettes for a youthful vibe.

Romantic Styling for D&D and Parties at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

Styling by Aube Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

3. Shanghai Themed Finger Waves and Updos

Has your company decided on something more Chinese / Shanghai Themed?

Aside from picking out that flattering qipao, you may want to invest some time thinking about the hairstyle that brings out that nostalgia and pomp of the 1960s. Although the hippie subculture was the trend in Western countries, the style in Asian countries focused more on short curls, beehive-like updos and volume!

Shanghai Updo Finger Waves at 99 Percent Hair Studio

Shanghai Themed Finger Waves by 99 Percent Hair Studio

Finger waves are a great idea because they instantly make you look retro and fashionable. 

Shanghai Updo Finger Wave at Kenaris Salon

Shanghai Themed Finger Waves by Kenaris Salon

Loud, feathery hair accessories also bring us back to the style of 1960. 

Shanghai Updo at 99 Percent Hair Studio

Shanghai Themed Styling by 99 Percent Hair Studio

4. The Demure Full Braided Updo

This is perfect whether you're thinking of going for a Seijin no Hi or Japan's Coming of Age Party. It's suitable for mature women because it looks very sophisticated and elegant.

Japanese Kimono Styling at Shun Sakurai

Japanese styling by Shun Sakurai

Japanese Kimono Styling at Bump by AVENTA

Japanese styling by AVENTA Japanese Hair Salon

or even for the SIA girl look!

People that do like putting all their hair up in a bun can go for a high bun that reduces the strain on your scalp as the weight of your hair is placed on top of your head. Skip the basic bun and opt for a more special style that braids all your hair into a bun and hides the stray ends. It'll look gorgeous and put-together.

SIA Styling by 99 Percent Hair Studio

SIA styling by 99 Percent

If you don't want a plain bun, you can do something that is business in the front and party in the back! 

Braided Updo by Shun Sakurai

_Braided styling by Shun Sakurai_

Stylists are able to create this look as they braid your hair in sections while simultaneously tucking pieces into a bun with bobby pins. Your hair will look super sleek because there is no visible rubber band.

Braided Updo for D&D and Parties at Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

Braided styling by Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

5. Complex Single Braid

Casual events call for a more toned-down hairstyle like a large single braid. It'll keep all your hair out of your business while looking stylish and chic. Who says you have to bear the weight of a bun to get a pulled-back hair look?

Young ladies with long hair will look great in this hairstyle as it brings out a youthful charm.

Complex Braid Styling at Flamingo Hair Studio

Braid by Flamingo Hair Studio

You can also add accessories to spice up the hairstyle and make it look more kawaii!

Braided Styling for D&D and Party at Bump by AVENTA
Braided Styling for D&D and Party at Bump by AVENTA

Braid by Bump by AVENTA @ River Valley

6. Editorial Style Pinned Updo

Looking for something simple and chic? You can consider this simple messy bun with some stray pieces in the front to frame your face.

Elegant Hair Styling for Parties at MODE Studio

Styling by Mode Studio

By using more pins instead of a hair tie, it looks more casual and adds an interesting visual detail to the hairstyle. This casual look is perfect for a low-key event that you still want to go to with a different look.

Messy Updo by Flamingo Hair Studio

Bun by Flamingo Hair Studio

Bonus: Chun Li 

Whether you're going for a Chinese themed party or a fun dress up one, this hairstyle is perfect for those who want to step out of their comfort zone. It's a daring hairstyle that is pretty out-there because it's an upgraded version of the simple space buns look.

If you want to look more like Chun Li, do give this a go!

Chun Li Bun Styling by Style NA

Bun styling by Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade

Chun Li Bun Styling at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Bun styling by COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong

Be prepared to look young though!

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