Best Hairstylists for Blonde Hair Colouring, Foilyage, Balayage and Microhighlights for Caucasian Ladies in Singapore

Published on Jul 08, 2019

Recently moved to Singapore and find it hard to find a reliable hairstylist who can achieve perfect foilyage, balayage or microhighlights?

Here are our top 10 recommended hairstylists for blonde hair colouring! These stylists enjoy a huge following among the Caucasian ladies in Singapore thanks to their awesome skill honed from their experience working in New York, UK, Canada and Australia!

Read on to find out who they are!

1. Alvin from The Bund

Very possibly the best local stylist we've met for blonde hair, Alvin is SO GOOD with microhighlights, his number was on the speed dial for many magazine editors and shared rampantly among different expat communities before he left his last salon. He is one of the few local stylists who can tell the difference between blonde and bronde, cool and warm blonde as well as colouring differences between American, German, Russian and Australian expats.

Long Blonde Hair Colour by The Bund AMK

He doesn't talk too much but you'd be gobsmacked when you find that your hair can actually last a full 16 weeks without retouching (compared to the typical 4 weeks)!

Short Blonde Highlights by The Bund AMK

Beyond colour, he is also awesome with keratin treatment, making him the top stylist to go for for value-for-money colour and treatment services in Singapore!

2. Izumi from Izumi Hair Salon

If there is one Japanese stylist we trust to do a flawless balayage and build upon your existing ones, it's gonna be Izumi. Izumi spent decades in New York learning from the masters in hairdressing John Sahag, Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy in New York before founding her salon in New York. Beyond awesome haircut techniques, Izumi learned how to do a perfect balayage with minimal damage to the hair by keeping the bleach time to less than 15 minutes. That is why she is so popular among Caucasian ladies who love how she can create that beautiful balayage or highlights to layer onto their existing ones. 

Sunburn Balayage by Izumi

Did we also mention that she speaks fluent English? It is, however, a little difficult to grab an appointment with her as they only accept phone appointments during working hours. So avoid calling during their off-days to avoid disappointment. 

3. Victor, Khim and Serene from Chez Vous Hair Salon

Ask about the best hair salon for Blonde hair and Chez Vous Hair Salon is definitely one of the choices that would come up tops.

Blonde Hair Colour by Chez Vous

Look at their insta-feed and you'll know what we mean. 

They don't just do typical blonde highlighting but incorporate various techniques to give you an instagrammable hair colour to remember by.

Blonde and Brown Highlights by Chez Vous

Beautiful hair results aside, Chez Vous has also created a reputation for being a zero-error salon thanks to their incredibly experienced and talented team of stylists.

Serene, for example, enjoys a strong following among Caucasian ladies due to her astute understanding of hair textures and colours that makes the eventual hair result all the more alluring.

4. Henry Lim from Be Salon

The understated Be Salon may have escaped your radar as a destination for Caucasian hair ... but it really shouldn't. The relatively new salon gathers an incredibly talented team of stylists who have produced consistently beautiful hair results for customers, all at prices that do not break the bank. 

We're especially impressed with Henry whose micro-highlighting techniques won him a huge following among Caucasian ladies in Singapore. No one likes to sit in a chair for unnecessary number of hours... Henry's level of skill and extensive experience with foilyage and micro-highlights mean that he can get the job done well with super speed and great service. 

We also love that he is conversational but not overly flamboyant, allowing him to capture customers' hearts who will follow him wherever he goes.

Instagram @h3yhenry

5. Marco from Flamingo Hair Studio

Flamingo Hair Studio is always among the first few Japanese salons we'd think of and recommend for Caucasian ladies in Singapore. It is founded by Marco, a Japanese stylist who is really strong with Caucasian hair due to his years of experience hairdressing in Vancouver.

Blonde Hair Colour by Flamingo Hair Studio

His international experience helps him curate a customized hair experience that sees him giving professional advice with an acute understanding of what looks good in the western context. We also find his fluency in English very useful given that it minimizes any risk of miscommunication. 

Blonde and Brown Highlights by Flamingo

6. Jimmy and Summer from Kenaris Salon

With many Caucasian customers frequenting Kenaris Salon, this is a place you know you can relax and feel comfortable in. Most of the stylists here have had extensive experience cutting and colouring hair for Caucasian expats.

Short Blonde Hair Colour by Kenaris Salon

Jimmy especially have coloured, cut and styled hair for numerous Caucasian models due to his frequent work with the magazines. So yes, you can expect magazine-worthy hairstyles by the time you emerge from the salon.

Summer may not be as high-profile but this humble and soft-spoken stylist has accumulated a strong following among expats for her blonde colouring!

Blonde Highlights by Kenaris Salon

Whoever you choose, you can be sure that you'll get a stunning hairstyle by the time you walk out of the salon!

7. Annie from Ann's Studio

Annie may be best known for her prowess at controlling curly hair but her years of experience cutting and colouring hair for ladies in the UK has also honed her skill in foilyage and highlights. She is, therefore, the perfect stylist to go to if you have natural curls because she knows exactly what to do to cut your hair and highlight it to bring out the best of your curls. 

Brown Hair Colour and Cut by Ann's Studio
Brown Hair Colour by Ann's Studio

Her work is very detailed and is a stylist you know you can entrust your hair! She is also Singaporean and speaks excellent English, making miscommunication a non-issue

Blonde Highlights by Ann's Studio

8. Danson from 99 Percent Hair Studio

Danson may not have worked in US, Australia or Europe before but his many blonde clients in the East show you how good his blonde highlighting skill is. 

Blonde Highlights by 99 Percent

Whether you're thinking of a bronde or platinum blonde highlights, Danson does it all beautifully to give you the hair you're looking for. 

Platinum Highlights by 99 Percent

Though his English is not the most fluent (still understandable), his highlighting technique has gotten so many compliments that his customers just keep coming back!

Ash Brown Highlights by 99 Percent

Highly Recommended

Aside from the top 10 highlighted above, we've also heard raves for the following 6 stylists for their excellent colouring techniques. 

1. Shawn from Chez Vous Hideaway

One of the first few stylists to be handpicked for Chez Vous' first offshoot, Hideaway, Shawn is possibly Hideaway's most demanded by Caucasian ladies and for good reason!

Blonde Highlights by Shawn at Chez Vous

His amazing balayage and colour have seen him creating beautiful hair works that have gotten more than a few double taps on IG, fuelling strong word of mouth referrals from customers who can't stop coming back again and again. He is also very strong with explanations and consultation so you can be assured that your hair is in good hands!

Balayage by Shawn from Chez Vous

2. Ryo and Aya from Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Having spent a few years in Australian hair salons in Melbourne, Ryo and Aya had extensive exposure cutting, colouring and styling the hair for Australian ladies. This honed both their hair colouring skill as well as command of English, making them increasingly popular among Caucasian ladies in Singapore for their easily manageable colour and haircuts!

Caucasian Blonde Hair Colour by Threes
Caucasian Blonde Hair Colour by Threes

3. Manami from Walking on Sunshine

Stylists in Singapore may mistakenly believe that Caucasian ladies all have the same preferences but Manami knows better. Having worked at top hair salons in New York, Germany, Japan, and in Singapore, Manami has not just learned about managing different hair textures, she learned how to do highlights the way Europeans and New Yorkers do it ... which can be quite different. Many Caucasian ladies, therefore, come back to Manami as she is able to grasp their preferences really quickly and colour their hair the way they like it.

Caucasian Brown Hair Colour by Manami From Walking on Sunshine
Caucasian Short Red Hair Colour by Manami From Walking on Sunshine

4. Sarah Kim from Koinonia Salon

Previously the second in command from Toni & Guy Korea, Sarah's hair colouring skill truly sets her apart. She's so good that she was frequently invited by the political elite in Korea to cut, colour and style their hair. In fact, she was previously the designated stylist for a top-level politician in Korea and has travelled all over the world styling, cutting and colouring for the rich and powerful. 

Blonde Hair Colour by Sarah Kim From Koinonia

As you can see, her balayage is exquisitely done and the colours just look natural.

It is not easy to get a slot with her as she works in Koinonia only a few days a week. Hence, grab the opportunity if you do find a slot! Alternatively, founder Shua is a great alternative as she herself had extensive experience cutting and colouring hair for Caucasian customers due to her position as Director of Toni & Guy Korea.

Brown Highlights by Koinonia

What do you think about the above stylists?

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