8 Hairstylists We Trust To Fix Our Hair After a Bad Colour / Perm / Cut

Published on Jan 11, 2018

Got a bad haircut, a botched colour job or a damaged perm and you've got a wedding, photoshoot or an important function coming up in days?

Don't panic! 

The first thing you should do is to go back to the salon to ask for a redo if your haircut / colour / perm / rebonding did go wrong. 

If that is not an option or if you are not confident enough to let your stylist handle it, here is a list of 8 top hairstylists who can revive your tresses to their former glory!

These hairstylists are not just good at what they do; they are able to consult very patiently to understand your issues and go the extra mile to explain what went wrong and what they can do for you. They are also more honest and straightforward than other stylists we know so you don't have to spend money to do unnecessary services.

Although they may not come cheap, we guarantee that they are worth every penny. 

Lo and behold - we present you...

The Fixers

1. Chez Vous Hair Salon

Best for fixing botched haircuts and hair colours, damaged hair

Chez Vous Hair Salon tends to be the first place we'd recommend if you want to get your hair fixed.

That's because they actually run a program called Expertligent Expertligent Fix You program where stylists may fix your damaged hair for free if you've had it damaged at other salons! You can try your luck during off-peak periods but do note that the program is usually suspended months close to festive seasons as the salon is very busy then. 

Hence, their stylists have had extensive experience fixing botched hairdo from other salons. Each of their stylists have a different specialty though; Veyond is very good with correcting hair colour and perm issues while stylists Thomas, Oscar, Shawn and many others are very well versed with botched haircuts. 

Before After

Here are some examples of haircuts that have been corrected by them. 

Men's Perm (Oscar)

Correcting Men's Haircut

They also bring in the top-of-the-line treatments such as their Hair Botox + Fillers so that they have exactly what you need to treat hair that may have been damaged at other salons!

Hair Botox for Frizzy and Damaged Hair at Chez Vous

Prices here can however be rather high depending on the service you require... but is more than worth it as they are your best bet in reviving your hair!

Read more about Chez Vous Hair Salon here.

2. Izumi - Izumi Salon

Best for fixing botched haircuts and authentic balayage hair colours / highlights / lowlights

Best Hairstylist Izumi from Izumi Salon to Fix Hair

Haircut by Izumi

Having learned from top stylists such as Kudo Seiro, Tanaka Chikashi, and Ono in Japan and later directors of Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy during her time in New York, Izumi is possibly the best haircut specialist we've seen in Singapore. She knows exactly what to do to fix a botched haircut and make it curl naturally inwards, just the way you like it. 

She is also an expert in balayage, babylights and natural hair colouring techniques, thanks to her decades of experience in New York. Izumi is therefore THE person to go to to fix a bad cut or balayage / babylights / highlights. 

She may be Japanese but her English is very fluent, so miscommunication is not an issue here. 

Do however note that she accepts appointments over the phone and that she may not be easily accessible if it is her day off or if she is busy with customers. 

Read more about Izumi here.

3.  Jesly and Jason from Picasso Hair Studio

Best for fixing botched perms and hair colours

Before Fixing Botched Perm
After Hair Fix of Botched Perm at Picasso Hair Studio

Before vs After 

Picasso Hair Studio does not have a similar Fix You program but the salon are well known for their ability to manage and tame challenging hair types. 

We're especially impressed with their co-founder Jesly for her ability to tame even the most challenging of hair textures with her excellent haircutting and perming skills. If you recently had a botched perm job or simply has some really hard to manage hair, leave it to Jesly and she'll be able to sculpt your hair into the dream hair you're thinking about. 

For colours, we would highly recommend Jason, a matter-of-fact Singaporean hairstylist who is able to identify exactly what went wrong and give you a very precise hair solution to reach the hair colour you've always wanted. 

As usual, prices are not the cheapest as they are the Master Director and Creative Director. Still, they are among the few stylists who can transform your "pain" into pride with the right makeover!

Read more about Picasso Hair Studio here.

4. Caely from LeeKaja Korean Salon

Best for fixing botched hair colours and straightening

There are many top hairstylists with impressive credentials in LeeKaJa Korean Salon.

Although many of them are able to fix hair issues, Caely is the first hairstylist to come to our mind in terms of fixing botched hair. That's because of her more cautious personality; not someone who will take shortcuts, Caely takes a lot of time to consult with you to truly understand what you're looking for. That is why she seldom makes mistakes (if at all) and is a reason why her customers follow her for so many years. 

Red Hair Colour by Caely from Leekaja

As one of the most knowledgeable hairstylists we know, Caely also teaches at top hair academies in Asia and is a hairstylist that many haircare companies go to to test their products. Hence, she will know what's the latest products and treatments in the industry that can best help you. 

Her honesty and principle in putting customers first also makes us fully trust in what she says.

She is therefore someone you should look for if you get your hair botched!

For Perms, there are many experts at LeeKaJa including Lois Park and Hye Jin, who have helped many customers restore the health of their hair. Do ask the salon manager for recommendations on the best hairstylist for your hair issue!

Read more about LeeKaJa Salon here.

5. Ken and Dylan from Evolve Salon

Best for fixing botched hair colours and haircuts

Purple Ombre by Evolve

If you're a fan of 女人我最大, you'd have heard of Ken Hong, a resident hair expert on the show! He isn't just good at talking... Ken is the first hairstylist in Singapore to be the International Hair Ambassador for Goldwell. While creativity is a big reason why he stands out, Ken's awesome haircutting and colouring skills also allow him to correct every sort of botched hairdo to achieve an aesthetically beautiful result, as demonstrated many times on TV.

His protege Dylan is not far behind, having won the National Artist Award for Singapore. Dylan is especially popular for Caucasian hair colours and creative hair colours and is a role model many emerging stylists look up to. As he often gets the chance to teach in Goldwell Seminars, he is also very well versed at correcting errors performed by other stylists. 

The only issue with Ken and Dylan is that their schedule is often very full. Hence, you may have to wait a bit before you can get an appointment scheduled in with them. 

Read more about Evolve Salon here.

6. Warren from Essensuals Hairdressing

Best for fixing botched haircuts and Caucasian Hair Colours

Best Hair Fix for Caucasian Hair at Essensuals

Mention Warren's name and most in the industry would recognize him for being one of Singapore's top hairstylists. A very accomplished hairstylist, Warren has won numerous awards for his outstanding haircuts. Despite his high pricing, he has a strong following among curly-haired ladies due to his ability to tame their hair. Despite his very strong set of skills, Warren continues to go for regular training every year, so his knowledge about hair, haircuts, colours and treatments are among the best we know. 

Essensuals Hairdressing also sees a large number of Caucasian customers, which is why Warren's skill in Caucasian hair colouring is among the best. 

We've also personally heard of many customer testimonials where he salvaged botched hairdos by other stylists via haircuts, hair botox and other treatments and would highly recommend him to fix botched haircuts and Caucasian colours. 

Read more about Essensuals Hairdressing here.

7. Sylvia from Act Point Salon

Best for fixing botched perms and haircuts

It's a hard decision for Agent G to reveal Sylvia because she's the hairstylist Agent G always go to to trim / salvage her hair (and Sylvia's already very busy!). But for the sake of those of who pulling your hair out due to a bad haircut / perm, Agent G decides to share this precious info with you anyway :P 

Whenever Agent G is dissatisfied with her current hairstyle in any way, she will make an appointment to go to Sylvia and she'll simply cut the problem away. Yes, she's that good!

Just a few snips here and there and she can restore a badly cut hair or a difficult-to-manage perm to what it is supposed to be. This can be attributed to her many many years of experience and just innate talent that allows her to cut in such a way that the final hairstyle is light, airy and yet easy-to-manage. 

Well... you will know what we mean if you get your hair cut by her!

Best Hairstylist Sylvia from Act Point Salon to Fix Botched Perm and Haircut

Agent G is not her only fan. Sylvia has many many customers who go to her for more than 10 years because there just isn't anyone who can cut the way she does. 

The only problem is that her appointment book is always full so you would have to book further in advance to get her availability! 

Read more about Act Point Salon here.

8. Teru from Rubik Japanese Hair Salon

Best for fixing haircuts and damaged hair

Teru is not the most chatty Japanese stylist nor the most fluent in English. However, he remains one of Beauty Undercover Agents' most trusted Japanese stylists in Singapore. 

If you ever get your hair done by him, you'll understand why his reviews are consistently ranked 5 stars. 

His skills in haircut is phenomenal and his service tip top. 

Incessantly patient, Teru takes the time to grasp what you need and give you the easily manageable hairstyle you've always dreamed of... and he does so without pushing all the most expensive services to you. If a haircut is all you need, that will be all he recommends. 

Before and After Hair Fix on Haircut and Damaged Hair by Teru at Rubik Salon

His impressive skill, along with his integrity and patience make him one of our top hairstylists to go for for fixing haircuts and damaged hair!

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