Your Halloween Hairstyling, Costume & Make-Up Guide To Salvaging Halloween 2020

Published on Oct 29, 2020

"This is Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!" Now if you're like me (and the residents of Halloweentown), this spooky season is one of your favourites times of year. A day where you get to be creative, be a little wild and get to dress up as your favourite movie character/actor/singer/etc.? How could anyone not like it!

"In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like..." - Anything she wants to be! Cady Heron might have been on to something while describing Halloween, but nowadays clothes alone do not a costume maketh. Sure, dropping a wad of dough on a fancy costume from Fashion Nova or Amazon might get you an elaborate outfit in a bag, but for the rest of us plebs who might not be that willing to spend a small fortune on a costume you’d probably not wear more than a couple of times, there’s always the option of using makeup and SFX to create the look you desire. If that piques your interest, scroll on down to the makeup section!

Now unfortunately, we can’t use the words “Holiday”, “Party” and “2020” in the same sentence without acknowledging the fact that Covid-19 has definitely put the kibosh on whatever annual party plans you might have anticipated earlier this year. That’s not to say all hope is lost though; some different strategies might be in order though.

Alternative Halloween Plans

1. Small Soiree vs. Big Bash

Yes, the “5 pax visitor rule” rules out the usual trick-or-treaters, but you can still plan to meet in smaller friend groups for dinner. Perhaps more of an intimate, spooky dinner at someone’s residence might give a different vibe and experience to your Halloween. This will also give you the chance to try your hand at planning your own Halloween bash, catering it exactly to your tastes, and saving a bit of money in the process, rather than always going out and paying to attend fancy (but pricey) events run by various entertainment spots in previous years (A ticket to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore can set you back anywhere from $50 - $100++).

2. Socially Distant Spooking

If you’re still uncomfortable getting together in person, or if your friend group exceeds the total number of in-person visitors allowed, then perhaps it’s time to fall back onto everyone’s favourite safety net of 2020: Zoom calls. Host a Zoom Halloween Bash! You can maybe stream a scary movie, play some themed games, and imbibe in some appropriately alcoholic beverages during the chat. And the best part is, you would only need to worry about getting the top half of your costume sorted.  

3. All Treats And No Tricking

As much as it is so fun to take part in trick-or-treating (I loved handing out candy in my neighbourhood and getting to see all the amazing and adorable costumes kids come up with), you don’t really get much control over what kind of candy you get. Sometimes you luck out with a full bar of Butterfingers, and sometimes you end up with a lousy, singular piece of Tootsie Roll. In 2020, you get to take whatever candy budget you had set aside and put it towards buying candy you actually want to eat. Say sayonara to Candy Corn (seriously find me one person that actually likes candy corn)!  

Now let’s say my little post above has inspired you, or a friend of yours, to throw a little impromptu Halloween bonanza. You’ve got the invite in your hands. Halloween is saved! But with 2 days left to scramble together a decent costume, what are you to do? Not to worry: check out these fab makeup/costume inspo that you would be able to pull together in the last minute.

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

With a short amount of time left, ordering a costume is out of the question, it would never get delivered in time! So the best option if for you to throw open your wardrobe doors and stare into the void, desperately hoping some spark of inspiration might hit and you’d be able to make it work. Take a look at these easy and very doable outfits with items pulled from your own closet!

“Disneybounding” is a very popular term amongst cosplay afficionados. It basically describes finding a middle ground between casual street wear and going full out in character costume as your favourite Disney character. You can find a lot of “Disneybounders” especially in Disneyland Parks themselves, where there is the explicit rule that guests cannot be dressed in full costume as Disney characters (to avoid being mistaken as a cast member working there).

Check out these Disneybound examples:

Another idea, if Disney isn’t really your thing, is to grab more select pieces of your wardrobe and go for a particular style or vibe. Themes like Dark Academia, Cottagecore, or High Fantasy (think Lord of the Rings), can be recreated using simple pieces you might already own. This also makes it easier on you cause you’re trying to go for a vibe rather than a particular character so you’re not so restricted.

Here are some examples:

An Elizabeth Bennet vibe:

The game is afoot with Enola Holmes:

Throw on a cape and live your best Hobbit life:

Now if after all that you’re still staring at your wardrobe, just as you have been for the past 30 mins and nothing is inspiring you and you’re starting to wonder if you can just feign illness and skip the party, here’s another fab option for you: Skip the clothes, get straight to working on the makeup.

Stylists at FiNDER by COVO @ Tanjong Pagar got dressed up in deceivingly complicated anime-inspired costumes:

Stylists During Halloween at Finder by COVO
Stylist Cosplay During Halloween at Finder by COVO

It's simpler than you think, though! All you have to do is wear a pair of black trousers and find a suitable robe to represent your favourite character! 

Halloween Makeover at Finder by COVO
Halloween Makeover at Finder by COVO

Last-Minute Halloween Makeup

In recent years, especially with the advent of Instgram and TikTok, you’ll probably have seen some pretty amazing makeup looks created with some face/body paint, some latex prosthetics, and even some fake blood. And a plus: there are just as many tutorials out there too if you need to reference. There’s a ton of options available: from the truly gruesome and scary zombie or monster looks, to something more ethereal and beautiful like a mermaid or fairy look. Give it a shot, and don’t be afraid to experiment! If you mess up, just wipe it off and start again. Couldn’t be easier!Here are some idea to get the juices flowing:

Here are some local makeup artists getting in on the fun too:

Makeup Artists in Singapore

Vanessa (@vanessecretss)

Cleopatra is always a classic choice:

Halloween Makeup by Vanessa

If you agree that 2020 has been quite a nightmare, this makeup look is perfect for you:

Halloween Makeup by Vanessa

Just make sure not to wear it out if you don't want to get a fine!

Amanda (@amandelim)

Some very cool visual effects!

Halloween Makeover Amanda

or you're willing to go all out with body paint, check out this epic look:

Halloween Makeover Amanda

Want to see more of Amanda? She actually went to for a purple hair makeover at The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics @ Raffles City here!

Halloween Makeup Tutorials on YouTube

Now if just looking at a still image isn't really working for you, and you'd prefer a more step-by-step approach, check out these YouTube tutorials for better visual aid and instructions when it comes to recreating the looks you desire:

Here are some of our favourite picks:

Bride from Hell:

Simple Halloween makeup looks:

Compilation of scary special effects makeup looks:

10 of the easiest makeup looks:

Hair Salons That'll Give You A Halloween Makeover

Now if you're super inspired by one of these amazing looks, but your own makeup skills aren't nearly up to par, fret not! An option is of course to opt for a professional to get the look done for you. Here are some salons that offer these makeup services:

99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point, Haji Lane & Orchard Central

99 percent

99 Percent Hair Studio is another great choice. First off, they’ve got 3 convenient locations at Bedok, Haji Lane and Orchard Central, so if you’re trying to squeeze in a makeup looking in between appointments before your event, you’d have some  fab central locations to pick from.

Our go-to salon for makeup and hair makeovers, you’ll get highly skilled stylists at your disposal to help you create the horrifying makeover you desire. Check in with Hazel, as she is the makeup artist. She’ll be able to also help style your hair in order to match the character/look you have chosen to go with.

Halloween Makeup by Hazel at 99 Percent

Halloween Makeup by Hazel @ 99 Percent Hair Studio

From facial makeup to fantabulous scars, prepare to scare your friends half to death!

Halloween Blood Makeup by 99 Percent

Koinonia Salon @ Tiong Bahru

Koinonia Hair Salon

Koinonia is a family-friendly salon, so this is one if the whole family would like to get in on the fun and get their faces done. It’s located in the heart of Tiong Bahru, surrounded by hipster cafes, so make a day of it and get your brunches in beforehand as well! It’s a bit of a fair walk from the nearest MRT, but it’s pretty intuitive and you’re unlikely to get lost.

Now if you need a hairstylist who absolutely loves makeup too, request for Shinice. She’s had makeup artist training and should definitely be able to accommodate the look you would like.

She has a wide range of skills and experiences so whether you're thinking of looking like the undead or a creepy clown, don’t feel shy in asking her for suggestions!

Whatever route you decide, she’ll definitely make sure to get every detail just the way you’d like!

Spicing up your Halloween Season with a Spoopy look? Share your experiences on!

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