Most Charming Mature Male Stylists in Singapore 2019

Published on Mar 06, 2019

Our list of good-looking young stylists in Singapore made many swoon, but if you're looking for mature men with a boyish charm, these stylists make the cut. Whether you are looking to chop off your tresses, tame the frizz or in dire need of a hair makeover, rest assured your hair is in good hands with these talented and charming hunks.

Note: Stylists featured are based on discussions within the Beauty Undercover team and are ranked in no particular order.

1. Ted from LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

Charming Male Stylist Ted from Leekaja

One of the most popular stylists (and the one Agent G always fawns over), Ted is always fully booked! Judging by the number of customers requesting for Ted, it appears that our hearts are not the only ones fluttering. With the looks rivalling top Korean male actors and the charm of a true gentleman, it's hard not to notice Ted's striking features.

Don't let his good looks distract you from his awesome skill though! Those who've experienced his superb haircut and perm say that they just can't find anyone else who can create such a sleek and easy manageable cut as Ted. But it's not just ladies who love him. Half of his customer base is made up of men who are impressed with his cut and men's perm.

2. Kenta from Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

Raved by customers from all walks of life, Kenta's reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Everyone compliments him not just for his good looks, but for his hard work, forward-thinking hairstyles, and good service. 9 out of 10 customers who've tried Kenta go back to him because he is fun to be around and also because of his skill in haircut and perm. Kenta is particularly popular for his stylish perms and cuts that give customers volume while ensuring that it is still easily manageable. His command of English is great despite being in Singapore for just a year (a testament of his dedication).

3. Justin from Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Charming Male Stylist Justin from Zinc Korean Hair Salon

If he is one of Beauty Undercover Chief Editor, Agent G's, favourite stylist, you know he's good! And from looking at his picture, you'll know he's good looking too! He is well-loved for his hairdressing skills, ability to listen, and the flair for giving suitable recommendations. Justin is fluent in English to ensure that he understands his customers perfectly and give them the hairstyle they had in mind. He also takes the extra effort and time to explain the hair process every step of the way and share about the aftercare tips to better maintain your new hairstyle.

4. Ichi from Branche Japanese Hair Salon

Charming Male Stylist Ichi from Branche Hair Salon

Similar to his name "Ichi", he aims to be the best at what he does. How? Ichi goes through continuous training and has thorough consultations with his customers. This has made him Branche's #1 hairstylist in Japan back in 2014! His cuts are especially popular because they make your face look slimmer with specially created fringe cuts and hair design.

5. Kai from Branche Japanese Hair Salon

Charming Male Stylist Kai from Branche Hair Salon

Also from Branche Hair Salon is Director Kai. It’s easy to be distracted by Kai’s good looks and deep masculine voice but you really shouldn’t overlook Kai’s talent at creating classy yet trendy hair designs for his customers. He has experience in styling models and has even worked backstage at the Tokyo Girl Collection in Shanghai. Professional and honest, Kai will give you a realistic recommendation that will best fit your looks and lifestyle. Other than Motemaki celebrity-worthy styling that makes you glamorous and kawaii at the same time, his speciality lies in bob haircuts and using a combination of highlights and lowlights to bring out the best of your skin tone. 

6. Las from The Bund Hair Salon

Finding a stylist like Las is hard to come by. He is warm but professional, confident, not arrogant, and he truly listens to your needs. There is no false flattery but you'll still feel at ease because of his sincerity and patience. His list of clientele includes Max Factor Creative Director and MUA Joelle Mardinian, international celebrities, and Malaysian royalty. You'll definitely want to get a cut or perm from him if you want something that is timeless but easy to manage. Thanks to his exposure to customers with an international background, he is also adept in managing different hair types be it Caucasian or Middle Eastern!

7. Sham from Be Salon

Charming Male Stylist Sham from Be Salon

We were debating really hard whether to put him under the list for Hottest Young Male Stylists or Charming Mature Male Stylists but one thing's for sure, he is definitely among the most attractive male stylists we've met. And it isn't just his good looks that make us feel that way. 

There is something about Sham that made us feel absolutely reassured around him. His quiet confidence perhaps that originates from years of hard work and talent that allowed him to rise quickly through the ranks in his first salon, proactively upgrade himself by going to Vidal Sassoon London, Vidal Sassoon Shanghai and Debut Academy.

There isn't any one we've recommended who hasn't loved Sham, so he is definitely among our MOST LOVED hairstylists in Singapore. 

8. Winson from Follicle Salon

Winson's friendly smile, classy dressing, and boyish looks will greet you when you have an appointment with him. But there is so much more than meets the eye. He has over 25 years of hairdressing experience, including hairstyling for magazines, celebrities, as well as everyday people. He is friendly, approachable, and very attentive. Though he may seem easy going, he holds high standards for himself, so you know he'll not let you go until he perfects your colour, keratin treatment or cut - a soft, lasting, and easy-to-manage haircut. Winson's unique combination of great service and hairdressing prowess has won over many customers in the upper echelons of society, many of whom recommend customer after customer for his lasting cut and gorgeous hairstyling.

9. Victor from Chez Vous Hair Salon

Charming Male Stylist Victor from Chez Vous

There are two types of people - those that prefer silent hair appointments and those that like long lengthy conversations when getting their hair done. Part of the latter? Then Victor is the guy for you. He's easy to talk to because of his affable personality. Through conversations, he will be able to pinpoint the hairstyle that suits you based on your personality, lifestyle, and likes. Although strong across various hair services, he is well known for his haircuts for working professionals as well as sophisticated hair colours that blend well together. We particularly love his medium-length cuts and work-friendly faux balayage hair colours that require minimal bleaching.

10. Bro from Act Point Salon

Charming Male Stylist Bro from Act Point Salon

Another one of Agent G's favourite salons, all stylists at Act Point will give you a great end product with good service and affordable prices. Bro is one of the stylists that you can trust and treat like a brother. He is playful and humorous if you want to chat, but he also respects your space and peace if you need some quiet time. With more than a decade of experience, he's particularly good with perming and colouring Asian hair types.

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